The Liberal News Media Misled American Voters

Hillary Clinton supporters are angry that Donald Trump was voted to be the 45th President causing riots in many American cities.

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One may sympathize with Hillary Clinton’s supporters who feel an injustice because she received over 337,000 more popular votes than Donald Trump according to Real-Time News on November 11, 2016.  This is the fifth time a candidate has won the popular vote but failed to win the election.

The injustice felt by Hillary Clinton’s voters may be due to rules established by the founding fathers in the Constitution whereby electoral votes by pre-selected representatives from each state overrides the popular vote of qualified citizens. Clinton’s electoral votes of 232 fell short of Trump’s 306 as of November 11, 2016.

Americans must examine why Hillary Clinton supporters are rioting in many metropolitan cities and several college campuses by destroying property and burning the American flag.   Some reasons why Clinton supporters were brain-washed by the Liberal News Media to hate Donald Trump are:

>>>  The National News Media did not provide fair and objective reporting of the faults and issues of each candidate.   To help remedy this deficiency, some key issues were posted on the Internet titled, “November Votes Will Define America” and may be accessed via

>>>  News Media journalists wrote disparaging articles against Donald Trump by as much as 10 to 1 over Clinton, which infected the minds of many voters to believe Trump is unworthy to be president.

>>>  Negative TV and Super PAC ads against Trump were supplemented with an overwhelming number of disparaging articles by many News Media outlets.  They succeeded in disparaging Donald Trump as unfit to be president.  Still, in spite of their negative ad efforts, Americans were smart enough to vote for Trump.

The Liberal News Media FAILED TO INFORM American voters why Hillary Clinton is a dishonest and corrupt person. Below are factual reasons why the former Secretary of State could not be trusted to be president by many Americans.


  • Hillary Clinton Supported Obama’s Foreign Policy Deception.  Hillary Clinton supported President Obama’s deception that he had a strong foreign policy in Africa prior to his run for the November 2012 presidential election. This deception was proven false when Islamic terrorists attacked the Benghazi Embassy in Libya and killed four Americans.
  • Hillary Clinton Ignored Ambassador Chris Stevens Requests. Over a dozen e-mails were sent by U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens to Hillary Clinton informing her of increasing attacks by Islamic terrorists.  Hillary did not reply to Ambassador Stevens to assist in needed security measures against increased Islamic attacks against the Embassy.
  • Hillary Clinton and Obama lied to the American people.  Along with President Obama, Hillary promoted a fabricated lie to the American people that blamed the Benghazi terror attack on a YouTube video.  They knew that the attack was preplanned and not spontaneous but lied to detract their culpability for the deaths of four Americans.   Obama, Islam and Benghazi documents her failure to provide the needed security against increasing terror attacks and reveals a Stand-Down-Order was given by Obama, which prevented our military to respond to the attack.
  • Hillary Clinton Destroyed Evidence. Hillary Clinton lied to the FBI and deleted 33,000 e-mails.  She destroyed in-house servers, a dozen I-phones, and deleted classified and secret e-mails AFTER receiving a subpoena requested for an FBI investigation.   It is obvious that Hillary Clinton’s server contained e-mails that would prove she was derelict in her duty as Secretary of State to protect the personnel killed in the Benghazi terrorist attack.
  • Hillary Clinton’s Classified and Top Secret Violations.  Hillary destroyed evidence requested by the FBI investigation.  Government and military personnel have been fired for 1/10th of Hillary Clinton’s security violations and many put in prison.  However, The Liberal News Media ignored informing Americans of the seriousness of Clinton’s security violations.
  • Clinton’s Pay-to-Play Foundation. WikiLeaks e-mails revealed that Hillary had received millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation from Arab and Corporate leaders.  To construe that the millions of dollars were charitable gifts for poor communities is naive.    Peter Schweizer, author of “Clinton Cash,” says that these emails further reinforce what he’s been saying for a long time: Clinton Foundation donors expected a quid pro quo from Hillary Clinton’s State Department in exchange for their gifts (Fox News Insider, Oct 17, 2016).
  • Hillary Clinton Received Vast Amounts of Foreign Money. Schweizer said he was surprised that he, his book, and the Clintons’ “money problem” were mentioned so many times in the WikiLeaks e-mails.  Between 2010 and 2013, the Clinton non-profit foundation reported nearly $17.7 million received from foreign donations.  However, on May 11, 2016, Richard Pollock of the Daily Caller reported more than $100 million dollars was donated to the Clinton Foundation by Persian Gulf Sheikhs.  Such a vast sum of money undermines Hillary Clinton’s claim that she can carry out independent Middle East policies.

CONCLUSION:  Americans outsmarted the Liberal News Media by ignoring their brain-washing articles and voted for Donald Trump. Will Liberal News Media journalists and writers learn to report newsworthy facts that informs Americans instead of opinionated and biased articles?  Readers of this press release may or may not agree that the above reasons caused Hillary Clinton to lose the election or they may express other reasons on the author’s website cited below. Americans will see if Donald Trump’s “leadership” will create jobs, restore integrity and trust in government, strengthen our military, increase economic growth, establish law and order, and reduce the national debt of 19.8 trillion, reported November 1, 2016.

Your comments are welcomed and will be responded to.  Do you feel the Liberal News Media purposely influenced Americans to vote for Hillary Clinton?  But the question arises, why would national media outlets support Hillary Clinton when it is well known that she is dishonest and corrupt as shown in this article and exposed by many reputable news reporters?


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I am Nicholas P. Ginex, a lover of humanity and a seeker of truth. I am here to explore, to search, to study, to educate and to unveil. While aerospace, engineering and science are my fields of academics, yet history, philosophy and humanities are my fields of research. I desire to learn and teach a few, so together we can seek the light and search for the truth. May the sun shine a light from behind the clouds of obscurity and may love prevail so that the words of Gerald Massey, Egyptologist and Poet, becomes a reality:>>> The time shall come,>>> When man to man shall be a friend and brother>>> And this old world shall be a happy home,>>> And all Earth’s family loves one another!>>> Hope on, hope ever.>>>

6 thoughts on “The Liberal News Media Misled American Voters”

  1. Sheila, Tue, Nov 15, 2016

    I could not vote for Trump. I see him as very dishonest and I don’t want to waste time defending some of the allegations you made about Hillary. I consider myself an Independent and chose Hillary because I believe that he is unstable, uninformed, a bully and nasty to women, minorities, handicapped, etc.

    This is the 1st election that I remember where so many of my Republican friends could not vote for him. They either voted for Hillary or didn’t vote for president. He had lots of free publicity from the press. True, at the end, none supported him expect the paper run by the KKK. I feel that because Trump doesn’t know anything about foreign affairs and other matters, he will have to take advice from those he appoints like Steve Bannon, who as a Jew I find scary. I also believe Trump will be a puppet for the Russians.

    That’s what makes this country GREAT, you can, for the most part, have an opinion that differs from others and you won’t get in trouble, unless you try and go after Trump. He sues or threatens to sue everyone who dares to oppose him. Once in a while, I think he pays them off. I do not believe that he or his father are anti-Semitic. That has been circulating in NY for a longtime. Most of the people I know who did vote for him say “he didn’t mean THAT” or” he won’t do that, he just said that to get all the conservatives on is side”. In other words they are pro choice, were helped by Obamacare, don’t want 11 million Hispanics thrown out and feel a wall is never happening.

    I care a lot about this country and helping others but I will wean myself off from watching political coverage till we get rid of Trump.

    You are probably sorry you sent this to me.

    Bye now.

  2. Nicholas Ginex response to Sheila
    Tue, Nov 15, 2016 at 4:15 PM

    Dear Sheila,
    Thank you for your comments. It’s always of benefit to get a response that is very different from my own views. It allows me to reflect and try to understand why I may be in error in my thinking. I wish you would have spent time defending the allegations that I made about Hillary. For therein is what we must analyze and verify if they are valid.

    I do not like to be made a fool of so I am very interested in learning why my allegations, or facts, are wrong. Do spend some time to show me why Hillary Clinton is not dishonest and corrupt.

    Regarding Donald Trump being characterized as being a bully, nasty to women, handicapped, and minorities, you have swallowed the Liberal News Media propaganda hook, line and sinker. The News Media, along with Hillary’s negative ads, have been successful in denigrating the character of Me. Trump. They outspent Trump at 10 to 1 on negative ads.

    To accuse Trump of being affiliated with the KKK, would be incapable of negotiating intelligently in foreign affairs, and think he may be a puppet for the Russians is really foolish thinking. You fail to realize that Trump has become wealthy and successful because of his ability to read people and make good decisions. He has also raised children who any parent would be proud of and that makes him a man of exceptional character, morality and ability to love. I know, because I am a father who raised four beautiful and personal girls I can be proud of. But it takes character, common sense, and respect for many traditions that are worth holding on to and teach. America has the greatest values in the world and it was immigrants who sought to be free and establish a Constitution to preserve that freedom.

    Unfortunately, I cannot say that for those foreigners that have been taught the Qur’an for they have been infected with the idea that they have the only true religion and Islam will prevail over all other religions. Is it impossible to understand why Donald Trump is wise in not letting un-vetted Moslems into America?

    You are falling in line with bigots who accuse Trump of being anti-Semitic. He will be Israel’s strongest defender against Islamic terrorism unlike Obama who was too stupid to provide arms to the Kurds who are also fighting against Islamic oppression.

    Sheila, at least half of this country is thankful that Trump became our 45th President. It’s time to drain the swamp and clean up the corruption Obama has allowed to fester in his administration.

    I am glad you wrote me for it gives me hope that you are at least reaching out and have an open mind. I know you are an independent, so are my wife and I. We vote for the person, male or female, not the party.

    View FOX News and perhaps you will get an appreciation for the new administration now forming. I view CNN, ABC and others to learn what people are thinking and adjust my views accordingly. Again, I am grateful that Trump was able to overcome the bigotry and hate that has been established by the Liberal News Media. He will make America Great Again. Just wait and see.

  3. Sheila to Nicholas Ginex
    date: Tue, Nov 15, 2016 at 6:37 PM

    I never said that Trump was a KKK supporter, I said I don’t believe that he is, I just am afraid of Steve Bannon and his org. I don’t believe Trump is innocent of all charges the women brought out in the open, especially the gal that worked for the magazine and the women who was stuck sitting next to him on a plane. I put him in the same class as Bill Cosby, yes, they are innocent til proven guilty but I believe both of these men feel they can do whatever they want and what Trump said he meant, that was not just locker room talk in my opinion.

    I know that Hillary asked for more money to protect our embassy and was turned down by congress. There’s no point in going on. You are lucky that you are comfortable with this man running the country. I did not have a problem with Obama. I do have a BIG problem with FOX news most of the time. I feel they state their views and pass it off as facts whenever I turn them on. I like to listen to NPR and they said those who just listen to FOX are less informed than those that watch Jon Stewart(when he was on). That was Paul’s favorite show. I also have a problem with a party who brags about their only agenda being to defeat Obama in his 2nd term. I also have problems with a party who says they don’t believe in science, global warming or a woman’s right to choose, especially in cases of rape and incest. I also detested Trump and his birther movement that lasted 3 years after the president showed him his birth certificate. I feel Trump loves to appeal to racists, I don’t know what’s in his heart. I just feel he’s dangerous and I pray that I’m wrong. As far as parenting, I don’t think he did much to raise them after he bragged that he never changed a diaper or did any of those kind of things. It sounded like they were raised by nanny’s and their moms.

    They say you should never argue about religion and politics. My boys are really upset and disappointed with the outcome. Their father lives in TX and is a Republican. The boys are annoyed but I told them that is what this country is all about and I’ve voted for some republicans. I sort of favor democrats after Geo. Bush, Jr. took office, let his VP make too many decisions and got us into a war. I still feel that as bad as he was, Trump will be worse so I’ll just try and tune him out till he disappears. Therapists have said they don’t feel he can last 4 years with his personality disorders. Time will tell.

    Sorry if I’m upsetting you. I just really feel that there are a lot of decent republicans out there. I’m just hoping that at least half of what he said is a lie and he’ll be less conservative than he claims. Now he’s saying women will be able to get an abortion in another state if they happen to live in a place like TX. Give me a break! Religion should stay out of politics in my opinion. We were founded with separation of church and state. Last on my agenda is the NRA owning the republican party. After the Sandy Hook tragedy and Gabby Gifford, something should have been done about automatic weapons. There’s no reason for them to be available to the public. I’m tired of hearing these people wrapping themselves around the 2nd amendment. Those weapons weren’t around when the founding fathers formed our country. There are too many massacres.


    1. Dear Sheila,

      Thank you for extending our dialog on the election.

      I have to take issue with some of your comments. It is strange that you put Trump in the same class as Bill Cosby. Trump never seduced a woman with drugs and raped them as did Cosby. Yes, he used foul language and touched a few women but never forced himself on the level of rape. Trump may be considered an angel compared to Bill Clinton who has a multiple number of women who claimed he had sex with them and even had sex in the oval office whereby he spilled some of his semen on a young intern’s dress.

      Hillary asked for more money to protect the Benghazi Embassy or for something else? She certainly failed as Secretary of State to protect the people at the Benghazi Embassy even after receiving more than a dozen e-mails stressing the repeated Islamic terror attacks that caused may other organizations to leave.

      Regarding Trump trying to get at the truth about Obama’s place of birth; yes, that may have been unwarranted. But how many News Reporters revealed to the American public what Obama said just two weeks after the Benghazi attack at the United Nations General Assembly. Obama made an international threat to the world.

      “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

      These are the words of a Muslim Leader NOT the President of the United States.

      Sorry that your boys are upset with the election of Donald Trump. Have them read some of my books to learn about truth that has been distorted by historians. I have done a lot of reading and research that should be of benefit for them. You know me. I seek only the truth because I don’t like to be made a fool of or have others made into fools.

      Regarding weapons. Most people are responsible and know how to use them to protect their families and perhaps terrorists that have already reached America in the name of open borders.

      Give Trump a chance and “see” that he has good intentions. Half the people believe in him, as do I.

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