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Dear concerned people throughout the world, provided below is a National Press Club presentation given in Washington DC on May 9th, 2001, by Dr. Steven Greer. It impressed me so much that I felt strongly obligated to share it with you.  In turn, if you feel as I have, please inform all your friends of a planned devastating outcome to humanity and possibly our earth.  Dr. Greer efforts are to divert such a catastrophe and bring humanity into a new age of wonder and peace.

Dr. Greer provides strong evidence by twenty military, intelligence, government, corporate and scientific witnesses that proves, without any doubt, the existence of alien life.  The honesty and integrity of these witnesses is to be graciously acknowledged for they have volunteered to provide testimony that the CIA Shadow Government (SG) has shot down, captured, and experimented on extraterrestrials in spite of the possibility of retaliation.  The video below provides strong evidence of CIA SG immoral, illegal, and unlawful conduct.  This article consists of 5 pages.  Before viewing the videos below, it is recommended that you read the article first.

Can you imagine, it has been twelve years since Dr. Greer gave the presentation, and yet the Shadow Government still disseminates the big lie that UFOs and extraterrestrials are not real.  They have successfully used the national media to fool Americans that such realities are a hoax.  Since the downing of many UFOs around Roswell in 1947, this covert organization continues to disrespect the honor and love for not only America but all countries.  A brief definition of the Shadow Government is given below to reveal its ultimate desire to maintain power over all people on earth.  Worse still, its members display an arrogance, based on greed and power, to advance their control over the multiple lives that exist in the Universe.

The Shadow (Hidden) Government

Since President Truman authorized the CIA organization in 1947, the Shadow Government has become so powerful, that it may have fooled half of Americans that extraterrestrials and UFOs are a hoax.  This author prefers the name CIA Shadow Government because it has assumed control of the U.S. Government, its military forces, and all national and scientific media to manipulate the American people with disinformation of its undercover UFO development activities.  This control is covertly managed by top-secret operatives that are not publicly elected.  For the past seventy-seven years (2024-1947), this surreptitious organization has acquired political control of the U.S. and has imposed tremendous leverage in the news media, world politics, finance, and international conflicts.  It controls a vast undercover of media and electronic capability used to manipulate the public and election outcomes.  In the link below, a small percentage of evidence substantiates why the CIA must be restructured and controlled under our system of government.

The Greatest Threat to America Must Be Stopped Now! –

The above article was written to inform Americans and people worldwide that the Shadow Government has violated the laws of our Constitution by committing hundreds of murders to hide their unacknowledged programs used to advance alien technology that allows travel throughout space.

Please know, this author does not care to overwhelm readers with too much information because too much data shuts down the natural thinking abilities of most people.  Importantly, with too much data, this article loses the intent of giving all people the chance to understand and further investigate why the Shadow Government must be dismantled and placed under direct control of elected officials that represent the American people, namely their Congress, Senate, and Presidential members.

If the members of our governmental bodies lack the courage to right the Shadow Government wrongs committed over the past 77 years, then by all means, the people must do what our forefathers did to establish the greatest government on this globe.  That is, we the people must overrun the Area 51 facilities and place it in the rightful hands of leaders who will have all developments and patents disclosed for peaceful applications.  To maintain the existence of the CIA Shadow Government, it was the American taxpayers that provided from 20 to 70 billion dollars per year to achieve the technologies developed under exceptionally high level top-secret protocols.  With disclosure of highly classified documentation, the American people can further develop the technologies of zero-point energy and zero-gravitation that will clean up pollution of our earth and present space travel opportunities throughout the universe.

There are intelligent people within the Shadow Government, of which there are many, but greed and the feeling of belonging to a special elite organization has warped many bright minds.  Hopefully, this article appeals to all military personnel presently under the Shadow Government to join the people around the globe by disclosing top-level secrets to begin the start of a new civilization.  A new civilization that provides peace without pollution of biofuels and also the promise of new life with aliens from outer space who have achieved millions, perhaps billions of years, of individual growth and self-rewarding lives.

To leave you, my readers, with evidence of the CIA violations against mankind and the amount of technology that can advance humanity to wholesome, wonderful lives, the video by Dr. Greer is provided below.  It was presented November 13, 2016, and is accessed using the link below,

(4) The Cosmic False Flag – YouTube

Because the video lasts 3.07-hours, selected subtitles are presented in the order introduced by Dr. Greer so that you may assess the murders, violations, and key innovative technological discoveries that should be known by every concerned person.  To view, you may need to click on the BROWSE YOUTUBE icon.

1.- Planned Alien Attack.  Information coming into Dr. Greer ‘s disclosure system over the past six to nine months indicates we’re getting closer to a planned alien attack that can make the 9-11 catastrophe seem like a picnic.  By having foreseen knowledge, we may prevent or avoid its occurrence of such a threat.  It is a long-term threat planned by the CIA Shadow Government (SG) that is expected in the near future.  It is a hoax that accuses aliens committed the attack when in fact it was all planned and conducted by the CIA SG.  This planned, unwarranted secrecy by the CIA SG is a threat to our national security and should not be tolerated by American citizens.

2.- At least 21 levels of Secrecy Exist Above that of the U.S. President.  Top level military generals are kept ignorant of the many incandescent activities of the CIA Shadow Government.  Dr. Greer pointed out that a 3-Star General indicated his father, also a general, who knew of the CIA covert violations, committed suicide.

3.- The CIA SG has developed radar weapon systems that can target alien craft.  Since Roswell, alien UFOs have been shot down using scalar electronic systems.  It is remarkable that aliens have shown restraint by not returning devastating fire in return.  This restraint, at least for over 77 years, promotes the conclusion that they, aliens, are not as vicious as humans.  It appears they have attained a level of intelligence to perceive that humans will eventually overcome their feelings of hate and advance to a higher state of mind.

4.- Aliens are transdimentionable.  This term means aliens can travel faster than the speed of light.  The length of the Andromeda galaxy to earth is 2.5 million light years.  Transdimentionable means instead of 2.5 million years at the speed of light, that distance becomes a point to point space in time that bypasses the dimension of linear-space time.  How this is done technically has been accomplished possibly hundreds of millions of years ago by interdimensional aliens.

5.- Aliens mutilating animals is a planned lie to inject fear.  Many people experienced the mutilation of animals and also reported they were examined by aliens.  We know today, they were part of a preprogrammed hoax to instill fear of aliens.

6.- The CIA SG will always distort valid contact with extraterrestrials.  The CIA SG will preserve their power and control of people and assets by confusing people that may provide sanity and truth about UFOs and ETs.  The object is to increase their control by causing continual wars to increase their wealth by supplying weapons.

7.- Racism, a proclivity that has its roots deep in the past can be overcome.  It is the CIA SG that stimulates division between the races to weaken their cause to form peace and ability to grow intellectually and peacefully.  The good news is that humans can reverse the existing hatred between each other that cause devastating wars and instead form a future of peace.  Actually, to welcome other races of alien beings can help bring humanity further into a world of many new and exciting wonders – wonders that excel our abilities to love and understand he differences that do exist.

8.- It would be a shame to bring into space deadly weapons to kill other lives.

The CIA SG has already demonstrated their desire to kill aliens that enter our space.  It remains a shameful thought that the CIA SG is willing to use their highly destructive weapons throughout space.  This looming outcome cannot be permitted by people of peace, integrity, and love in positions of leadership to preserve the freedoms of our Constitution and people of our earth.

9.- There is a singularity of mind throughout space that is one.  Can human beings rise mentally and spiritually to join the cosmos of life in space?  We can do it, but we must start now!!  We cannot afford to let the arrogant beings of the CIA SG to take control of our lives, our earth, and what could be the immensity of space.  In fact, the CIA SG could lead humanity into devastation because the beings that have lived in space hundreds of thousands of years could easily destroy the CIA SG and us along with them.  The danger is not aliens but the CIA Shadow Government.

10.- The CIA SG plan is to shut down our civilization and exterminate of 5 billion people.  It is a conflict they will stage and has been fabricated since the 1950s.  They have deliberately been planning the manufacture of an Armageddon since the early inception of the CIA Shadow Government.  Could it be the influx of WWII German war criminals into the CIA organization for their knowledge of alien free energy that the entire CIA SG mentality is corrupted with no regard for human life on earth?  This is a very stupid CIA SG plan for who will they trust to further their future plans in endless space?  They will be seen as aggressors with little mentality to live peacefully with the multiple alien lives and races in the universe.

11.- Let’s begin to call out the planned CIA SG Armageddon.  Concerned people must begin to expose this CIA SG fraud before it becomes a reality.  Dr. Greer recommends that concerned Americans, albeit all people on earth, need to put together a Council on Interplanetary Relations devoted to peace in space.  This may be the greatest import of urgency of anything in our lives because even if we develop zero-point energy and antigravity, but live with a consciousness of hatred, division and warfare, we will still destroy the planet. We need not just earthly peace, we need peace that extends into the vastness of our universe.  This responsibility lies with us to educate every one of the need to develop peace with the greatest command given to us by a man of God – love one another.  This command means that we all look out for each other and make our world one that will exist forever.

Why Dr. Greer continues for us investigation of space aliens and technology.

Dr. Greer believes we can avoid the planned alien attack by putting his vision on the far horizon where we’re going to have a new civilization, the hallmark of which is a peaceful planet on earth living peacefully with other planets. He feels that to get from where we are now can be a very heavy lift but feels there is no point in despairing.  He sees a future where the critical issues have been resolved, where we have a peaceful civilization, free energy running the planet, we have antigravity systems that move objects above the ground, poverty is ended, a complete economic and social justice is achieved around the world, a sustainable clean planet is realized where earth can become level 1, and humanity can go forward deeply into space and live with other civilizations.

By successfully restructuring the CIA SG, we may look forward to meeting highly advanced beings from another part of our galaxy.  To do so, mankind will need to love one another in order to advance into a new era of peace and intellectual growth.  Let it be known that this is not easy and may take one or more generations before we learn to love one another and life throughout the universe.  But is it wise to wait for people around the world to love one another over a period of two or more generations?  Can we tolerate or accept the destruction of human life due to wars and hatred stimulated by the CIA SG?   No.  My dear people, it would be a grave mistake to believe the CIA SG would ever want to give up the power they have over humanity on earth and the deadly aspirations they have already demonstrated by killing many extraterrestrials that have approached earth.

At the start of the question-and-answer period, Dr. Greer points out that more than twenty people, that have CIA SG experience have refused to volunteer their knowledge of UFO development or extraterrestrials, because of the clear threat of death to them and their families.  Fear is a way to silence knowledge.  But if all people on earth rise up in opposition, it would be the CIA SG that would go crazy because fear can destroy their plans and ability to go forward with destruction.  In fact, with the masses of people around the globe, the CIA SG would not only be laughed at but would be dismantled by their own members.  Intelligent people, no matter on which side they belong, will recognize the stupidity of their actions and strive to correct them to make a healthy and prosperous world envisioned by Dr. Greer.

My fellow reader, this article provides knowledge of a problem for all people and presents a solution to implement.  Please share it with many other people and recommend they do the same. Together, with the mass of millions and ideally billions of people around the globe, we can achieve world peace with a new, bright, prosperous future.

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