Nicholas Ginex enters the WordPress World!!

This is Nicholas

I welcome people around the world to write me to discuss areas of interest, such as religion, philosophy, God, the universe; or any of my articles and books you may happen to read on this site and the Internet.  You may contact me via e-mail: .

To access many of my articles and books, I have been honored to have Dr. Ahreeman, an Iranian with a Persian background, add me to his website that preserves many of the greatest Persian writers, inventors, painters, poets, and philosophers.  Click on the following link:

The above IPC website provides 7 books that may be freely accessed.  It includes Nicholas’ first book, Legacy of a Father: Evolution of God from the Past into the Future, which was reformatted in full color into two volumes. 

Visit my website below.  It provides overviews and book reviews of eight books.