Zero-Point Energy Can Resolve the Climate Change Threat

Article Description:  There is a need to inform people around the world that the United States has, under top-secret programs, developed use of two of the greatest technological discoveries of our era – anti-gravity and zero-point energy.  Since the 1960s, five decades ago, the Military Industrial Complex has designed and operationally flown Interstellar Flying Objects for space travel.

Author Comment:  Will the national news media serve the people of their country by informing them that they must demand the Military Industrial Complex disclose the greatest technologies that will eliminate Climate Change and usher the phenomenal experience of meeting other intelligent beings in the universe?

Zero-Point Energy Can Resolve the Climate Change Threat

As early as 1961, in a televised farewell address, President Eisenhower warned Americans about the increasing power of the Military Industrial Complex.  His warning was motivated because the MIC did not provide him with any information or accountability of top secret UFO ET operations with the pretext that he had “no need to know.”

Dr. Edgar Mitchell, a NASA astronaut who walked on the moon as part of the Apollo 14 mission in 1971 was a strong believer in the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life and claimed earth had frequently been visited by aliens.  In a 2009 interview with the Guardian, Mitchell stated:

“We are being visited by extraterrestrial life …I call upon our government to open up … and become a part of this planetary community that is now trying to take our proper role as a spacefaring civilization.”

To this day, the MIC has not disclosed that zero-point energy is a reality.  Under top-secret Area 51 operations, the military aerospace sector has developed and implemented interstellar flying objects (IFOs) that can travel into space since the 1960s.  But, unfortunately, the MIC maintains secrecy and control of ZPE depriving humanity of its applications that can resolve the Climate Change threat and benefit whole economies around the world.

An Imperative Appeal to People Worldwide

People worldwide must demand all IFO space technology, developed covertly by the military-industrial complex, be disclosed to improve their quality of life and enter the new era of interstellar space travel.  Zero-point energy can achieve low cost energy without the use of oil, coal, gas and nuclear fuels that pollute the earth.  The benefits will eliminate poverty and lack of food; wars due to religious and political differences; and sufficient leisure time to grow intellectually and morally – a prerequisite to join intelligent and peaceful beings in the universe.

Availability of ZPE technologies must be allowed for use by all countries in an open, free enterprise system.  It will create many jobs around the world to solve poverty, decrease pollution of our planet, and increase the quality of life for all people.  These benefits, introduced into every country, will eliminate the need for war by any country.  It will allow humans to solve their most important problems caused by economic, religious and political differences.  Our religious and educational systems need to be advanced to prepare mankind to live in the new era of interstellar travel.  These two systems of moral and intellectual development, respectively, must be faithfully addressed.

On February 17, 2019, FOX News Channel presented the new TV show, Life, Liberty & Levin. It is hosted by Mark Levin who is dedicated to exploring America’s culture, politics, and world events to perceive their effects on the lives of its people and the direction of our nation’s future. Mark’s guest was the distinguished Four Star General Jack Keane, the first military official to receive the Peace Through Strength Award at the Reagan Library in California.

Their conversation highlighted possible war threats around the world, but nowhere in their discussion did they speak of, or entertain, the most important technological development of this era – the use of zero-point energy (ZPE). This was disappointing because informed and forward-looking minds worldwide know that ZPE can be the solution to achieve global world peace.

The Military Uses Taxpayer Dollars to Finance and Control the Fake News Media

Even though ZPE technology has been secretly developed and implemented by the MIC, it is unreported by the U.S. national news media to inform and educate the American people. By not revealing the benefits of zero-point energy, it becomes evident that the News Media is financed and controlled by the MIC, a shadow government that intends to maintain its power and wealth by keeping ZPE secret and continue use of bio and nuclear fuels.

Since the joint study of UFOs by American and German scientists after WWII, it has been over 70 years that the MIC has retrieved UFOs and interfaced with extraterrestrial beings. In hundreds of deep underground top-secret compartments, military officers, scientists, aerospace engineers, biologists, physicists, and psychologists were employed and warned to maintain secrecy in the development of zero-point energy.

The MIC Has Built Interstellar Flying Objects Since the Late 1950s

Today, unknown by the public due to national media control by the MIC, the U.S. military is able to dominate earth’s outer space with Intergalactic Flying Object (IFO) technology.  In 2014, Mark McCandlish, an accomplished aerospace illustrator, gave testimony at the Secret Space Program Conference in San Francisco where he revealed that the U.S. military not only has developed operational antigravity, but has for many years, developed and engineered zero-point energy that propels IFOs over the past 50 years.  An IFO and description of its components is provided by Mark McCandlish in the article:

An illustration of an IFO by Mark is featured above.

Most news media intellectuals are informed and knowledgeable of the benefits of ZPE.   Surely, they would strongly reveal the benefits of ZPE to people around the world.  But what is the problem, what stifles their ability to educate people worldwide about the benefits of zero-point energy?  Could it be that their voices are stifled because the News Media is financed and controlled by the CIA that performs all undercover activities for the Military Industrial Complex?

The answer is an affirmative yes. Zero-point energy technology is the greatest invention of our era that offers the reality of space travel and world peace. But this reality threatens the military-industrial complex ability from controlling the U.S. economy and wealth.

The Fake News Media is Controlled by the MIC

The power of Fake News Media to disseminate disinformation and corrupt political views is clearly evidenced by over 95 percent negative coverage of Present Trump in spite of his successes in raising the U.S. economy and increasing jobs across the country. News media power to shape the minds of people is apparent for they have successfully convinced millions of Americans that UFOs and extraterrestrial visitors are a hoax.

It is remarkable that Mark Levin, a man of extraordinary intelligence has not broached the benefits of ZPE technology to his audience. There is no question that our greatest and brightest minds on TV shows and other media are fearful of being fired if they are outspoken about ZPE.

They are silenced by a shadow government, namely, the military-industrial complex, which has undermined our democracy and rule of law to the extent that, over the period of 70 plus years, many of its members have been threatened and murdered by the CIA, FBI and DIA government agencies to keep their covert operations secret.

These unlawful and corrupt actions are tantamount to criminal offenses that can only be forgiven with amnesty granted to all MIC members in exchange for complete disclosure of all UFO developments that has been financed with more than 20 billion tax payer dollars per year.

This author apologizes to Mark Levin for having brought up his name regarding the MIC for he has the courage to speak out for the welfare of the American people. To find if other news media hosts and commentators avoided reporting the reality of UFOs and extraterrestrials, an internet search of news hosts and government officials that could have reported ZPE by the MIC came up with no hits.

It is apparent that the MIC is highly successful silencing TV, movie productions, scientific journals, and news media preventing them to inform and educate the public about extraterrestrials and zero-point energy.

A Call to All People To Achieve A Better World and Visit the Universe

In one to two decades, will people worldwide successfully get the MIC to disclose zero-point energy so that humanity will be ready to embrace Extraterrestrial beings that have evolved thousands of years ahead of ours and join a new era of galactic contact in the universe?

A scientific, philosophical presentation of the beginning of the universe, the phenomenon of Consciousness, the existence of Extraterrestrials, and need for disclosure of two of the greatest technological discoveries of our era that will eliminate climate change and usher humanity into the wonders of our universe are provided in the paper,

Everything Has a Beginning – Even the Universe also exists in book form and can be freely accessed from the website:

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We owe it to our loved ones and for generations to follow to make a better world by sharing the information in this paper with as many people as possible.


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