The Greatest Threat to America Must Be Stopped Now!

A great many Americans have been misinformed about the alien unidentified object that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico.  This crash was actually one of five UFO crashes that occurred between July 1st and 4th of 1947.  In March 1948, there was also a 6th UFO crash in Hart Canyon, 9 miles north of Aztec, about 375 miles from Roswell, where in a 100” diameter spaceship was found, and 16 occupants were reported dead.

What caused so many alien crashes in a short period of time?  It was only two years after America unleased the two atomic bombs over the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6th and 9th of 1945, respectively.  These disastrous events appeared to pique the curiosity of outer space visitors who were deliberately shot down by American military forces with a mobile radar unit stationed at Moriarty in central New Mexico. It appears one or more radar weapons shot down all six UFOs that crashed and, where Extraterrestrials were retrieved between 1947 and 1948.

It is apparent that the atomic explosions are what drew the interest of aliens from outer space.  The bombing in Hiroshima directly killed 237,000 people and after 5 years, it was estimated about another 200,000 fatalities occurred due to burns, radiation sickness, and cancer.  In Nagasaki, up to 75,000 people died immediately after the atomic bomb explosion while another 60,000 suffered severe injuries.  By the end of year 1945, total Nagasaki deaths reached 155,000.  The total number of deaths to these Japanese cities are about 592,000 thousand people.  The twofold bombings were a United States military initiative to end World War II.  Still, the 0.592 million deaths seem low compared to the total estimated deaths by all countries affected by the war, which are estimated at 85 million, which is about 3% of the 2.3 billion (est.) people on Earth in 1940 (World War II casualties – Wikipedia).

There is a direct connection between the thousands of lives lost in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  In the 1940’s a New Mexico facility was built to research and build atomic bombs.  This atomic research effort developed three high-powered radar units which were used to down six alien UFOs between 1947 and 1948.

So, what do the above events have to with the greatest threat to America and possibly earth?

Birth of the Central Intelligence Agency

The United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was created on September 18, 1947, when President Harry S. Truman signed the National Security Act of 1947 into law.  It must be noted that Truman envisioned this new agency would inform him of developments around the world that could impact American policy.  However, not reported to the American people by the CIA and U.S. media was what caused our military to shoot down five UFOs in July of 1947.  Truman had the forethought to learn how and why the UFO spacecrafts were shot down.  Surely, it was these events that caused him to create the CIA two months later.

Mission of the CIA

The mission at the CIA is to preempt threats and further U.S. national security objectives by: Collecting foreign intelligence; Producing objective analysis; and Conducting covert action, as directed by the President.  The CIA does not make policy or policy recommendations without obtaining approval by the President of the United States.  Their mission is to safeguard secrets that help keep America safe.  This mission is worthy for any decision that concerns U.S. solvency and must be brought to the President’s attention.

However, during Truman’s own presidency, the CIA became so secretive that they found it necessary to exclude him from top secret covert operations, so much so, that many of their programs became unauthorized and unknown to the Congress and every United States president.  Within ten years, the power of the CIA became so strong that it had gained control of the United States.  It serves as a hidden surreptitious government.  Defined below, its power is presented.

The Shadow (Hidden) Government

The Shadow Government has become so powerful, that it may have fooled more than half of United States Americans that Extraterrestrials and UFOs are a hoax.  This author prefers the name CIA Shadow Government because it has assumed control of the U.S. Government, its military forces, and all national and scientific media to manipulate the American people with disinformation of its undercover UFO development activities.  This control is managed by top-secret operatives that are not publicly elected.  For the past seven decades, this surreptitious organization has acquired political control of the U.S. and has imposed tremendous leverage in the news media, world politics, finance, and international conflicts.  It controls a vast undercover of media and electronic capability used to manipulate the public and election outcomes.  With this background of CIA information, below a small percentage of evidence substantiates why the CIA must be restructured in our system of government.

Why the CIA Shadow Government Must Be Restructured in America

To ensure the message to restructure the CIA Shadow Government is not overwhelming, it is recommended that readers refer to the links below only after having read this 4-page article.

The Power of the CIA Shadow Government

Before the end of Truman’s presidency, the CIA, a surreptitious organization, has evolved to become a Shadow or Hidden Government that controls the United States presidential, congressional, and judicial branches of government.  To learn of CIA control on the United States, view below the video hosted on August 23, 2017 by retired CIA agent Kevin Shipp.

CIA Agent Whistleblower Exposes the Shadow Government – The Phaser

Hundreds of Murders by the CIA Were Never Adjudicated

The CIA closely coordinated with the FBI to commit an exhaustive number of deaths to both American and foreign people.  All, in some way, that had to do with the existence of aliens and production of energy to conduct space flight.  An exhaustive list of deaths that dealt with the Shadow Government’s desire to silence knowledge about zero-point energy and space flight is provided in the list below.

This link reveals that the CIA, together with the FBI and Military Industrial Complex (MIC) are responsible for more than 150 deaths of UFO researchers, biologists, engineers, scientists, and top military officers that had knowledge of, or worked in, Area 51. Though not complete, this list includes non-military people who were developing anti-gravity and zero-point energy capabilities or were authors, journalists, and radio/TV newscasters that wanted to reveal the existence of UFOs.  Some deaths are suspicious while many others are outright murder planned by the powerful-surreptitious agency headed by the CIA and carried out by the FBI.

The list of those murdered does not include hundreds more that had knowledge of Area 51 activities or were omitted because of their high exposure to the American people, such as President John F. Kennedy and the highly popular actress, Marilyn Monroe.  They had knowledge of Area 51 activities and were silenced before being able to discredit the CIA.

The Greatest Election Fraud by the Surreptitious CIA Shadow Government

Today, Americans are confronted by high inflation, severe costs for food, goods and services, and tolerate the highest level of immigration from over 130 countries through the southern border of Texas.  In addition, the United States is supporting the Ukraine against Russia and wearily watch for an outbreak of war by China and Iran.  All this weigh heavily on the minds of Americans.  Of greater concern, many feel it is the CIA Shadow Government responsible by manipulating the 2020 election process to elect Joe Biden over Donald Trump for president.  This is well documented by highly trained computer experts that the 2020 election was the greatest election fraud in the United States. Details of this fraud is provided in the link below.

The Hidden Threat Will Be Caused by the CIA Not Aliens

The Shadow Government, controlled by the surreptitious CIA, has used the U.S. media to perpetrate a national security hoax over seven decades.  This hoax was deliberately designed to obtain billions of dollars from the U.S. government to back-engineer Extraterrestrial space flight capability.   Dr. Steven Greer has warned us for the past decade that the Shadow Government has propagated the idea that aliens are a threat, and we need to build weapons both here and in space to eliminate a possible attack. 

To alert the American people, Dr. Greer stated, ‘So the way really good counterintelligence or disinformation works is that at the core of it, there’s some truth.  So, they say, the aliens are here, and here’s some evidence.  But they are a threat to the national security, and we need to have the Space Force.”  But this is a culpable lie because the threat has been our own military that has shot down many UFOs.  The Roswell UFO was one of six UFOs shot in the period of July 1947 and March of 1948.  This article would have no credibility without having our readers learn below what Dr. Greer has to say about a threat that has induced unwarranted fear in many Americans.

Restructure the CIA Shadow Government Now!

Since the birth of the CIA the Supreme Court has been able to dismiss countless cases for the deaths of hundreds of innocent people by agreeing that such cases would reveal sensitive national security information.  National security information involved the presentation of scientific information that would alert Americans that zero-point energy and alien space craft capability are real.  But the national security risk is nothing more than a CIA lie to hide the zero-point energy capabilities and interplanetary flight that are realities that do not hurt the existence of human life.

The real threat is the surreptitious CIA and Military Industrial Complex (MIC) in their efforts to maintain reliance on bio-based fuels, for once the techniques to utilize zero-point energy is used throughout the earth, the wealth obtained from biofuels would not end but diminish.  It has therefore been their interest to keep any knowledge of Extraterrestrial technology being developed by our physicists and people around the world.

It must be known that the mission of the covert CIA explicitly states the U.S. president is to be informed of dangers around the world.  However, the needlessly shooting down of several spacecraft in Mexico violated their mission since aliens were never a threat.  The CIA believed that the president and American people did not have ‘the need to know’ that space aliens were real and to learn of their highly advanced technologies.  To preserve the status quo, the CIA and FBI, with the MIC, continuously used the U.S. Media to fool the public and kept covert space capabilities for their own purposes. Their objective is to maintain control of the United States government and obtain wealth with use of bio-fuels.  But another objective was to acquire wealth for the CIA and MIC by stimulating wars and unrest around the world to sell highly classified weapons on land, space and sea.  These objectives verify that the arrogance of the CIA to control the world and maintain their superiority well into the future regardless of the millions of lives lost on earth.

It has been determined that the CIA has already developed the capability for interplanetary space travel and can reach Mars without the use of biofuels.   Recent history has shown, that to maintain dominance both on the earth and well into space, the surreptitious CIA will use highly dangerous weapons to shoot down UFOs.  This behavior illustrates a high level of arrogance acquired by being unchallenged by people who appear to have lost the will of our forefathers to fight for a constitutional government.  This reality presents a relevant concern to all people.

The CIA Shadow Government has developed highly dangerous weapons that can end human life.   It becomes evident that the Surreptitious CIA Shadow Government and NOT visitors from outer space are a threat to the United States and possibly our world.   This author is one of many other voices that are willing to reorganize the Surreptitious Shadow Government.  It can be done without arms, but with millions of people to reorganize this covert organization.  A simple, peaceful way is to utilize the President who is Commander in Chief of all of our armed forces.  With the president’s leadership, the American people will be allowed to walk through Area 51 as if it were a Disneyland.  The link below provides details to restructure the Shadow Government.

Restructure the Shadow Government that Controls America –

By successfully restructuring the CIA, we may look forward to meeting highly advanced beings from another part of our galaxy.  To do so, mankind will need to love one another in order to advance into a new era of peace and intellectual growth with all life throughout the universe.

If you, my fellow reader, find this article provides knowledge of a problem for all of mankind, please share it with many other people and recommend they do the same. Together, we can achieve world peace and a new, bright, prosperous future.

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