UFO Letter to President Trump – 2019

Nicholas Ginex, a perceptive author dedicated to improving mankind’s development morally, intellectually and spiritually, has written President Trump of the need to address a subject that the American people has been misinformed about since the UFO Roswell crash in 1947.   Misinformation, lying, intimidation, and murder was committed by the military and high-tech companies who colluded together, under top secret programs, to back-engineer UFO technology developed by Extraterrestrials.  Ginex foresees a danger in the use of advanced galactic weapons that may kill millions of people and pollute our earth; but also, the military may unwisely initiate a self-destructive war with Extraterrestrials from outer space.  This must be avoided by forcing the military industrial complex to disclose UFO Extraterrestrial technology for transparent use by U.S. companies whereby they can employ its use for the benefit of people here and around the globe.  The Ginex letter to President Trump is presented below.

UFO Letter to President Trump

The White House
President Donald J. Trump
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500                                                    

                                                                                    January 27, 2019

Dear President Trump,

I will be brief and to the point about a humanitarian crisis that began in 1947 and must, over the next two decades, be solved to prepare the American people to enter a new era that will increase their quality of life and save our planet. 

The humanitarian crisis has been created by the industrial military complex, a shadow government, that desires to maintain power militarily over your administration and continue to control the world by using the Media to infect the American people with disinformation about UFOs, Extraterrestrials, and political issues. 

Many Americans, and people around the world are aware of the existence of UFOs and ETs.  Since 1947 the American people have been lied to and fed disinformation so that the industrial military complex can continue to obtain billions of dollars to back engineer UFOs.  Today, they have been able to develop and make space aircraft that are able to use zero-point energy and antigravity to achieve spacecraft capabilities.  

Mr. President, I learned you have already been apprised of the covert UFO ET projects by Dr. Steven M. Greer.  At this point in life, your administration has got to take control of the shadow government run by the industrial military complex. Their ownership of destructive nuclear power and high levels of technology derived from Extraterrestrial technology can be a danger to our people and other countries without complete control by the U.S. Government, namely, the Congress, Senate, you and your associates. 

The Internet link below provides an understanding of the problem and recommended solutions.  Please read it.  As our leader, we are confident that you have the courage, intellect, and compassion to resolve the problems created by the industrial military complex.

In one to two decades, will we be ready to embrace Extraterrestrial beings that have evolved thousands of years ahead of ours and join a new era of galactic contact in the universe?

(Paragraph below was not included in the e-mail letter to President Trump)

Please insure you are well protected from military and corporate leaders that prefer to maintain the status quo and prevent Americans, and people around the world, a quality of life that can be had when UFO ET technology is available for use in all countries.

Nicholas Ginex, a U.S. Patriot

www.nicholasginex.com – End of UFO letter.

A World Movement for Zero-Point Energy.

The UFO letter to President Trump is but one voice that supports Dr. Steven M. Greer’s life-chosen effort to improve the quality of life for all people and enter a new era of interplanetary travel.  The challenge to overcome the status quo of government, religious organizations, and the military-industrial complex may take more than one or two decades.  But it can be facilitated by the millions of people world-wide who are aware of the need for disclosure of zero-point energy and the benefits that can be attained for mankind.  They can help initiate disclosure and change for humanity by writing President Donald J. Trump using the link below.  


A Request for all Readers of this Article.

A guesstimate of the number of people who can actively support Dr. Greer’s cause, revealed that of a total of 27 Dr. Greer videos, a total of 13,752, 995 views have accumulated as of January 31, 2019.  If the same viewer watched 4 different videos, it is estimated that as many as 3 and a half million people are intimately involved in learning about ET and UFO phenomenon.  Readers of this article and the millions of Dr. Greer YouTube viewers are requested to write to President Trump.  For cohesive impact of your letter effort, it is recommended that your letter use the same title, UFO letter to President Trump – 2019.  You may duplicate any portion of Ginex’s letter or provide your own thoughts.

Thank you for supporting a humanitarian effort that will take years to advance all people to learn to love one another and together, eliminate poverty and enter the new era of space travel. The wonders of the universe will be highly enlightening as we come to enjoy other beings in the universe.

Nicholas P. Ginex

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I am Nicholas P. Ginex, a lover of humanity and a seeker of truth. I am here to explore, to search, to study, to educate and to unveil. While aerospace, engineering and science are my fields of academics, yet history, philosophy and humanities are my fields of research. I desire to learn and teach a few, so together we can seek the light and search for the truth. May the sun shine a light from behind the clouds of obscurity and may love prevail so that the words of Gerald Massey, Egyptologist and Poet, becomes a reality:>>> The time shall come,>>> When man to man shall be a friend and brother>>> And this old world shall be a happy home,>>> And all Earth’s family loves one another!>>> Hope on, hope ever.>>>

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