Enjoy Free Energy and Life Throughout the Universe

Above UFO Built by the USAF via Reverse Engineering.

Nicholas Paul  Ginex

A lover of humanity and seeker of Truth, I am here
To explore, to search, to study, to educate and unveil.
While aerospace, engineering and science are my
fields of academics, yet history, philosophy
and humanities are my fields of research.
I desire to learn and teach a few,
So together,
We can seek the light and search for the Truth.

The following poem is by 

Gerald Massey – Egyptologist and Poet

Hope on, hope ever! After darkest night,
Comes, full of loving life, the laughing morning;
Hope on, hope ever! Spring-tide flush with light,
Aye crowns old Winter with her rich adorning.
Hope on, hope ever! Yet the time shall come,
When man to man shall be a friend and brother
And this old world shall be a happy home,
And all Earth’s family loves one another!
Hope on, hope ever.

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Book Objectives

This book cautions readers and people throughout the globe to learn about the greatest threat that will take away our freedoms, possibly lead to the destruction of our earth, and forfeit the wonderful opportunities of traveling through the universe.

Enjoy Free Energy and
Throughout the Universe

This devastating threat has been formulated due to the omission of Truth by a mob organization in America, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).  Without any provocation by UFO space aliens, the CIA military shot down several UFOs killing many aliens and capturing those that survived.

The surreptitious CIA, the U.S. Hidden Government, has used the law instruments NSS and SSP in U.S. courts to dismiss assassinations, kidnappings, and disappearance of people. Why, because it would endanger the nation’s security, a fabricated lie. Really, in Truth, the CIA and Military Industrial Complex (MIC) strongly desires to keep zero-point energy from the civilized world because it would eliminate bio-fuels to run our homes, vehicles, factories, and allow humans to enter the wonders of the universe.

The crimes and murders of both humans and aliens by the CIA and FBI are outrageous, buried with the insane excuse that to investigate would be a risk to national security.  Dear readers, the risk is that the secret CIA and high levels of the MIC would lose the power and wealth they have enjoyed over the pass decades by covertly hiding from the American public the use of free energy and persist in the use of biofuels.

Dr. Steven Greer and attorney Derek Garcia have discussed the legal implications of filing a RICO (Racketeering Influence Corrupt Organization) lawsuit on behalf of those wronged by the actions of the corrupt entities that have been controlling the UFO extraterrestrial issues. The corrupt entities are secret CIA officials and the top officials (perhaps unknowingly) of the Military Industrial Complex.

In the current year of 2024, Dr. Steven Greer has initiated efforts to have the U.S. Supreme Court adjudicate illegal actions that will be presented with a RICO lawsuit that involves corrupt operations in the CIA, FBI and MIC.  The year 2024, and certainly 2025, will reveal if in fact the Supreme Court can act independently of the rich and powerful CIA that does not represent the American people but continuously seek to gain absolute power and wealth through the use of biofuels.

The CIA controls the MIC and the U.S. national press with deceit and disinformation.  They control the MIC through finances provided by the unaware or deceived U.S. government that has provided multibillions of dollars for unacknowledged black, top-secret programs.

Yes, if Dr. Steven Greer RICO lawsuit can be brought before the U.S. Supreme Court with his body of lawyers and enormous number of whistleblowers, then surely America is a free and democratic nation not controlled by the surreptitious CIA and high finances unknowingly provided by elected officials of the U.S. Congress.  However, if the Greer RICO case is dismissed or defeated by the U.S. Supreme Court, the American public might as well be resigned to the ugly fact that they no longer have a wonderful government envisioned and fostered by our forefathers.  The sad reality is that the surreptitious CIA has commandeered control of the United States and ultimately, many other countries.

I welcome all people to come together to eliminate or reorganize the Secret CIA and develop a rich, rewarding life that can become a reality using zero-point energy.  We are strong enough to make our world a better one for all people.  Let us be proud that we have survived the challenges that surround us and someday, be able to join intelligent life throughout the universe.

About the Author

Nicholas Ginex is a retired Electrical Engineer with an MBA in Finance. He worked in design and distinguished himself in the support disciplines of Maintainability and Configuration Management (CM).  As CM Manager of software and hardware products for top aerospace and commercial companies, his planning and organizational skills were applied for the successful operation of entire engineering projects.

While writing his thoughts about the history of religion and God he sang and played his guitar at senior care centers and nursing homes for their enjoyment. The smiles on their faces and the joy in their eyes have been his greatest reward.

His love for his children and his desire to inform them about the God Amen motivated him to write several books that began with how mankind conceived one universal God.  It became the foundation of several books that dealt with the development of the major religions briefly presented on the renowned website,


In his desire to understand how human beings have developed and the prospects for a new and advanced future, Nicholas investigated how the universe began.  This led to the publishing of Everything Has a Beginning – Even the Universe.  But his research did not stop there, he was intrigued with the discovery of Extraterrestrials and their ability to travel throughout the universe in UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects).

The author’s words for all readers.

Due to the omission of Truth, in this last book titled, Enjoy Free Energy and Life Throughout the Universe, Nicholas warns Americans that they are faced with the imminent destruction of our world.  This book presents a future that may be lost due to the ugliness wrought upon us by the self-centered mob, the CIA. With government and private organizations (FBI, MIC and American Media), the CIA has successfully captured control of the United States and countries in many parts of the globe.

Unaccountable, multiple crimes against journalists, inventors, and writers knowledgeable of the Secret CIA Area 51 activities have been disposed or murdered in order to continue the wealth and power obtained through the use of biofuels. This was done by the Secret CIA and MIC effectively keeping from the American public the greatest scientific developments developed over the past century, zero-point energy and anti-gravity. The unrestrained power of the CIA, FBI, MIC and American Media poses a disheartening threat of destruction to our most beautiful world, humanity, and life.

In contrast to the moral upbringing of today, the ancient Egyptians believed in the fundamental concept of Truth that must be employed in righteousness and justice.  Below is the figure of Isis who is seen to provide at the mouth of Queen Nefertari the ankh, the Symbol of TruthTruth, a highly revered concept, resonates beyond the mere worship of religious commands used to form the moral compass essential for the stability of very human civilization.

The most revered Egyptian belief is symbolized by Maat the Goddess of Truth.  It is Truth that validates Righteousness and Justice.   A belief that today is neglected by our finest institutions of learning and ignored in more than 95 percent of the American media.  That is why this author has made it a point to remind all human beings that this belief must be taught at every level of instruction.  To ignore Truth, our civilization, yea, the rest of this lovely earth is in peril.

Nicholas is now concerned with the viability of human life. Today’s world is faced with many atrocities where mankind has not learned to live with the different races and beliefs but have been overtaken by greed to dominate other groups of people. The future outlook is a fearful one in which, around the world, there is the reality of war between great nations. So much so, that Nicholas is ashamed to belong to the human race that has not learned the most basic law, to love one another.  This law, yea command, was given to mankind by a man of God.  It was Jesus Christ that stated this command three times in the Gospel of John.  Unfortunately, the human race has not been successfully taught this fundamental command by many religious institutions and as a consequence, we look dreadful to the extraterrestrials that appear to be watching us on earth.

Enjoy Free Energy and life Throughout the Universe is a highly truthful book that defines factual events over the past several decades to reveal the corruption of an organization formed shortly after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6th and 9th of 1945, respectively.  It unfolds a hidden agenda of the Secret CIA to keep secret the new scientific discoveries of zero-point energy and anti-gravity.  It is their desire to maintain use of biofuels for all modes of transportation and continued use in factories and homes.  Such a hidden agenda has caused the deaths of many people who knew of Area 51 activities.  The murders to both people and aliens are presented in the book. The surreptitious CIA refuses to disclose the innovative advantage of free energy used by alien beings which provides safe travel throughout the universe.

This book is not only instructive for high schools, colleges, and universities for the knowledge, facts, and findings that reveal the corruption committed by the CIA but has been written to energize all loving and sane people to support the RICO trial initiated by Dr. Steven Greer.  A trial that will hopefully be adjudicated by the U.S. Supreme Court to fairly represent the people harmed by the crimes of the corrupt CIA.  Please know this book is a Free Read on the IPC website below.

A complete overview of Nicholas books and articles are provided on the IPC website, https://iranpoliticsclub.net/authors/nicholas-ginex/index.htm.  To obtain a hard or soft cover copy contact Xlibris at 844-714-8691 or their website, http://www.xlibris.com.  The ISBNs below may be used to order the books for Enjoy Free Energy and Life Throughout the Universe.

                           ISBN:       Hardcover         979-8-3694-1872-7                                                                                         Softcover          979-8-3694-1873-4                                                eBook               979-8-3694-1871-0

It is Nicholas fond hope that Americans and sane people around the world are able to define the problem in order to solve the problem.  His book has defined the problem, it is up to those who love this earth, and the richness of life throughout, are willing to fight the CIA mob, their FBI henchmen, the short-sighted operatives of the MIC and the National Media.

The author looks to readers of this book to circulate it from one human being to many, many others. It’s time to act now as we enter the 2024 presential election.  We cannot afford to prolong despondency for our freedoms. The Constitution will be lost and humans will become slaves ruled by limited minds that do not value life and happiness around the world.  Their minds are so limited that they are not only corrupting our lives but unknowingly, and unwittingly, they will corrupt the lives they eventually produce in the future.

Only with our desires for a peaceful world, with the opportunity to meet other intelligent life in the universe, can we, a proud, intelligent and loving people, join life throughout the universe.

It is appropriate to end this warning with a request to my dear readers, that you and your associates support Dr. Steven Greer in his RICO case against the corrupt CIA. Send this message and email copies of the book to many friends who also desire a life of happiness.  More importantly, may they follow the command by Jesus, man of God, to love one another.  Doing so, will give all human beings a rewarding gift of meeting and interacting with life throughout the universe.  There is so much this universe offers humanity, but are we strong, and intelligent enough to enjoy the wonders of life all around us?

Nicholas Ginex

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I am Nicholas P. Ginex, a lover of humanity and a seeker of truth. I am here to explore, to search, to study, to educate and to unveil. While aerospace, engineering and science are my fields of academics, yet history, philosophy and humanities are my fields of research. I desire to learn and teach a few, so together we can seek the light and search for the truth. May the sun shine a light from behind the clouds of obscurity and may love prevail so that the words of Gerald Massey, Egyptologist and Poet, becomes a reality:>>> The time shall come,>>> When man to man shall be a friend and brother>>> And this old world shall be a happy home,>>> And all Earth’s family loves one another!>>> Hope on, hope ever.>>>

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