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Dear readers for, November 30, 2023.

I have decided that at 88 years of age to Not provide updates or new posts.  Many topics on religion, philosophy, God, Extraterrestrials and the universe are also posted on the internet website,  To access articles and books by Nicholas, you may access them directly by clicking on the following link:

I have been honored to have Dr. Ahreeman, an Iranian with a Persian background, add me to his website that preserves many of the greatest Persian writers, inventors, painters, poets, and philosophers.  This honor has been amplified with the special link he has provided that offers a Debate between Dr. Ahreeman and myself.  It is a great honor indeed, and can be accessed via the link,

Debate: Nicholas Ginex vs. Ahreeman X (Philosophy of Existence) Thread

For an unexpected interview that reveals a personal side of Nicholas, refer to the post by , of BURNINGDESIRE.IN below:

Nicholas Ginex enlightens people with perceptive thoughts on religion, philosophy, God, universe & politics (

Those of you who desire to write me, please use my mail address,

May all of you have blessed, happy and wonderful lives.  Enjoy my articles and books that offer knowledge and many perspectives!