Shadow Government Murders of Space Aliens and Humans


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Dear people in America and around the world, the title of this article may be shocking to many of you, but it was necessary to get your attention and become aware of the greatest threat to all of us.  Many people are unaware that the Shadow Government controls the system of government set down in the U.S. Constitution by our forefathers.

It was shortly after World War II that the CIA was formed under authorization by President Truman to oversee developments around the world that could endanger the solvency of the United States.  The CIA was formed with rich and powerful men in the oil and manufacturing industries; also employed were highly experienced members from the defeated German army who had some knowledge of space travel propulsion.  The CIA recognized early on that alien space travel capability had to be controlled because it employed free energy innovation that would threaten the use of biofuels; one of the greatest sources of wealth to their organization.   The minds of these CIA officials concentrated on power and wealth and also included the mentality of a religious organization, the Vatican, that promotes dogma of the end of life and an eternal life by the Judgment of God.

The intent of this article is to reveal to all good-hearted Americans and people around the world that the Shadow Government is inherently a disgrace and threat to humanity.  The CIA must be reorganized with trusted, honorable people who envision peace and intellectual growth for all humanity.

A Request to Every Reader of this Article.

This author is one voice compared to the thousands and millions of people that can help make a better world.  Hopefully, you will reach out to give others the opportunity to read this article.  Please e-mail this article to your friends, people around the world, your congressmen, and national media.  Can you imagine the profound impact over one, or two more years?   Time will tell if mankind advances to the next stage of our spiritual and mental development.   This author believes in the goodness and integrity of humanity and someday, people will enter the wonders of the universe.

Thank you, Nicholas Ginex.

Note:  This article has several links that may take more than two or three sittings.  A most important link appears at the end of this article.  It is Dr. Greer’s presentation given to the National Press Club on June 12, 2023.  It is highly relevant for he has mobilized the support of lawyer Derek Garcia to head up the Disclosure Project Legal Defense Fund to expose the corruption and crimes committed by the covert CIA over the past seven decades.  This is a must viewable link by all Americans and people around the world.

Why the Shadow Government Must Be Reorganized

There are many infractions against the United States by the covert CIA, an organization that has acquired a massive empire under the name of the Shadow Government.  As a minimum, the following topics substantiate why the Shadow Government leadership must be replaced with people that believe in truth, transparency and integrity; these are essential attributes to govern America.  But first, all readers should know when the CIA was formed and why the Shadow Government must be reorganized to serve the American people by reading,

The Greatest Threat to America Must Be Stopped Now! –

A.  List of Aliens Shot Down

B.  List of humans Silenced or Murdered

C.  The Greatest Election Fraud U.S. History

D.  Dr. Steven Greer Explosive Presentation of June 12, 2023

A.  List of Aliens Shot Down

The alien crashes were not due to poor navigating ability but the indiscriminate actions by U.S. military forces without any provocation.  It must be recognized that the alien UFOs were simply investigating and warning our military that after bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6th and 9th of 1945, respectively, we are on a dangerous path in the use of nuclear weapons.

Figure 1 presents a partial list of alien crashes downed with Shadow Government military weapons through the period 1947 and 1989.  Many alien bodies were retrieved and those alive were interrogated to advance antigravity and zero-point energy for space travel.   Obtained from,

Figure 1.  List of UFOs Downed by the Shadow Government Military.

It should be noted that there was not one but were several Roswell UFO crashes by the U.S. military using weaponize radar.  Refer to the article in the link below.

July 2, 1947      San Augustin, New Mexico            4 bodies

July 4, 1947      SW of Roswell, New Mexico           ? bodies

July 4, 1947      N of Roswell, New Mexico              ? bodies

July 4, 1947      NW of Roswell, New Mexico          ? bodies

July 4, 1947      53 mi W of Roswell, New Mexico  4 bodies

Feb. 13, 1948    Aztec, New Mexico                        12 bodies

July 7, 1948       Mexico (south of Laredo, Texas)    1 body

1949                   Roswell, New Mexico               1 ET Living

Sept. 10, 1950   Albuquerque, New Mexico           3 bodies

1952                   Spitzenbergen, Norway                 2 bodies

Aug. 14, 1952    Ely, Nevada                                   16 bodies

April 18, 1953   SW Arizona                                  No bodies

May 20, 1953    Kingman, Arizona                            1 body

June 19, 1953    Laredo, Texas                                 4 bodies

July 10, 1953     Johannesburg, South Africa         5 bodies

Oct. 13, 1953     Dutton, Montana                            4 bodies

May 5, 1955       Brighton, England                         4 bodies

July 18, 1955      Carlsbad, New Mexico                 4 bodies

1961                    Timmensdorfer, Germany         12 bodies

June 12, 1962     Holloman AFB, New Mexico       2 bodies

Nov. 10, 1964     Fort Riley, Kansas                         9 bodies

Oct. 27, 1966      NW Arizona                                   1 body

1966-1968           5 Crashes Ohio/Kentucky area   3 bodies                                                                                     disc intact

July 18, 1972      Morocco, Sahara Desert              3 bodies

July 10, 1973      NW Arizona                                   5 bodies

Aug 25, 1974      Chihuahua, Mexico                       ? bodies                                                                                     disc intact

May 12, 1976      Australian Desert                         4 bodies

April 5, 1977       SW Ohio                                       11 bodies

June 22, 1977      NW Arizona                                  5 bodies

Aug 17, 1977       Tobasco, Mexico                           2 bodies

May 1978             Bolivia                                         No bodies

Nov. 1988             Afghanistan                                  7 bodies

May 1989             South Africa                             2 ETs alive

June 1989             South Africa                             2 ETs alive                                                                                      disc intact

July 1989              Siberia                                       9 ETs alive

Of 152 ETs retrieved, 14 were found alive.

It must be emphasized that the alien UFOs were shot down by orders of the CIA Shadow Government even though they posed no threat to any facilities or people on earth.  After reviewing the number of bodies killed or alive, every intelligent citizen needs to not only evaluate if the killings were warranted but also have our government investigate and put to trial those that gave orders to kill nonthreatening aliens.  To use the fabricated reason that no justice is to be ordered by the Supreme Court of the U.S. is nonsense when no destruction on earth was made by the aliens.  The disregard of the U.S. Supreme Court to investigate the murder of space aliens illuminates their lack of control to resolve if justice has been served.  It may also be apparent that the Shadow Government actually controls the U.S. justice system.

The murder of space aliens could be the fear felt by the CIA Shadow Government over loss of wealth and power derived from the continued use of biofuels for all machinery and manufacture around the world.   To eliminate this fear, the new technological capabilities of free space travel using zero-point energy and anti-gravity had to be kept from the American people to ensure continued use of biofuels and their growth of wealth and power.

B.  List of humans Murdered or Silenced

Figure 2 below reveals that the CIA, together with the FBI and Military Industrial Complex (MIC) are responsible for more than 150 deaths of UFO researchers, biologists, engineers, scientists, journalists and top military officers that had knowledge of, or worked in, Area 51. Though not complete, this list includes non-military people who were developing anti-gravity and zero-point energy capabilities or were authors, journalists, and radio/TV newscasters that wanted to reveal the existence of UFOs.  Some deaths are suspicious while many others are outright murder planned by the powerful-surreptitious Shadow Government headed by the CIA and carried out by the FBI.

Page 1 of Figure 2 indicates two sources that no longer are available.  Fortunately, the link below validates many of the persons presented in Figure 2.

The list of those murdered does not include hundreds more that had knowledge of Area 51 activities or were omitted because of their high exposure to the American people, such as President John F. Kennedy and the highly popular actress, Marilyn Monroe.  They had knowledge of Area 51 activities and were silenced before being able to discredit the CIA.

In Figure 2, Number 4, the following update is for Mark McCandlish.  He died at age 68 on April 13, 2021 in his home in Redding, CA with a shotgun blast to the head.  He was going to testify at a Senate UFO/UAP meeting in June.   His testimony would have destroyed any misleading UFO narratives and reveal the Tic Tac was actually a USAF SSP drone …

The video below is highly recommended to learn about UFOs and the many witnesses that have first-hand knowledge of the top-secret programs in Area 51.

Figure 2.  List of Humans Died Due to Knowledge of UFOs.

Although Figure 2 provides a partial list of people who have dedicated their lives to either invent space travel techniques or inform us how we may achieve a better world, it is to honor them that this author presents them to you.  We may someday redeem their efforts by replacing the sinister mob of CIA Shadow Government members with people that believe we can achieve a wonderful and peaceful life both on earth and the worlds in outer space.

C.  The Greatest Election Fraud in U.S. History 

It is strange that America, supposedly the greatest nation on earth, has an electoral system that has been infected with dishonesty and severe evidence of fraud.  How is this possible is a question that lingers on the minds of its citizens?  Many may think that our system of government is corrupt due to dishonest politicians.  But to be able to actually change computer tallies nationwide from one candidate to another could not have been done at the politician level.  No, my dear people, it was a coordinated event using highly trained computer experts that were able to switch votes.  This was a coordinated ruse that had to be controlled and managed at a much higher level.  A straightforward conclusion is that such coordination had to be conducted with computer experts in America and foreign countries.  They had the knowledge to access computers in many states and change the tallies from Trump to Biden.

That expertise of dishonest fraud had to have been accomplished behind the scenes by the surreptitious Shadow Government.  They have the knowledge and manpower to conduct such an overwhelming task to manipulate computer outcomes.  In the link below, there are four findings that definitely reveal computer fraud in the 2020 Presidential election.  In spite of the overwhelming evidence, the U.S. Supreme Court would not hear the cases by Trump lawyers with the foolish decision that they had “No Standing.”   This is a clear failure of the courts to provide justice for the greatest process of America – honest, verifiable elections.

From a citizen perspective, did the Supreme Court commit a real instance of dereliction of duty with an inane excuse?  What can the American public deduce or infer by the Supreme Court’s denial?  Is there an undercurrent of fear by the Supreme Court justices that by hearing the legitimate Trump cases there would be havoc and rioting by segments of opposing parties no matter what was the judicial outcomes?  Then again, did the Supreme Court withheld their mandate to resolve the election improprieties because they are controlled by the covert CIA Shadow Government?

The systemic fraud was at first believed to be the work of politicians.  But this is not possible due to the extreme amount of manipulation required to change computer tallies.  The one organization that has the manpower and wealth to conduct such a fraud had to be the covert CIA Shadow Government.  By doing so, they have succeeded in having a somewhat feeble man elected.  By all accounts, President Joe Biden is a puppet of the Democratic Party as verified by his actions to allow millions of immigrants through Texas by ignoring strict rules set by our government.

Worse still, his unwillingness to stop the ever-increasing amounts of fentanyl smuggled into the United States from Mexico (and manufactured in China) has caused thousands of people to be killed.  It has been estimated that 100,306 drug overdose deaths occurred in the United States during the 12-month period ending in April 2021.  This was an increase of 28.5% from the 78,056 deaths during the same period the year before. The numbers killed annually may easily approach 200,000 thousand by the end of year 2023.

In the two years Joe Biden has been the U.S. President, he has just about reduced America to be a third world country.  He has allowed unlimited numbers of immigrants into America giving them the option to live in any state and providing funds for shelter, medical, educational and living expenses.  All this wonderful assistance has been given without any care for the millions of homeless people living on the streets of U.S. towns and cities.

What agenda does President Biden serve by taking care of people from other countries without any care for the homeless in America?  It appears that the sole purpose of President Biden is to flood America with immigrants that would increase his chances to win another presidential election.  But could Biden simply be a puppet of the CIA Shadow Government to obtain greater control around the world?  This conclusion is more than logical when computer experts validated the greatest fraud committed in United States. It was a massive case of fraud and had to have been managed by a large well-organized force, namely the surreptitious CIA Shadow (Hidden) Government.

Meanwhile, Biden has not smartly integrated more people into the United States by neglecting his responsibility to increase the number of teachers to make immigrants proficient in our laws and English language.  This inability to understand the disastrous effects on American citizens and disregard of the danger fentanyl has on the youth of America is enormous when Biden neglects to stop its flow with more police at the border of Texas.

But there are other factors in America that President Biden pursues that makes leaders in other countries laugh.  That is the objective to make America pollution free by eliminating biofuels and increasing electric cars over gas and have all homes heated by other means.  While pursuing this agenda, Biden reveals a contradiction by selling American oil reserves to other countries.  Electric cars require batteries and the country that has the minerals for this product is China.  Does Biden have an agreement with China that would ultimately place America in a dire financial position by replacing biofuel with batteries in cars?  It appears that Joe Biden’s economic approach would reduce America’s wealth and weaken the livelihood of its citizens.

D.  Dr. Steven Greer Explosive Presentation of June 12, 2023

There is an answer to the biofuel replacement in America and it has been articulated best by a man devoted to making all people on earth lead happier and healthier lives.  That man is Dr. Steven M. Greer.  His dedication to improve our future on Earth and enter the Universe motivated him to provide a ground-breaking presentation to the National Press Club on June 12, 2023.  It is a must read for all Americans and people worldwide to preserve our freedoms, our lives, and wonderful Earth.

Monday, June 12, 2023! Dr. Greer’s Groundbreaking National Press Club Event! FREE to Watch! – YouTube

Dr. Greer has emphasized use of two of the greatest scientific innovations conceived early by our scientists, zero-point energy and anti-gravity.  But by downing UFOs with their military weapons, it was the covert Shadow Government that has successfully back-engineered propulsion capabilities for space travel.  As early as the 1960s, these propulsion capabilities have made it possible to travel to other planets.  Yet, the covert Shadow Government prohibits its use by U.S. manufacturers to enter space and force continued use of biofuels to increase their power and wealth.

With the dichotomy of our government being controlled by the CIA Shadow Government, Dr. Greer makes known that we are faced with a social and life-threating crisis.  This crisis transcends the technological innovation of zero-point propulsion.  It rests with the education of people around the world to recognize that the Shadow Government leaders must be replaced.  But equally important and more fundamental, we must use our ability to reverse conflict, violence and hate, and simply love one another.

Dr. Greer contends that technological solutions do exist — but do we possess the will, wisdom and courage to apply them for the common good?  This depends on all of us to work together to achieve peace on Earth before we enter the Universe.  We must choose wisely.  To energize our will for a better life, Dr. Greer has gotten support of experienced lawyers to expose the covert CIA for the crimes and illegal covert CIA projects begun with the first downing of six UFOs in 1947.   Refer to the partial list of murders of space aliens and humans by the covert CIA and FBI, Figures 1 and 2 above.  We must not let the covert Shadow Government lead us to a dismal future that brings out the worst in human beings, fear, aggression and hate that results in the domination and death of all life on Earth.

My dear reader, this article is closed with a link that reaches out to motivate you to seek the best in humanity and raise our aspirations to attain the wonders of space.  If you share the intent of this article to have people around the world understand that the CIA Shadow Government is a disgrace and threat to humanity, please e-mail this article to everyone you know.  Let it become the voice of millions around the world.

Will Our Human Future Achieve World Peace Without Poverty? 

From the above link, two paragraphs below have been added to express the key attribute to love one another and enter the marvelous experiences of our Universe.

Only when we, people of all faiths, let go of our indoctrinated beliefs and love one another can we truly advance to the next level of integrity and knowledge that will be our passport to enter into the wonders of the universe. Until this occurs, we are still animals to be ruled by arrogant and self-serving leaders. How long will galactic families of Extraterrestrial beings tolerate stupidity, arrogance, and uncontrollable human behavior? Are they forgiving enough to raise humans to their level of integrity and not give up on the human race to join the family of life in the universe? As stated by Paul Hellyer, “That depends entirely on us, as individuals. We are writing our own histories and we will get what we produce.”

To travel into the universe and join the family of Extraterrestrials in other worlds, people from all countries must open their hearts and minds to truly revise indoctrinated beliefs and reach for the truth. It is truth and integrity that attains the greatest gift – love for one another. To fall short of the need to advance to the next stage of our development, humans will continue to be pawns of the surreptitious CIA Shadow Government and their lives controlled with fake news media.

If you wish to learn more about this author, there is a brief writeup below that, as a father, was given to his children.  It presented a gift announced by a Man of God, I also share it with you – the ability to “love one another” with honesty and respect.

A Father Seeks to Reveal Truths to All –

With love and best wishes to all of you,

Nicholas P. Ginex


Shadow Government Disclosure and End!

Solar system in Milky Way Galaxy- Obtained from:

Dear concerned people throughout the world, provided below is a National Press Club presentation given in Washington DC on May 9th, 2001, by Dr. Steven Greer. It impressed me so much that I felt strongly obligated to share it with you.  In turn, if you feel as I have, please inform all your friends of a planned devastating outcome to humanity and possibly our earth.  Dr. Greer efforts are to divert such a catastrophe and bring humanity into a new age of wonder and peace.

Dr. Greer provides strong evidence by twenty military, intelligence, government, corporate and scientific witnesses that proves, without any doubt, the existence of alien life.  The honesty and integrity of these witnesses is to be graciously acknowledged for they have volunteered to provide testimony that the CIA Shadow Government (SG) has shot down, captured, and experimented on extraterrestrials in spite of the possibility of retaliation.  The video below provides strong evidence of CIA SG immoral, illegal, and unlawful conduct.  This article consists of 5 pages.  Before viewing the videos below, it is recommended that you read the article first.

Can you imagine, it has been twelve years since Dr. Greer gave the presentation, and yet the Shadow Government still disseminates the big lie that UFOs and extraterrestrials are not real.  They have successfully used the national media to fool Americans that such realities are a hoax.  Since the downing of many UFOs around Roswell in 1947, this covert organization continues to disrespect the honor and love for not only America but all countries.  A brief definition of the Shadow Government is given below to reveal its ultimate desire to maintain power over all people on earth.  Worse still, its members display an arrogance, based on greed and power, to advance their control over the multiple lives that exist in the Universe.

The Shadow (Hidden) Government

Since President Truman authorized the CIA organization in 1947, the Shadow Government has become so powerful, that it may have fooled half of Americans that extraterrestrials and UFOs are a hoax.  This author prefers the name CIA Shadow Government because it has assumed control of the U.S. Government, its military forces, and all national and scientific media to manipulate the American people with disinformation of its undercover UFO development activities.  This control is covertly managed by top-secret operatives that are not publicly elected.  For the past seventy-seven years (2024-1947), this surreptitious organization has acquired political control of the U.S. and has imposed tremendous leverage in the news media, world politics, finance, and international conflicts.  It controls a vast undercover of media and electronic capability used to manipulate the public and election outcomes.  In the link below, a small percentage of evidence substantiates why the CIA must be restructured and controlled under our system of government.

The Greatest Threat to America Must Be Stopped Now! –

The above article was written to inform Americans and people worldwide that the Shadow Government has violated the laws of our Constitution by committing hundreds of murders to hide their unacknowledged programs used to advance alien technology that allows travel throughout space.

Please know, this author does not care to overwhelm readers with too much information because too much data shuts down the natural thinking abilities of most people.  Importantly, with too much data, this article loses the intent of giving all people the chance to understand and further investigate why the Shadow Government must be dismantled and placed under direct control of elected officials that represent the American people, namely their Congress, Senate, and Presidential members.

If the members of our governmental bodies lack the courage to right the Shadow Government wrongs committed over the past 77 years, then by all means, the people must do what our forefathers did to establish the greatest government on this globe.  That is, we the people must overrun the Area 51 facilities and place it in the rightful hands of leaders who will have all developments and patents disclosed for peaceful applications.  To maintain the existence of the CIA Shadow Government, it was the American taxpayers that provided from 20 to 70 billion dollars per year to achieve the technologies developed under exceptionally high level top-secret protocols.  With disclosure of highly classified documentation, the American people can further develop the technologies of zero-point energy and zero-gravitation that will clean up pollution of our earth and present space travel opportunities throughout the universe.

There are intelligent people within the Shadow Government, of which there are many, but greed and the feeling of belonging to a special elite organization has warped many bright minds.  Hopefully, this article appeals to all military personnel presently under the Shadow Government to join the people around the globe by disclosing top-level secrets to begin the start of a new civilization.  A new civilization that provides peace without pollution of biofuels and also the promise of new life with aliens from outer space who have achieved millions, perhaps billions of years, of individual growth and self-rewarding lives.

To leave you, my readers, with evidence of the CIA violations against mankind and the amount of technology that can advance humanity to wholesome, wonderful lives, the video by Dr. Greer is provided below.  It was presented November 13, 2016, and is accessed using the link below,

(4) The Cosmic False Flag – YouTube

Because the video lasts 3.07-hours, selected subtitles are presented in the order introduced by Dr. Greer so that you may assess the murders, violations, and key innovative technological discoveries that should be known by every concerned person.  To view, you may need to click on the BROWSE YOUTUBE icon.

1.- Planned Alien Attack.  Information coming into Dr. Greer ‘s disclosure system over the past six to nine months indicates we’re getting closer to a planned alien attack that can make the 9-11 catastrophe seem like a picnic.  By having foreseen knowledge, we may prevent or avoid its occurrence of such a threat.  It is a long-term threat planned by the CIA Shadow Government (SG) that is expected in the near future.  It is a hoax that accuses aliens committed the attack when in fact it was all planned and conducted by the CIA SG.  This planned, unwarranted secrecy by the CIA SG is a threat to our national security and should not be tolerated by American citizens.

2.- At least 21 levels of Secrecy Exist Above that of the U.S. President.  Top level military generals are kept ignorant of the many incandescent activities of the CIA Shadow Government.  Dr. Greer pointed out that a 3-Star General indicated his father, also a general, who knew of the CIA covert violations, committed suicide.

3.- The CIA SG has developed radar weapon systems that can target alien craft.  Since Roswell, alien UFOs have been shot down using scalar electronic systems.  It is remarkable that aliens have shown restraint by not returning devastating fire in return.  This restraint, at least for over 77 years, promotes the conclusion that they, aliens, are not as vicious as humans.  It appears they have attained a level of intelligence to perceive that humans will eventually overcome their feelings of hate and advance to a higher state of mind.

4.- Aliens are transdimentionable.  This term means aliens can travel faster than the speed of light.  The length of the Andromeda galaxy to earth is 2.5 million light years.  Transdimentionable means instead of 2.5 million years at the speed of light, that distance becomes a point to point space in time that bypasses the dimension of linear-space time.  How this is done technically has been accomplished possibly hundreds of millions of years ago by interdimensional aliens.

5.- Aliens mutilating animals is a planned lie to inject fear.  Many people experienced the mutilation of animals and also reported they were examined by aliens.  We know today, they were part of a preprogrammed hoax to instill fear of aliens.

6.- The CIA SG will always distort valid contact with extraterrestrials.  The CIA SG will preserve their power and control of people and assets by confusing people that may provide sanity and truth about UFOs and ETs.  The object is to increase their control by causing continual wars to increase their wealth by supplying weapons.

7.- Racism, a proclivity that has its roots deep in the past can be overcome.  It is the CIA SG that stimulates division between the races to weaken their cause to form peace and ability to grow intellectually and peacefully.  The good news is that humans can reverse the existing hatred between each other that cause devastating wars and instead form a future of peace.  Actually, to welcome other races of alien beings can help bring humanity further into a world of many new and exciting wonders – wonders that excel our abilities to love and understand he differences that do exist.

8.- It would be a shame to bring into space deadly weapons to kill other lives.

The CIA SG has already demonstrated their desire to kill aliens that enter our space.  It remains a shameful thought that the CIA SG is willing to use their highly destructive weapons throughout space.  This looming outcome cannot be permitted by people of peace, integrity, and love in positions of leadership to preserve the freedoms of our Constitution and people of our earth.

9.- There is a singularity of mind throughout space that is one.  Can human beings rise mentally and spiritually to join the cosmos of life in space?  We can do it, but we must start now!!  We cannot afford to let the arrogant beings of the CIA SG to take control of our lives, our earth, and what could be the immensity of space.  In fact, the CIA SG could lead humanity into devastation because the beings that have lived in space hundreds of thousands of years could easily destroy the CIA SG and us along with them.  The danger is not aliens but the CIA Shadow Government.

10.- The CIA SG plan is to shut down our civilization and exterminate of 5 billion people.  It is a conflict they will stage and has been fabricated since the 1950s.  They have deliberately been planning the manufacture of an Armageddon since the early inception of the CIA Shadow Government.  Could it be the influx of WWII German war criminals into the CIA organization for their knowledge of alien free energy that the entire CIA SG mentality is corrupted with no regard for human life on earth?  This is a very stupid CIA SG plan for who will they trust to further their future plans in endless space?  They will be seen as aggressors with little mentality to live peacefully with the multiple alien lives and races in the universe.

11.- Let’s begin to call out the planned CIA SG Armageddon.  Concerned people must begin to expose this CIA SG fraud before it becomes a reality.  Dr. Greer recommends that concerned Americans, albeit all people on earth, need to put together a Council on Interplanetary Relations devoted to peace in space.  This may be the greatest import of urgency of anything in our lives because even if we develop zero-point energy and antigravity, but live with a consciousness of hatred, division and warfare, we will still destroy the planet. We need not just earthly peace, we need peace that extends into the vastness of our universe.  This responsibility lies with us to educate every one of the need to develop peace with the greatest command given to us by a man of God – love one another.  This command means that we all look out for each other and make our world one that will exist forever.

Why Dr. Greer continues for us investigation of space aliens and technology.

Dr. Greer believes we can avoid the planned alien attack by putting his vision on the far horizon where we’re going to have a new civilization, the hallmark of which is a peaceful planet on earth living peacefully with other planets. He feels that to get from where we are now can be a very heavy lift but feels there is no point in despairing.  He sees a future where the critical issues have been resolved, where we have a peaceful civilization, free energy running the planet, we have antigravity systems that move objects above the ground, poverty is ended, a complete economic and social justice is achieved around the world, a sustainable clean planet is realized where earth can become level 1, and humanity can go forward deeply into space and live with other civilizations.

By successfully restructuring the CIA SG, we may look forward to meeting highly advanced beings from another part of our galaxy.  To do so, mankind will need to love one another in order to advance into a new era of peace and intellectual growth.  Let it be known that this is not easy and may take one or more generations before we learn to love one another and life throughout the universe.  But is it wise to wait for people around the world to love one another over a period of two or more generations?  Can we tolerate or accept the destruction of human life due to wars and hatred stimulated by the CIA SG?   No.  My dear people, it would be a grave mistake to believe the CIA SG would ever want to give up the power they have over humanity on earth and the deadly aspirations they have already demonstrated by killing many extraterrestrials that have approached earth.

At the start of the question-and-answer period, Dr. Greer points out that more than twenty people, that have CIA SG experience have refused to volunteer their knowledge of UFO development or extraterrestrials, because of the clear threat of death to them and their families.  Fear is a way to silence knowledge.  But if all people on earth rise up in opposition, it would be the CIA SG that would go crazy because fear can destroy their plans and ability to go forward with destruction.  In fact, with the masses of people around the globe, the CIA SG would not only be laughed at but would be dismantled by their own members.  Intelligent people, no matter on which side they belong, will recognize the stupidity of their actions and strive to correct them to make a healthy and prosperous world envisioned by Dr. Greer.

My fellow reader, this article provides knowledge of a problem for all people and presents a solution to implement.  Please share it with many other people and recommend they do the same. Together, with the mass of millions and ideally billions of people around the globe, we can achieve world peace with a new, bright, prosperous future.

The Author Permits Reprints of this Article Around the World.

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Implications for the Environment, World Peace, World Poverty and the Human Future

Below is a paper by Dr. Greer for all people to be aware of the benefits that can be gained by accepting the technology known as zero-point energy initially developed by Extraterrestrials and duplicated by the CIA.

Implications for the Environment, World Peace, World Poverty and the Human Future

For most people, the question of whether or not we are alone in the universe is a mere philosophical musing — something of academic interest but of no practical importance. Even evidence that we are currently being visited by non-human advanced life forms seems to many to be an irrelevancy in a world of global warming, crushing poverty and the threat of war. In the face of real challenges to the long-term human future, the question of UFOs, extraterrestrials and secret government projects is a mere sideshow, right? Wrong — catastrophically wrong.

The evidence and testimony presented in the following pages establishes the following:

♦ That we are indeed being visited by advanced extraterrestrial civilizations and have been for some time;

♦ That this is the most classified, compartmented program within the US and many other countries;

♦ That those projects have, as warned in 1961 by President Eisenhower, escaped legal oversight and control in the US, the UK and elsewhere;

♦ That advanced spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin, called extraterrestrial vehicles (ETVs) by some intelligence agencies, have been downed, retrieved and studied since at least the 1940s and possibly as early as the 1930s;

♦ That significant technological breakthroughs in energy generation and propulsion have resulted from the study of these objects (and from related human innovations dating as far back as the time of Nikola Tesla) and that these technologies utilize a new physics not requiring the burning of fossil fuels or ionizing radiation to generate vast amounts of energy;

♦ That classified, above top-secret projects possess fully operational anti-gravity propulsion devices and new energy generation systems that, if declassified and put to peaceful uses, would empower a new human civilization without want, poverty or environmental damage.

Those who doubt these assertions should carefully read the testimony of dozens of military and government witnesses whose testimony clearly establishes these facts. Given the vast and profound implications of these statements, whether one accepts or seriously doubts these assertions, all must demand that Congressional hearings be convened to get to the truth of this matter. For nothing less than the human future hangs in the balance.

Implications for the Environment

We have identified insiders and scientists who can prove, in open Congressional hearings, that we do in fact possess classified energy generation and anti-gravity propulsion systems capable of completely and permanently replacing all forms of currently used energy generation and transportation systems. These devices access the ambient electromagnetic and so-called zero-point energy state to produce vast amounts of energy without any pollution. Such systems essentially generate energy by tapping into the ever-present quantum vacuum energy state — the baseline energy from which all energy and matter is fluxing. All matter and energy is supported by this baseline energy state and it can be tapped through unique electromagnetic circuits and configurations to generate huge amounts of energy from space/time all around us. These are NOT perpetual motion machines, nor do they violate the laws of thermodynamics — they merely tap an ambient energy field all around us to generate energy.

This means that such systems do not require fuel to burn or atoms to split or fuse. They do not require central power plants, transmission lines and the related multi-trillion-dollar infrastructure required to electrify and power remote areas of India, China, Africa and Latin America. These systems are site-specific: they can be set up at any place and generate needed energy. Essentially, this constitutes the definitive solution to the vast majority of environmental problems facing our world.

The environmental benefits of such a discovery can hardly be overstated, but a brief list include:

♦ The elimination of oil, coal and gas as sources of energy generation, thus the elimination of air and water pollution related to the transport and use of these fuels. Oil spills, global warming, illnesses from air pollution, acid rain etc can and must be ended within 10-20 years;

♦ Resource depletion and geo-political tensions arising from competition for fossil fuel resources will end;

♦ Technologies already exist to scrub manufacturing effluent to zero or near zero emissions for both air and water-but they use a great deal of energy and thus are considered too costly to fully utilize. Moreover, since they are energy intensive, and our energy systems today create most of the air pollution in the world, a point of diminishing return for the environment is reached quickly. That equation is dramatically changed when industries are able to tap vast amounts of free energy (there is no fuel to pay for — only the device, which is no more costly than other generators) and those systems create no pollution.

♦ Energy-intensive recycling efforts will be able to reach full application since the energy needed to process solid waste will, again, be free and abundant.

♦ Agriculture, which is currently very energy dependent and polluting, can be transformed to use clean, non-polluting sources of energy.

♦ Desertification can be reversed and world agriculture empowered by utilizing desalinization plants, which are now very energy intensive and expensive, but will become cost-efficient once able to use these new, non-polluting energy systems.

♦ Air travel, trucking and inter-city transportation systems will be replaced with new energy and propulsion technologies (anti-gravity systems allow for silent above surface movement). No pollution will be generated, and costs will decrease substantially since the energy expenses will be negligible. Additionally, mass transportation in urban areas can utilize these systems to provide silent, efficient intra-city movement.

♦ Noise pollution from jets, trucks and other modes of transportation will be eliminated by the use of these silent devices.

♦ Public utilities will not be needed since each home, office and factory will have a device to generate whatever energy is needed. This means ugly transmission lines that are subject to storm damage and power interruption will be a thing of the past. Underground gas pipelines, which not infrequently rupture or leak and damage Earth and water resources, will not be needed at all.

♦ Nuclear power plants will be decommissioned and the technologies needed to clean such sites will be available. Classified technologies do exist to neutralize nuclear waste.

Utopia? No, because human society will always be imperfect — but perhaps not as dysfunctional as it is today. These technologies are real — I have seen them. Anti-gravity is a reality and so is free energy generation. This is not a fantasy or a hoax. Do not believe those who say that this is not possible: they are the intellectual descendants of those who said the Wright brothers would never fly.

Current human civilization has reached the point of being able to commit planeticide: the killing of an entire world. We can and we must do better. These technologies exist and every single person who is concerned about the environment and the human future should call for urgent hearings to allow these technologies to be disclosed, declassified and safely applied.

Implications for Society and World Poverty

From the above, it is obvious that these technologies that are currently classified would enable human civilization to achieve sustainability. Of course, in the near term, we are talking about the greatest social, economic and technological revolution in human history — bar none. I will not minimize the world-encompassing changes that would inevitably attend such disclosures. Having dealt with this issue for much of my adult life, I am acutely aware of how immense these changes will be.

Aside from the singular realization that homo sapiens are not the only — or most advanced — creatures in the universe, this disclosure will cause humanity to be faced with the greatest risks and opportunities in known history. If we do nothing, our civilization will collapse environmentally, economically, geo-politically and socially. In 10 – 20 years, fossil fuel and oil demand will outstrip supply significantly — and then it is the Mad Max scenario where everyone is warring over the last barrel of oil. It is likely that this geo-political and social collapse will precede any environmental catastrophe.

The disclosure of these new technologies will give us a new, sustainable civilization. World poverty will be eliminated within our lifetimes. With the advent of these new energy and propulsion systems, no place on Earth will need to suffer from want. Even the deserts will bloom…

Once abundant and nearly free energy is available in impoverished areas for agriculture, transportation, construction, manufacturing and electrification, there is no limit to what humanity can achieve. It is ridiculous — obscene even — that mind-boggling poverty and famine exists in the world while we sit on classified technologies that could completely reverse this situation. So why not release these technologies? Because the social, economic and geo-political order of the world would be greatly altered. Every deep insider with whom I have met has emphasized that this would be the greatest change in known human history. The matter is so highly classified not because it is so silly, but because its implications are so profound and far reaching. By nature, those who control such projects do not like change. And here we are talking about the biggest economic, technological, social and geo-political change in known human history. Hence, the status quo is maintained, even as our civilization hurtles towards oblivion.

But by this argument, we would have never had the industrial revolution and the Luddites would have reigned supreme to this day.

An international effort to minimize disruption to the economy and to ease the transition to this new social and economic reality will be needed. We can do this, and we must. Special interests in certain oil, energy and economic sectors need to be reined in and at the same time treated compassionately: Nobody likes to see their power and empire crumble. Nations very dependent on the sale of oil and gas will need help diversifying, stabilizing and transitioning to a new economic order.

The United States, Europe and Japan will need to adjust to a new geo-political reality as well: As currently poor but populous countries dramatically develop technologically and economically, they will demand — and will get — a meaningful seat at the international table. And this is as it should be. But the international community will need to put in place safeguards to prevent such potential geo-political rapprochement between the first and third world from devolving into bellicose and disruptive behavior on the part of the newly empowered.

The US in particular will need to lead through strength — but avoid the current trend towards domination. Leadership and domination are not the same, and the sooner we learn the difference the better off the world will be. There can be international leadership without domination and hegemony, and the US needs to realize these distinctions if it is to provide much-needed leadership on this issue.

These technologies, because they will decentralize power — literally and figuratively — will enable the billions living in misery and poverty to enter a world of new abundance. And with economic and technological development, education will rise, and birth rates will fall. It is well known that as societies become more educated, prosperous and technologically advanced — and women take an increasingly equal role in society — the birth rate falls and population stabilizes. This is a good thing for world civilization and the future of humanity.

With each village cleanly electrified, agriculture empowered with clean and free energy and transportation costs lowered, poverty will dramatically fall in the world. If we act now, by 2030 we will be able to effectively eliminate all poverty in the world, as we know it today. We only need the courage to accept these changes and the wisdom to steer humanity safely and peacefully into a new time.

Implications for World Peace and Security

A few years ago, I was discussing this subject with the former Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Claiborne Pell. He explained to me that he had been in Congress since the 1950s but had never been briefed on this subject. I told him that the nature of these black projects has resulted in most of our leaders being left out of any decision making on this subject, and what a shame this is. I said, “Senator Pell, all that time you were Chairman of Foreign Relations, you were deprived of the opportunity to deal with the ultimate foreign relations challenge…” and I pointed to the stars above our heads. He said,” You know Dr. Greer, I am afraid that you are right…”

It is true that our great diplomats and wise elders, such as Senator Pell, President Jimmy Carter and other international leaders have been specifically and deliberately prevented from having access to or control over this subject. This is a direct threat to world peace. In the vacuum of secrecy, operations supervised by neither the people, the people’s representatives, the UN nor any other legitimate entity have taken actions that directly threaten world peace.

Testimony, corroborated by multiple military witnesses who do not know each other and who have had no opportunity for collusion, will show that the US and other countries have engaged these ETVs in armed attack, in some cases leading to the downing of these vehicles. As I said to Mrs. Boutros Ghali, wife of the then Secretary General of the UN, if there is even a 10% chance that this is true, then this constitutes the gravest threat to world peace in human history

Having personally interviewed numerous credible military and aerospace officials with direct knowledge of such actions, I am certain that we have done this. Why? Because these unknown vehicles have been in our airspace without our permission and because we wanted to acquire their technology. Nobody has asserted that there is an actual threat to humanity from these objects: Obviously, any civilization capable of routine interstellar travel could terminate our civilization in a nanosecond, if that was their intent. That we are still breathing the free air of Earth is abundant testimony to the non-hostile nature of these ET civilizations.

We have also been informed that the so-called Star Wars (or National Missile Defense System) effort has really been a cover for black project deployment of weapon systems to track, target and destroy ETVs as they approach Earth or enter Earth’s atmosphere. No less a figure than Wernher Von Braun warned on his deathbed of both the reality and the madness of such a scheme, apparently to no avail (see the Testimony of Carol Rosin, former spokesperson for Wernher Von Braun).

Well, unless we change directions, we are likely to end up where we are going.

With the types of weapons currently in the covert arsenal — weapons more fearsome even than thermonuclear devices — there is no possibility of a survivable conflict. Yet in the darkness of secrecy, actions have been taken on behalf of every human that may endanger our future. Only a full, honest disclosure will correct this situation. It is not possible for me to convey in words the urgency of this.

For 10 years I worked as an emergency doctor and saw how every possible object can be used as a weapon. Every technology, unless guided by wisdom and a desire for that good and peaceful future – the only future possible — will be used for conflict. Super-secret projects that answer to no legally constituted body- not the UN, not the US Congress, not the British Parliament — must not be allowed to continue to act in this way on behalf of humanity.

One of the greatest dangers of extreme secrecy is that it creates a hermetically sealed, closed system impervious to the free and open exchange of ideas. In such an environment, it is easy to see how grave mistakes can be made. For instance, the testimony here will show that these ETVs became very prominent after we developed the first nuclear weapons — and began to go into space. There were multiple events — corroborated here by numerous credible military officials — of these objects hovering over and even neutralizing ICBMs (Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles).

A closed, military view of this might be to take offense, engage in countermeasures and attempt to down such objects. In fact, this would be the normal response. But what if these ET civilizations were saying, “Please do not destroy your beautiful world — and know this: we will not let you go into space with such madness and threaten others…” An event showing concern and even a larger cosmic wisdom could be construed over and over again as an act of aggression. Such misunderstandings and myopia are the stuff wars are made of.

Whatever our perceptions of these visitors, there is no chance that misunderstandings can be resolved through violent engagement. To contemplate such madness is to contemplate the termination of human civilization.

It is time for our wise elders and our levelheaded diplomats, like Sen. Pell, to be put in charge of these weighty matters. To leave this in the hands of a clique of un-elected, self-appointed and unaccountable covert operations is the greatest threat to US national security and world security in history. Eisenhower was right, but nobody was listening.

In light of testimony showing that covert actions have been taken that involved violent engagement of these visitors, it is imperative that the international community in general and the US Congress and President in particular do the following:

♦ Convene hearings to assess the risks to national and international security posed by the current covert management of the subject;

♦ Enforce an immediate ban on weapons in space and specifically ban the targeting of any extraterrestrial objects since such actions are unwarranted and could endanger the whole of humanity;

♦ Develop a special diplomatic unit to interface with these extraterrestrial civilizations, foster communication and peaceful relations;

♦ Develop a suitably empowered and open international oversight group to manage human-extraterrestrial relations and ensure peaceful and mutually beneficial interactions;

♦ Support international institutions that can ensure the peaceful use of those new technologies related to advanced energy and propulsion systems (see below).

In addition to the above, a less obvious — but perhaps equally pressing — threat to world peace arises from the fact that the covert control of this subject has resulted in the world being deprived of the new energy and propulsion technologies discussed earlier.

World poverty and a widening gap between rich and poor are serious threats to world peace that would be corrected by the disclosure and peaceful application of these technologies (see above). The real threat of war over a shrinking supply of fossil fuels in the next 10-20 years further underscores the need for this disclosure. What happens when the 4 billion people living in poverty want cars, electricity and other modern conveniences — all of which depend on fossil fuels? To any thinking person, it is obvious that we must transition quickly to the use of these now classified technologies — they are powerful solutions already sitting on a shelf.

Of course, a number of insiders have pointed out that these technologies are not your grandfather’s Oldsmobile: They are technological advances, like any other, that could be put to violent uses by terrorists, bellicose nations and madmen. But here we enter a catch 22: If these technologies are not forthcoming soon, we will face a certain meltdown in human civilization and the environment; if they are disclosed, immensely powerful new technologies will be out there for possible destructive uses.

In the near future, it is prudent to view humanity as likely to use any new technology violently. This means that international agencies must be created to ensure — and enforce — the exclusive peaceful use of such devices. The technologies exist today to link every such device to a GPS (Global Positioning System) monitor that could disable or render useless any device tampered with or used for anything put peaceful power generation and propulsion. These technologies should be regulated and monitored. And the international community must mature to a level of competence to ensure their exclusive peaceful use.

Any other use should be met with overwhelming resistance by every other nation on Earth.

Such a pact is the necessary next step. Maybe someday, humanity will live in peace without the need for such controls. But for now, the situation is like that of chained dogs — some strong leashes are warranted and are essential.

But such concerns cannot be a rationale for further delaying the disclosure of these technologies. We have the knowledge and means to ensure their safe and peaceful use — and these must be applied soon if we are to avoid further degradation of the environment and an escalation of world poverty and conflict.

In the final analysis, then, we are faced with a social and spiritual crisis that transcends any technological or scientific challenge. The technological solutions exit — but do we possess the will, wisdom and courage to apply them for the common good? The more one contemplates this matter the more it is obvious that we have one possible future: Peace. Peace on Earth and peace in space — a universal Peace, wisely enforced; for every other path leads to ruin

This then is the greatest challenge of the current era. Can our spiritual and social resources rise to this challenge? Nothing less than the destiny of the human race hangs in the balance.

The Greatest Threat to America Must Be Stopped Now!

A great many Americans have been misinformed about the alien unidentified object that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico.  This crash was actually one of five UFO crashes that occurred between July 1st and 4th of 1947.  In March 1948, there was also a 6th UFO crash in Hart Canyon, 9 miles north of Aztec, about 375 miles from Roswell, where in a 100” diameter spaceship was found, and 16 occupants were reported dead.

What caused so many alien crashes in a short period of time?  It was only two years after America unleased the two atomic bombs over the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6th and 9th of 1945, respectively.  These disastrous events appeared to pique the curiosity of outer space visitors who were deliberately shot down by American military forces with a mobile radar unit stationed at Moriarty in central New Mexico. It appears one or more radar weapons shot down all six UFOs that crashed and, where Extraterrestrials were retrieved between 1947 and 1948.

It is apparent that the atomic explosions are what drew the interest of aliens from outer space.  The bombing in Hiroshima directly killed 237,000 people and after 5 years, it was estimated about another 200,000 fatalities occurred due to burns, radiation sickness, and cancer.  In Nagasaki, up to 75,000 people died immediately after the atomic bomb explosion while another 60,000 suffered severe injuries.  By the end of year 1945, total Nagasaki deaths reached 155,000.  The total number of deaths to these Japanese cities are about 592,000 thousand people.  The twofold bombings were a United States military initiative to end World War II.  Still, the 0.592 million deaths seem low compared to the total estimated deaths by all countries affected by the war, which are estimated at 85 million, which is about 3% of the 2.3 billion (est.) people on Earth in 1940 (World War II casualties – Wikipedia).

There is a direct connection between the thousands of lives lost in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  In the 1940’s a New Mexico facility was built to research and build atomic bombs.  This atomic research effort developed three high-powered radar units which were used to down six alien UFOs between 1947 and 1948.

So, what do the above events have to with the greatest threat to America and possibly earth?

Birth of the Central Intelligence Agency

The United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was created on September 18, 1947, when President Harry S. Truman signed the National Security Act of 1947 into law.  It must be noted that Truman envisioned this new agency would inform him of developments around the world that could impact American policy.  However, not reported to the American people by the CIA and U.S. media was what caused our military to shoot down five UFOs in July of 1947.  Truman had the forethought to learn how and why the UFO spacecrafts were shot down.  Surely, it was these events that caused him to create the CIA two months later.

Mission of the CIA

The mission at the CIA is to preempt threats and further U.S. national security objectives by: Collecting foreign intelligence; Producing objective analysis; and Conducting covert action, as directed by the President.  The CIA does not make policy or policy recommendations without obtaining approval by the President of the United States.  Their mission is to safeguard secrets that help keep America safe.  This mission is worthy for any decision that concerns U.S. solvency and must be brought to the President’s attention.

However, during Truman’s own presidency, the CIA became so secretive that they found it necessary to exclude him from top secret covert operations, so much so, that many of their programs became unauthorized and unknown to the Congress and every United States president.  Within ten years, the power of the CIA became so strong that it had gained control of the United States.  It serves as a hidden surreptitious government.  Defined below, its power is presented.

The Shadow (Hidden) Government

The Shadow Government has become so powerful, that it may have fooled more than half of United States Americans that Extraterrestrials and UFOs are a hoax.  This author prefers the name CIA Shadow Government because it has assumed control of the U.S. Government, its military forces, and all national and scientific media to manipulate the American people with disinformation of its undercover UFO development activities.  This control is managed by top-secret operatives that are not publicly elected.  For the past seven decades, this surreptitious organization has acquired political control of the U.S. and has imposed tremendous leverage in the news media, world politics, finance, and international conflicts.  It controls a vast undercover of media and electronic capability used to manipulate the public and election outcomes.  With this background of CIA information, below a small percentage of evidence substantiates why the CIA must be restructured in our system of government.

Why the CIA Shadow Government Must Be Restructured in America

To ensure the message to restructure the CIA Shadow Government is not overwhelming, it is recommended that readers refer to the links below only after having read this 4-page article.

The Power of the CIA Shadow Government

Before the end of Truman’s presidency, the CIA, a surreptitious organization, has evolved to become a Shadow or Hidden Government that controls the United States presidential, congressional, and judicial branches of government.  To learn of CIA control on the United States, view below the video hosted on August 23, 2017 by retired CIA agent Kevin Shipp.

CIA Agent Whistleblower Exposes the Shadow Government – The Phaser

Hundreds of Murders by the CIA Were Never Adjudicated

The CIA closely coordinated with the FBI to commit an exhaustive number of deaths to both American and foreign people.  All, in some way, that had to do with the existence of aliens and production of energy to conduct space flight.  An exhaustive list of deaths that dealt with the Shadow Government’s desire to silence knowledge about zero-point energy and space flight is provided in the list below.

This link reveals that the CIA, together with the FBI and Military Industrial Complex (MIC) are responsible for more than 150 deaths of UFO researchers, biologists, engineers, scientists, and top military officers that had knowledge of, or worked in, Area 51. Though not complete, this list includes non-military people who were developing anti-gravity and zero-point energy capabilities or were authors, journalists, and radio/TV newscasters that wanted to reveal the existence of UFOs.  Some deaths are suspicious while many others are outright murder planned by the powerful-surreptitious agency headed by the CIA and carried out by the FBI.

The list of those murdered does not include hundreds more that had knowledge of Area 51 activities or were omitted because of their high exposure to the American people, such as President John F. Kennedy and the highly popular actress, Marilyn Monroe.  They had knowledge of Area 51 activities and were silenced before being able to discredit the CIA.

The Greatest Election Fraud by the Surreptitious CIA Shadow Government

Today, Americans are confronted by high inflation, severe costs for food, goods and services, and tolerate the highest level of immigration from over 130 countries through the southern border of Texas.  In addition, the United States is supporting the Ukraine against Russia and wearily watch for an outbreak of war by China and Iran.  All this weigh heavily on the minds of Americans.  Of greater concern, many feel it is the CIA Shadow Government responsible by manipulating the 2020 election process to elect Joe Biden over Donald Trump for president.  This is well documented by highly trained computer experts that the 2020 election was the greatest election fraud in the United States. Details of this fraud is provided in the link below.

The Hidden Threat Will Be Caused by the CIA Not Aliens

The Shadow Government, controlled by the surreptitious CIA, has used the U.S. media to perpetrate a national security hoax over seven decades.  This hoax was deliberately designed to obtain billions of dollars from the U.S. government to back-engineer Extraterrestrial space flight capability.   Dr. Steven Greer has warned us for the past decade that the Shadow Government has propagated the idea that aliens are a threat, and we need to build weapons both here and in space to eliminate a possible attack. 

To alert the American people, Dr. Greer stated, ‘So the way really good counterintelligence or disinformation works is that at the core of it, there’s some truth.  So, they say, the aliens are here, and here’s some evidence.  But they are a threat to the national security, and we need to have the Space Force.”  But this is a culpable lie because the threat has been our own military that has shot down many UFOs.  The Roswell UFO was one of six UFOs shot in the period of July 1947 and March of 1948.  This article would have no credibility without having our readers learn below what Dr. Greer has to say about a threat that has induced unwarranted fear in many Americans.

Restructure the CIA Shadow Government Now!

Since the birth of the CIA the Supreme Court has been able to dismiss countless cases for the deaths of hundreds of innocent people by agreeing that such cases would reveal sensitive national security information.  National security information involved the presentation of scientific information that would alert Americans that zero-point energy and alien space craft capability are real.  But the national security risk is nothing more than a CIA lie to hide the zero-point energy capabilities and interplanetary flight that are realities that do not hurt the existence of human life.

The real threat is the surreptitious CIA and Military Industrial Complex (MIC) in their efforts to maintain reliance on bio-based fuels, for once the techniques to utilize zero-point energy is used throughout the earth, the wealth obtained from biofuels would not end but diminish.  It has therefore been their interest to keep any knowledge of Extraterrestrial technology being developed by our physicists and people around the world.

It must be known that the mission of the covert CIA explicitly states the U.S. president is to be informed of dangers around the world.  However, the needlessly shooting down of several spacecraft in Mexico violated their mission since aliens were never a threat.  The CIA believed that the president and American people did not have ‘the need to know’ that space aliens were real and to learn of their highly advanced technologies.  To preserve the status quo, the CIA and FBI, with the MIC, continuously used the U.S. Media to fool the public and kept covert space capabilities for their own purposes. Their objective is to maintain control of the United States government and obtain wealth with use of bio-fuels.  But another objective was to acquire wealth for the CIA and MIC by stimulating wars and unrest around the world to sell highly classified weapons on land, space and sea.  These objectives verify that the arrogance of the CIA to control the world and maintain their superiority well into the future regardless of the millions of lives lost on earth.

It has been determined that the CIA has already developed the capability for interplanetary space travel and can reach Mars without the use of biofuels.   Recent history has shown, that to maintain dominance both on the earth and well into space, the surreptitious CIA will use highly dangerous weapons to shoot down UFOs.  This behavior illustrates a high level of arrogance acquired by being unchallenged by people who appear to have lost the will of our forefathers to fight for a constitutional government.  This reality presents a relevant concern to all people.

The CIA Shadow Government has developed highly dangerous weapons that can end human life.   It becomes evident that the Surreptitious CIA Shadow Government and NOT visitors from outer space are a threat to the United States and possibly our world.   This author is one of many other voices that are willing to reorganize the Surreptitious Shadow Government.  It can be done without arms, but with millions of people to reorganize this covert organization.  A simple, peaceful way is to utilize the President who is Commander in Chief of all of our armed forces.  With the president’s leadership, the American people will be allowed to walk through Area 51 as if it were a Disneyland.  The link below provides details to restructure the Shadow Government.

Restructure the Shadow Government that Controls America –

By successfully restructuring the CIA, we may look forward to meeting highly advanced beings from another part of our galaxy.  To do so, mankind will need to love one another in order to advance into a new era of peace and intellectual growth with all life throughout the universe.

If you, my fellow reader, find this article provides knowledge of a problem for all of mankind, please share it with many other people and recommend they do the same. Together, we can achieve world peace and a new, bright, prosperous future.

The Author Permits Reprints of this Article Around the World

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Restructure the Shadow Government that Controls America

Immediately after the July1947 UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico, President Harry Truman signed the National Security Act on July 26, 1947.  His signature created the birth of the CIA in September of 1947.  However, it was the UFO crash that prompted Truman to sign a top-secret memorandum on September 24, 1947.  Addressed to the Secretary of Defense, Forrestal, it authorized him to proceed on a highly covert matter named Operation Majestic Twelve.  Its ultimate mission was to secretly investigate alien crash survivors and back engineer the UFO with the intent to simulate space travel.  Truman made it clear that any ultimate disposition of this matter be brought to his attention following appropriate discussion between Secretary Forrestal, Dr. Bush, and the Director of the CIA.  This document may be viewed on

The Power of the CIA Shadow Government

Even before the end of Truman’s own presidency, the CIA, as a surreptitious organization, has evolved to become so much more that today, it acts as a Shadow (Hidden) Government that controls the United States presidential, congressional, and judicial branches of government.  To learn the extent of control on the U.S. Government by the Shadow Government, view below the video hosted on August 23, 2017 by retired CIA agent Kevin Shipp.  It is titled, CIA Agent Whistleblower Fully Exposes Shadow Government.

The CIA Shadow Government has become so powerful, that it may have fooled more than half United States Americans that Extraterrestrials and UFOs are a hoax.  This author prefers the name CIA Shadow Government because it has assumed control of the U.S. Government, its military forces, and all national and scientific media to manipulate the American people with disinformation of its undercover UFO development activities.  This control is managed by top-secret operatives that are not publicly elected.  For the past seven decades, this surreptitious organization has acquired control of the U.S. and has imposed tremendous leverage in the news media, world politics, finance, and international conflicts.  It controls a vast undercover of media and electronic capability used to manipulate the public and election outcomes.  With this background of CIA information, this author will provide evidence (a small of a large percentage of infractions) that substantiates why the CIA must be restructured in our system of government.

Hundreds of Murders by the CIA Are Never Adjudicated

The CIA and FBI coordinated an exhaustive number of deaths that had to do with existence of aliens and production of energy to conduct space flight.  Refer to the exhaustive list of deaths that deal with the Shadow Government’s desire to silence knowledge about zero-point energy and space flight.

Note:  At the end of the above link, click the words shadow government.  It provides many articles that reveals extensive information that steers the U.S. Defense and Foreign Policy behind the facade of ‘Democracy’.  In particular, read “An In-Depth Look at the Deep State and Secret Shadow Government” by Kalee Brown.

The CIA, FBI and NSA operators of the Shadow Government are responsible for more than 150 deaths of UFO researchers, biologists, engineers, scientists, and top military officers that had knowledge of, or worked in, Area 51. This list includes non-military people who had developed anti-gravity and investigated zero-point energy capabilities or were authors, journalists, and radio/TV newscasters that wanted to reveal the existence of UFOs.

Some deaths are suspicious while many others are outright murder planned by a powerful- surreptitious group within the U.S. military that used U.S. government agencies such as the CIA and FBI to maintain top-secret development by the Military Industrial Complex.  The short list in above link consists of highly trained technical and media people.  It is shown to reveal the extent of our democracy as a complete failure for the courts to adjudicate or dismiss their deaths due to the totalitarian structure known as the States Secret Privilege (SSP).  A similar threat that prevents an open and free is expression in American courts is known as the National Security State.

The Covert Power of the National Security State

The National Security State (NSS) is part of a massive, permanent, and ever-growing military establishment which is also known as the Shadow Government (i.e., the Pentagon, CIA, FBI, NSA and military industrial complex).  It covertly has the power to assassinate, kidnap, detain, and disappear people (i.e., the CIA and FBI).  It is also a surveillance agency with the power to secretly monitor people’s activities (i.e., the NSA).   In the link below, Jacob B. Hornberger presents why the National Security State is the Biggest Mistake in U.S. History.

As a component of the NSS, the CIA has used the State Secrets Privilege (SSP) to have the Supreme Court dismiss a lawsuit against them solely because it may disclose sensitive national security information.  In an article by Warren Richey, published May 16, 2011 by The Christian Science Monitor, he wrote,

“The SSP is a court-created doctrine that directs judges to dismiss cases that would require the disclosure of highly sensitive government secrets. When the government can show that the very subject matter of a lawsuit would publicly reveal sensitive national security information, the doctrine suggests judges should defer to the requests of the executive branch.”

In the link below, lawyer David S. D’Amato made some starting statements that all Americans must seriously exert time and effort to correct.

The Legal Origin of the State Secrets Doctrine – The Future of Freedom Foundation (

David wrote, “In the United States, a citizen may sue the government. It is fortunate that it should be so, because, as libertarians like to point out, government is society’s single worst offender. The ability to hold it to account in the courts helps safeguard the rights of the individual, the consistent protection of which is the meaning of a free society. Robust judicial review of government actions is an expression of the idea that no one should be above the law, that ours is a country of laws not men, a principle enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and in the Constitution’s three-branch structure.”

His closing statement places a significant thought for action, “A free society cannot last where even the possibility of justice is foreclosed, where a citizen is prevented from looking to the legal system for redress. The State Secrets Privilege makes a mockery of genuine judicial scrutiny and makes American less safe, not more.”

Use of the SSP by the CIA has denied public access to an open and fair outcome and has provoked Jacob G. Hornberger to advocate a great idea, “Let’s just dismantle America’s decades-long, nightmarish Cold War-era experiment with the totalitarian structure known as a National-Security State and restore a limited-government republic to our land.”

Mr. Hornberger wrote a revealing statement in his article titled, Why Not Simply Abolish the CIA?  Dated August 1, 2014; he claimed, “Everyone, including federal judges, knows not to push the CIA too far. It’s too powerful. It’s too influential, especially in combination with the U.S. military, the other half of the National-Security State apparatus.”  However, the NSS cannot stand against truth that must be fought for by a united force of American citizens.

A Call to Restructure the CIA Shadow Government

Shortly after the 1947 Roswell alien crash, President Truman authorized a covert team known as the Operation Majestic Twelve to investigate any alien still alive and duplicate the capability of the Unidentified Flying Object (UFO).

Since the birth of the CIA, it has enabled the Supreme Court to dismiss countless cases based upon the possibility of revealing sensitive national security information, especially zero-point energy and alien space craft capability.  Originally, the CIA was given the authority to investigate aliens and explore how to duplicate their UFO travel.  Could it be that the CIA has developed the capability for interplanetary space travel and as such, developed the greatest scientific achievement to travel throughout space?  Or, is there another strong possibility that the CIA with the consortium of the Military Industrial Complex have developed weapons that could destroy life and control space?

This raises the greater concern, the possibility that the CIA Shadow Government is protecting highly dangerous weapons that can be a threat to not only many nations but could spell the end of human life.  It is evident that this highly sensitive security information is totally under control of the surreptitious CIA Shadow Government and NOT the government for and by the people under the Constitution of the United States.

The Greatest Election Fraud by the Surreptitious CIA Shadow Government

Within a decade, under command of unelected high-ranking officials, the CIA has grown into a massive organization whose members are unaccountable to the U.S. Constitutional Government members of the Presidential, Congressional and Judicial Branches.

Today, Americans are confronted by high inflation, severe costs for food, goods and services, and tolerate the highest level of immigration from over 130 countries through the southern border of Texas.  In addition, the United States is supporting the Ukraine against Russia and wearily watch for an outbreak of war by China and Iran.  All this weigh heavily on the minds of Americans.  Of greater concern, many feel it is the CIA Shadow Government responsible by manipulating the 2020 election process to elect for president Joe Biden over Donald Trump.  This is well documented by highly trained computer experts that the 2020 election was the greatest fraud in the United States. This documentation is available and may be read by going to the link below.

The US Supreme Court Fails to Adjudicate Justice

There are legitimate concerns by millions of Americans over the very real possibility of election fraud and the fact that our constitutional system of government is ineffective against the exceptional powers of the CIA Shadow Government.  Many election fraud cases have not been adjudicated by the Supreme Court using the SSP because they did not present a U.S. security risk.  Instead, for the following six cases, the Supreme Court made an inexplicable ruling to deny their presentation in court by reasoning, “One state has no judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another state conducts its elections.”  The six cases are:

Case (20-799) – Lin Wood’s Georgia lawsuit

Case (20-810) – Pennsylvania lawsuit by Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Pa.)

Case (20-815) – Sidney Powell’s Michigan Petition

Case (20-816) – Sidney Powell’s Georgia Petition

Case (20-845) – Trump campaign’s Pennsylvania lawsuit

Case (20-882) – Trump campaign’s Wisconsin lawsuit

Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. of The American Spectator wrote a comment about the Court’s ruling that turned down the Texas lawsuit against Pennsylvania and other swing states, “This ruling should go down in history as one of the dumbest things the Court ever said, right up there with ”separate but equal” as a justification for racial segregation or “three generations of imbeciles is enough” as a justification for mandatory sterilization.”

For each case brought before the Supreme Court, the judges did not provide any written decision as to why the cases would not be heard and only provided a nonsensical phrase that the cases had No Standing. This is a real instance of dereliction of duty with an inane excuse. What can the American public deduce or infer by the Supreme Court’s denial?  Are they under control of the Shadow Government?

All Americans should seriously ponder the words by attorney Sidney Powell on the refusal of the Supreme Court to hear the election fraud cases. Her comment to the press on the SCOTUS rulings was,

“The Supreme Court’s failure to date to address the massive election fraud and multiple constitutional violations that wrought a coup of the presidency of the greatest country in world history completes the implosion of each of our three branches of government into the rubble of a sinkhole of corruption.”

The above allegation by Sidney Powell enlightens Americans to perceive that liberty and justice for and by the people is not only compromised; it is dead.  But who could have organized the massive election fraud of the United States?  There is only one organization in the U.S. capable of working with multiple hackers both foreign and domestically.  Can you venture a guess?  If not, visit the link, “shadow government”  provided in the Note above.

The Murder of Mark McCandlish  

On April 13, 2021, Mark McCandlish died in his home in Redding, CA with a shotgun blast to the head.  He was going to testify at a Senate UFO/UAP meeting in June.   His testimony would have destroyed any misleading UFO narratives and reveal the Tic Tac was actually a USAF SSP drone.  An article has been dedicated to Mark McCandlish for revealing to the public the internal portion of a UFO by using a cut-away he named an Alien Reproduction Vehicle.  It is illustrated on the website below,

Dismantle CIA-Shadow Government or Remain Fools? –

The article shows the back-engineering knowledge acquired by the Military Industrial Complex to develop a U.S. Interplanetary Flying Object (IFO).  The U.S. has developed an IFO capability over four decades ago which enables humans to visit other planets in our galaxy and beyond.  The article informs Americans and people around the world of the dangers the Shadow Government presents.  Disclosure of Extraterrestrials and use of technologies that can better our world is fundamental to preserve the freedoms and justice founded by our forefathers.  However, the surreptitious Shadow Government continues to mislead the public with disinformation about UFOs and Extraterrestrials.

It takes little common sense to realize that the CIA Shadow Government staged McCandlish’s murder to avoid exposure of their misleading narratives stating UFOs are a hoax.  This is not an unusual practice by the Shadow Government as revealed in the subparagraph above under Hundreds of Murders by the CIA Are Never Adjudicated.  To this day, many news journalists have reported that Mark died due to suicide.  Obviously, no attempt has been made to investigate Mark McCandlish’s murder.  The CIA Shadow Government has again successfully misled the news media and the public of the United States.

Let It Be Known

To avoid restating the greatest fraud in U.S. history, all readers are encouraged to read the last subparagraph, Let It Be Known, provided in the link,

In closing, Americans have the responsibility to actively support our system of government under the Constitution.  By the end of 2024, we and elected government representatives must reorganize the CIA.  It is a prime responsibility to have a CIA that protects America from any attacks by another country.  However, the CIA must be dismantled and restructured to report to the elected representatives of our Constitutional Government.  Since its inception, the CIA has been given financial support with taxpayer dollars.  However, it has expanded by conducting unapproved activities without the consent of our elected officials.  To continue to allow the CIA to operate in a surreptitious manner that controls our system of government is not only foolhardy but we may be allowing the greatest danger to our people and our earth.  We must act now to save our freedoms and produce a better world controlled by and for the people.

As a minimum, U.S. elected representatives must insure the surreptitious CIA shall be restructured to update the president and approve all CIA activities; full disclosure of all space craft capabilities shall be provided to the U.S. government; all development and invented capabilities developed by the CIA and MIC shall be documented and controlled by the U.S.; energy developed for interplanetary space travel shall be documented and given to a U.S. committee to explore further use by the MIC to replace bio fuels; all patents developed by any organization of the MIC shall be released to the government to plan for implementation of zero-point energy that replaces bio mechanisms that provide movement in air, on earth and water.  This is a fair deal since many of the patents dealing with elimination of bio fuels and space travel were accomplished using billions of American tax dollars over seven decades.

For the misinformation and murders committed by the CIA to be the sole developer of zero-point energy, the greatest invention that can eliminate bio contamination of our earth, Area 51 should be open to all Americans to confirm the lies by the CIA and that Extraterrestrial life does exist.  We need to update our educational and religious intuitions so that our people realize that there are other life forms throughout space.  By upgrading our morality to love one another, we can enjoy the wonderful experience of exploring space and meeting other intelligent beings that will allow us to truly love all living things.

The Author Permits Reprints of this Article Around the World

To learn more about this author, visit the websites below:   Click Authors, scroll to Nicholas Ginex and click.





Nicholas Ginex Press Releases and Article Links

For easy access to educational books and important articles, the following Press Releases and Internet links are listed.

PR: Legacy of a Father, The Evolution of God from the Past Into the Future

PR: AMEN, The Beginning of the Creation of God

PR: Everything Has a Beginning – Even the Universe

PR: Artificial Intelligence Can Benefit Mankind


Provide History of Religion and God:

TRUTH of the 2020 Election Fraud Shall Prevail!

Mike Lindell Election Irregularities: 

Mike Lindell 9-0 Absolute Proof of Election Fraud:

Disclose the Shadow Government and Alien Technology: Disclose the Shadow Government and Alien Technology –

Actual evidence of election fraud:





Zero-Point Energy Can Resolve the Climate Change Threat

Article Description:  There is a need to inform people around the world that the United States has, under top-secret programs, developed use of two of the greatest technological discoveries of our era – anti-gravity and zero-point energy.  Since the 1960s, five decades ago, the Military Industrial Complex has designed and operationally flown Interstellar Flying Objects for space travel.

Author Comment:  Will the national news media serve the people of their country by informing them that they must demand the Military Industrial Complex disclose the greatest technologies that will eliminate Climate Change and usher the phenomenal experience of meeting other intelligent beings in the universe?

Zero-Point Energy Can Resolve the Climate Change Threat

As early as 1961, in a televised farewell address, President Eisenhower warned Americans about the increasing power of the Military Industrial Complex.  His warning was motivated because the MIC did not provide him with any information or accountability of top secret UFO ET operations with the pretext that he had “no need to know.”

Dr. Edgar Mitchell, a NASA astronaut who walked on the moon as part of the Apollo 14 mission in 1971 was a strong believer in the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life and claimed earth had frequently been visited by aliens.  In a 2009 interview with the Guardian, Mitchell stated:

“We are being visited by extraterrestrial life …I call upon our government to open up … and become a part of this planetary community that is now trying to take our proper role as a spacefaring civilization.”

To this day, the MIC has not disclosed that zero-point energy is a reality.  Under top-secret Area 51 operations, the military aerospace sector has developed and implemented interstellar flying objects (IFOs) that can travel into space since the 1960s.  But, unfortunately, the MIC maintains secrecy and control of ZPE depriving humanity of its applications that can resolve the Climate Change threat and benefit whole economies around the world.

An Imperative Appeal to People Worldwide

People worldwide must demand all IFO space technology, developed covertly by the military-industrial complex, be disclosed to improve their quality of life and enter the new era of interstellar space travel.  Zero-point energy can achieve low cost energy without the use of oil, coal, gas and nuclear fuels that pollute the earth.  The benefits will eliminate poverty and lack of food; wars due to religious and political differences; and sufficient leisure time to grow intellectually and morally – a prerequisite to join intelligent and peaceful beings in the universe.

Availability of ZPE technologies must be allowed for use by all countries in an open, free enterprise system.  It will create many jobs around the world to solve poverty, decrease pollution of our planet, and increase the quality of life for all people.  These benefits, introduced into every country, will eliminate the need for war by any country.  It will allow humans to solve their most important problems caused by economic, religious and political differences.  Our religious and educational systems need to be advanced to prepare mankind to live in the new era of interstellar travel.  These two systems of moral and intellectual development, respectively, must be faithfully addressed.

On February 17, 2019, FOX News Channel presented the new TV show, Life, Liberty & Levin. It is hosted by Mark Levin who is dedicated to exploring America’s culture, politics, and world events to perceive their effects on the lives of its people and the direction of our nation’s future. Mark’s guest was the distinguished Four Star General Jack Keane, the first military official to receive the Peace Through Strength Award at the Reagan Library in California.

Their conversation highlighted possible war threats around the world, but nowhere in their discussion did they speak of, or entertain, the most important technological development of this era – the use of zero-point energy (ZPE). This was disappointing because informed and forward-looking minds worldwide know that ZPE can be the solution to achieve global world peace.

The Military Uses Taxpayer Dollars to Finance and Control the Fake News Media

Even though ZPE technology has been secretly developed and implemented by the MIC, it is unreported by the U.S. national news media to inform and educate the American people. By not revealing the benefits of zero-point energy, it becomes evident that the News Media is financed and controlled by the MIC, a shadow government that intends to maintain its power and wealth by keeping ZPE secret and continue use of bio and nuclear fuels.

Since the joint study of UFOs by American and German scientists after WWII, it has been over 70 years that the MIC has retrieved UFOs and interfaced with extraterrestrial beings. In hundreds of deep underground top-secret compartments, military officers, scientists, aerospace engineers, biologists, physicists, and psychologists were employed and warned to maintain secrecy in the development of zero-point energy.

The MIC Has Built Interstellar Flying Objects Since the Late 1950s

Today, unknown by the public due to national media control by the MIC, the U.S. military is able to dominate earth’s outer space with Intergalactic Flying Object (IFO) technology.  In 2014, Mark McCandlish, an accomplished aerospace illustrator, gave testimony at the Secret Space Program Conference in San Francisco where he revealed that the U.S. military not only has developed operational antigravity, but has for many years, developed and engineered zero-point energy that propels IFOs over the past 50 years.  An IFO and description of its components is provided by Mark McCandlish in the article:

An illustration of an IFO by Mark is featured above.

Most news media intellectuals are informed and knowledgeable of the benefits of ZPE.   Surely, they would strongly reveal the benefits of ZPE to people around the world.  But what is the problem, what stifles their ability to educate people worldwide about the benefits of zero-point energy?  Could it be that their voices are stifled because the News Media is financed and controlled by the CIA that performs all undercover activities for the Military Industrial Complex?

The answer is an affirmative yes. Zero-point energy technology is the greatest invention of our era that offers the reality of space travel and world peace. But this reality threatens the military-industrial complex ability from controlling the U.S. economy and wealth.

The Fake News Media is Controlled by the MIC

The power of Fake News Media to disseminate disinformation and corrupt political views is clearly evidenced by over 95 percent negative coverage of Present Trump in spite of his successes in raising the U.S. economy and increasing jobs across the country. News media power to shape the minds of people is apparent for they have successfully convinced millions of Americans that UFOs and extraterrestrial visitors are a hoax.

It is remarkable that Mark Levin, a man of extraordinary intelligence has not broached the benefits of ZPE technology to his audience. There is no question that our greatest and brightest minds on TV shows and other media are fearful of being fired if they are outspoken about ZPE.

They are silenced by a shadow government, namely, the military-industrial complex, which has undermined our democracy and rule of law to the extent that, over the period of 70 plus years, many of its members have been threatened and murdered by the CIA, FBI and DIA government agencies to keep their covert operations secret.

These unlawful and corrupt actions are tantamount to criminal offenses that can only be forgiven with amnesty granted to all MIC members in exchange for complete disclosure of all UFO developments that has been financed with more than 20 billion tax payer dollars per year.

This author apologizes to Mark Levin for having brought up his name regarding the MIC for he has the courage to speak out for the welfare of the American people. To find if other news media hosts and commentators avoided reporting the reality of UFOs and extraterrestrials, an internet search of news hosts and government officials that could have reported ZPE by the MIC came up with no hits.

It is apparent that the MIC is highly successful silencing TV, movie productions, scientific journals, and news media preventing them to inform and educate the public about extraterrestrials and zero-point energy.

A Call to All People To Achieve A Better World and Visit the Universe

In one to two decades, will people worldwide successfully get the MIC to disclose zero-point energy so that humanity will be ready to embrace Extraterrestrial beings that have evolved thousands of years ahead of ours and join a new era of galactic contact in the universe?

A scientific, philosophical presentation of the beginning of the universe, the phenomenon of Consciousness, the existence of Extraterrestrials, and need for disclosure of two of the greatest technological discoveries of our era that will eliminate climate change and usher humanity into the wonders of our universe are provided in the paper,

Everything Has a Beginning – Even the Universe also exists in book form and can be freely accessed from the website:

Iran Politics Club: Nicholas Ginex Book: Everything has a Beginning, Even Universe

We owe it to our loved ones and for generations to follow to make a better world by sharing the information in this paper with as many people as possible.


Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Can Benefit Mankind

Passages below attributed to Dr. Ahreeman, IPC Founder

Nicholas Ginex Eccentric Secret Path in which Artificial Intelligence Can Benefit Mankind
AI Robot: Keep it Secret; Only Inform those who want to Evolve!

The Future Depends on the Humanistic Uses of AI

We are now moving towards the future. Future is what you make of it. You steer this ship. The Future can destroy you or progress you in peace and harmony. The future can be prosperous. The future world is built by you. The disastrous or greatness of this future is in your hand. There are crucially important decisions to be made by the humanity about the possible future. Be wise in your decisions.

Nicholas Paul Ginex is a critical thinker who ponders deeply about the problems facing the mankind in the 21st century. One such issue is the AI.  The author states the problems in regards to AI, conducts a complete analysis, trouble shoots the possible upcoming disasters, puts forward solutions, sees a vision on how mankind can intelligently draft AI to progress him but not to enslave him, and paves the path for a smart and constructive future for the mankind.

The Man – Machine Contact

Nicholas Ginex Book: Artificial Intelligence Can Benefit Mankind

Eccentric Path

Ginex puts forward an eccentric yet radically scientific path forward to the future world. This path maybe strange to many but innovative by using AI in such a way in which every American can be given the opportunity to use their gifts and to enjoy a quality of life that has never before, been achieved by the entire population of a country!

Journey Through the Mind

This book is a journey through the mind of Ginex. In this journey he warns of the Chinese hi-tech threat, Chinese accomplishments in hi-tech, The Big Brother is Watching, Tech Giants’ Oligarchy, Dangers of Oligarchy Controlled Society, and the job loss.

Ginex seeks a balance between the technology and the nature, progress and humanity, benefits of the hi-tech and the human salvation, evolution and spirituality.

Ginex elaborates on how the humanity can use AI intelligently without being used by the AI; furthermore, how the humanity can control the hi-tech evolution rather than becoming a pawn in the hi-tech scenario. The author digs deep in to the economic aspect of the AI evolution.  The author does some critical thinking and puts forward solutions on how the society may need constitutional changes to adapt to the future world. We must be wise to create and maintain a balance between the labor force and the AI force.

In conclusion, Ginex attends to philosophical aspects of this issue and other human issues in general. He brings forward subjects such as beginning of the universe, atom, UFO, extraterrestrials, Anti-Gravity and Zero Point Energy. Ginex is on a constant search for solutions to solve human problems.

Below AI Robots Processing and Computing

Author’s Focus Points

Author is basically focusing on these issues:

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) impact on American jobs.

2. AI solution recommended for the American economy.

3. AI can be used to balance the American economy.

4. Constitutional laws may be needed for AI implementation.

Below is the Book Back Cover.

Passages below attributed to AI Author, Nicholas P. Ginex

Introducing Artificial Intelligence Can Benefit Mankind

This book provides an AI solution for leaders in the Congress, Senate, Executive, and Judicial branches of government as well as Corporations, Midsize and small Businesses to work together with billionaires, multi-billionaires and AI system program experts to authorize and develop the conceived solution presented.

Great minds have thought of a similar solution to counter unemployment by paying a basic income to all people regardless of their education and training to ensure a minimum standard of living. They would be free to pursue additional income in the marketplace, and capitalism would proceed as usual. This simplistic solution has been proposed by Thomas Paine, Bertrand Russell, Martin Luther King Jr., James Tobin, Paul Samuelson, John Kenneth Galbraith, Milton Friedman, Friedrich Hayek, and Richard Nixon. 

These renowned authors, politicians, economists and philosophers proposed a similar solution but did not have the advantage this author utilized by using artificial intelligence to maintain and sustain an operable U.S. Capitalist AI Fund – an automated solution that provides extraordinary benefits.

To entice readers to read the AI book in its entirety, the benefits of such an AI solution are listed below. However, to effectively obtain the benefits, this author emphasizes that success of an effective AI system becomes achievable by pursuing in parallel the following objectives:

• Begin renewal of all levels of our educational systems, religious organizations and national media to emphasize integrity and the well-being of others by teaching the values of truth, kindness, and love for one another.

• It is essential that all American workers attain an education to contribute to the U.S. economy and increase effective use of artificial intelligence.

• All people must attain a moral and sound education to acquire a sense of self-worth, integrity, achieve higher goals in life, and learn to love and respect one another. Knowledge increases the ability to distinguish fake news and seek the truth, which leads to a successful life of peace and happiness.

• This book provides a path, a solution that will be very challenging, but entirely warranted by using AI to give every American an opportunity to use their gifts and enjoy a quality of life that has never before been achieved for an entire people of one country.

On June 10th, 2020, this author viewed a video on artificial intelligence presented by Frontline PDS (The American Public Broadcasting System). This documentary revealed how the automated technology of AI will have an opposite effect than the Industrial Revolution by reducing the job market by as much as 50% over the next two decades. This PDS documentary may be viewed via the link below.

The documentary on artificial intelligence enlightened this author to learn how AI can be used to crush the freedoms Americans have fought for. It is incumbent upon all Americans, and people worldwide, to recognize the potential threat of AI’s disastrous effects of increasing unemployment and poverty caused by billionaires funding high tech companies.

Of greater concern, the documentary also revealed that an elite of billionaires are working with world organizations and national leaders to attain control of people’s actions and their mental choices by developing AI that will strangle independent thinking and control the lives of an entire people of any country.

Nicholas illuminates how artificial intelligence can change economies and way of life in the age of automation. His objective is to inform the public of the dangerous implications that bode for the future in the misuse of AI for self-serving purposes. People need to be given knowledge of the universal capability of AI to effectively use it as the source for solving economic problems and increase the livelihood of an entire country. To give the reader a comprehensive understanding of artificial intelligence, he presents his book in four chapters:

• The Impact of Artificial Intelligence

• Understanding the AI Impact

• Mankind’s Future with Artificial Intelligence

• Conclusions

This book has been hosted by Dr. Ahreeman on the exceptional IPC website via the link below.

Iran Politics Club: Nicholas Ginex Artificial Intelligence Can Benefit Mankind Book

List of Benefits Using the Proposed AI Solution

The benefits below are a subset the AI conclusions presented in the book. They are presented to encourage all Americans to know that they can create a whole new economic system that will increase the quality of life for themselves and eventually all people.

1. Billionaires receive a yearly income of $1 billion tax free. Billions earned go into the U.S. Capitalist AI Fund. This is the pinnacle of a capitalist system to reward workers that become billionaires. Their success that benefits mankind.

2. 75% U.S. population receive $100,000 dollars per year tax free, with or without a job. Earnings above $500,000 go into the U.S. Capitalist AI Fund. A worker can put $400,000 into a savings account and provides the incentive to someday become a millionaire.

3. 25% remaining population of skilled-professional workers receive $300,000 dollars per year tax free, with or without a job. Earnings above $1,000,000 go into the U.S. Capitalist AI Fund. A skilled-professional worker can put $700,000 into a savings account and provides the incentive to someday become a billionaire.

4. Trillions left in the U.S. Capitalist Fund can be used to rebuild our cities, schools, infrastructure, free healthcare, free education to the university level, and U.S. military defense.

5. All expenses for homes, apartments, food, and entertainment are paid by the people in Benefits 1-3.

6. Individual tax returns no longer need to be filed. The IRS tax system is eliminated because the U.S. Capitalist AI Fund provides funds for all U.S residing individuals, the military, health care, education and pays down the national debt.

7. Eliminates all welfare and worker retirement programs for retired and disabled people. The U.S. Capitalist AI Fund provides the annual incomes to all citizens after the age of 18 years since parents receive an annual wage.

8. The U.S. Capitalist AI Fund provides incentives to become a millionaire for average workers and a billionaire for skilled-professional workers. The opportunity to attain any level of education stimulates the economy and innovative ideas to increase jobs.

9. Accountability of all incomes and expenditures are automatically obtained with the U.S. Capitalist AI Fund that monitors, assesses and reports the funds added and dispersed. This automated system eliminates fraud and corruption now prevalent throughout the business and political arenas.

10. Homelessness, poverty, hatred and violence is eliminated as every person has sufficient monetary income to rebuild their lives and achieve all they can be with dignity and respect.

11. The U.S. Capitalist AI Fund provision of free education for all citizens will meet the demand for millions of workers to become doctors and teachers that will provide the care and knowledge, respectively, needed to fill the jobs of tomorrow.

12. The U.S. Capitalist Fund corrects an imbalance between the wealth of billionaires, average workers and skilled-professionals.

13. The U.S. Capitalist Fund eliminates the threat of multibillionaires using their wealth in ways that can become dangerous to the well-being of American citizens. Many multibillionaires are using their wealth to fund and develop AI technologies that can alter and control the mental and physical abilities of individuals and whole groups of people.

14. The U.S. Capitalist Fund maintains transparency of expenditures to the U.S. military forces and all government agencies. This gives the President full control and authority of unacknowledged military programs where trillions of dollars have been expended without approval by U.S. presidents for the past seven decades.

15. The U.S. Capitalist Fund would eliminate the Military Industrial Complex development of top secret interstellar space craft, destructive weapon systems, and their use of the CIA, FBI and DIA that caused the deaths of many scientists and biologists. Refer to the title provided within this book titled, Disclose Extraterrestrial Technology for Humanity and refer to the Appendix.

16. The U.S. Capitalist Fund would eliminate the threat of a conglomerate of wealthy multibillionaires that with their wealth have already exerted their power to form a surreptitious shadow government that not only controlled unacknowledged top-secret programs for seven decades but have major control of the news media in the United States.

17. It becomes apparent that a surreptitious shadow government already has control over the United States Government. Only through management of multibillions of dollars with the U.S. Capitalist Fund can all Americans be free to pursue a better life free from the fears and corruption that wealthy multibillionaires are capable of by maintaining the status quo to acquire more wealth and power.

Final Significant Thoughts

Billionaires are Key to the successful operation of the AI Fund

The U.S. Capitalist AI Fund solution proposed requires contributions of the many successful people who have the skills to become multibillionaires. They are the core contributors to the success of the AI fund. To encourage multibillionaires to sustain the U.S. Capitalist Fund, it is noted that the fund would automatically provide a yearly income of $1 billion dollars to each billionaire. However, this particular solution also rewards the same amount to any person that successfully becomes a billionaire.

There is every reason to believe that people who love people and want to achieve a better world for all people will gladly endorse and contribute the many billions of dollars that exceed one year’s salary of one billion to the U.S. Capitalist AI Fund. Any sound thinking and fair-minded person knows that one billion dollars a year is more than enough to give any person a life of enjoyment, peace and happiness. Key to such joy is having been brought up to be all one can be by developing their innate skills, acquiring a sound education to appreciate and assimilate the wonderful ideas of others, and know that their love for others will be returned ten-fold for sharing their wealth with others.

The United States Will Set an Example for a Renewal of China

In the first chapter of AI Can Benefit Mankind, the author has cautioned the public that China is an authoritarian country that maintains government control by automatically observing the social behavior of its people. By the end of 2020, China will be utilizing 600 million 5G cameras used to scan the country for unrest. The government is watching to the extent that they have the technology of ‘sharp eyes’, which are cameras on every major street and corner of every village in China, which means everywhere. They can use real-time data to pick up a face or action and with TV cameras that can identify individuals by their face or by the way they walk.

China will achieve total surveillance of the state whereby every aspect of human activity is monitored everywhere. Even conversations and phone calls are recorded and monitored to determine if some people need to be indoctrinated or re-educated politically in designated camps where torture and deaths have occurred. Loss of privacy with recognition data has become so prevalent that bar codes are placed on the doors of homes where people live to reveal what kind of people they are. Such AI control enables China to identify, punish, and eliminate any religious group, such as a Christian, Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim communities.

No people in any country would accept the kind of control China can employ on its people socially, physically and mentally. By the United States developing an AI system that eliminates poverty and provides a quality of life for all Americans with a living wage that affords them to advance and enjoy using their inherent gifts – the people of China will eventually “see” that they have been made into slaves and robots controlled by the government. If the U.S. uses AI for the betterment of its people while China persists in total control of its people then there will eventually be an uprising by the Chinese people in the future.

Let it be known, when any country or person has acquired enormous amount of wealth in multibillions of dollars, the dreams of power and control over other people become a reality. We have read about China’s efforts for control over their people and this author has also provided how some multibillionaires have gone astray to finance AI capabilities that are detrimental to America’s economy, its democracy, and personal freedoms as they develop mind control using the national media and vaccination techniques to alter and acquire psychological control.

The Future Depends on Humanistic Uses of AI

This introduction to Artificial Intelligence Can Benefit Mankind was provided to inform the public what AI can do to improve the lives of people in all countries. As importantly, it also looks to the future for people to be knowledgeable of the dangers conjured up by wealthy multibillions who have not used their wealth constructively for the betterment of mankind.

The future of mankind can be fruitful for all people but they must not only keep pace with the advancing AI technologies that offer a better life, they must also become knowledgeable of new ideas that present how the universe began and an emerging philosophical-scientific science that unravels the mystery of Consciousness. These two topics are provided as articles in the companion book, Everything Has a Beginning – Even the Universe. It includes a topic that has been veiled by a powerful surreptitious group that has total control of the national news media.

At the age of 85, this author has hope for future generations to become morally decent, loving, and compassionate human beings that have learned to understand that peace and happiness can be attained through always seeking truth and not become fools easily swayed by the national news media. This means that education is to be highly regarded whereby history of past events is not reinterpreted to pollute the minds of our youth. Instead, they must be taught how to dissect information and always be alert to discern when biased views and untruths are being espoused.  This is an ending comment because this author has seen how the minds of our youth are being brain-washed with indoctrinated views that run counter to the raising of a sound, intellectual mind that appreciates the freedom of thought.

This book on Artificial Intelligence and its companion, Everything Has a Beginning – Even the Universe, is the author’s attempt to impart ideas and feasible solutions to all people to find their way in life and face the world as champions for mankind. Both books are just over 100 pages because the information presented is priceless and the adage, “A little is more,” provides easy digestion of their contents.

This author has had the good fortune to be an IPC contributor and have Dr. Ahreeman add the two books to his website for people around the world to read. These two books look towards mankind’s future; they prepare people to meet and enjoy other intelligent beings in our universe.

Thank you, the scientific-philosopher,

Nicholas Ginex

The AI book may be accessed by clicking of the PDF file below:

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It is the author’s hope that AI programming experts will be able to materialize the solution for the benefit of mankind for not only the United States but for every country. Hopefully, national and political leaders may recognize the AI solution can make our world better for all people. The author ends this Introduction with an adage that reminds us that knowledge is precious but – knowledge without action means nothing.

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A Biden Presidency Denigrates America’s Integrity

Joe Biden emphasized during his presidential campaign of 2020 that he was a man of integrity and will seek to bring together blue and red states by working with democrats, republicans and liberals.  The news media throughout America repeated Joe Biden’s objective of integrity, promoting his claim that he is a man that can be trusted for his honesty.  This was a pillar of Mr. Biden’s platform to have Americans convinced he can be trusted as president of the United States. 

However, facts have surfaced during Biden’s term as Vice President during the Obama presidency that conclusively reveal he has lied to the American people several times about his involvement in money deals with high level business leaders of several countries.  These lies were repeated prior to and after the election win of 2016 by President Trump.

Facts are provided below that reveal the national news media has protected Joe Biden from being exposed as being a dishonest and corrupt politician.  The factual allegations would dishonor and prohibit any person from becoming America’s next president.  But the mainstream media has suppressed all news reports to protect Joe Biden in their zeal to support his candidacy for president.

The cartoon below provides a perceptive illustration of the swamp and the mainstream media not reporting on the Biden corruption involving China, Ukraine and Russia.

The following details have been revealed in a Tucker Carlson TV interview with Tony Bobulinski, which resides on Tony indicated that as far back as Christmas Eve, 2015, an English businessman, James Gillar, said that he wanted him to be part of a deal with a Chinese company called SEFC and that this deal would include the most prominent families from the United States.  Tony clarified to Mr. Carson that the prominent family name included Joe Biden, who at that time was Vice President of the US, and included his son Hunter Biden, and Joe’s brother, Jim Biden.  Bobulinski stated that by early May 2017, he agreed to be part of the deal, which included the three Biden’s and James Gillar.

Multiple times in May 2017, Tony met with Hunter Biden and Rob Walker at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles and they told him that they wanted him to meet with Joe Biden to discuss how the Biden family will approach the deal.  Tony told Tucker that Rob Walker was a partner in Rosemont Seneca an investment fund firm founded in 2009 by Hunter Biden, Christopher Heinz and Devon Archer.  Tony indicated he and had a very close relationship with the Biden family.  Rob had developed and been working with James Gilliar throughout 2015 and 2016 to develop a business deal with the Chinese and CFC.  It is to be noted that Rob Walker had worked in prior administrations and had a very close relationship with the Biden family.

To understand the scope of the deal, people should know that CFC stands for Controlled Foreign Corporation.  It is a U.S. corporation that operates overseas with U.S. shareholders who have 50 percent or more of the control of that corporation. If you are a U.S. shareholder, director, or officer of one of these corporations, you must report your income from the foreign corporation and pay tax on that income.

On the night of May 2nd, 2017, Tony Bobulinski first met with Hunter Biden and Jim Biden at the Beverly Hiltion in Los Angeles to be informed that Joe Biden was on his way to discuss his background and some detail on the business deal.  The Bidens’ were interested in Tony for a prospective CEO role in the development of Sinohawk both in the U.S. and around the world and be part of the CFC partnership.  For clarification, Sinohawk has direct connections to the communist government of China and is a partnership between the Chinese operating through CEFC/Chairman Ye and the Biden family.  Joe Biden attended the meeting only after Hunter Biden briefed his father for about 10 minutes before introducing him to Tony Bobulinski.  It is clear that Joe Biden was briefed about the business deal and was later engaged in discussing family matters with Mr. Bobulinski avoiding high level business matters about the CFC deal.

On May 13, 2017, an email by James Gilliar was sent to Tony Bobulinski.  It gave intimate details how the equity in the enterprise was to compensate each individual.  Tony indicated Jim Biden was to receive 10 percent and 10 percent was to be held by Hunter Biden for the “Big Guy” who can logically be deemed to be Joe Biden.  However, Tony indicated the Oneida Holdings LLC document broke up the equity into five parts of 20 percent going to Hunter Biden, Jim Biden, James Gilliar, Rob Walker and himself.  Tony still wondered why Jim Biden 10 percent rose to 20 percent.

Bobulinski was very concerned about the Biden’s receiving a gift or monetary compensation greater than $25 because it requires disclosure to the government. He knew that anybody with the clearance in government is watching closely that U.S officials/personnel are not influenced by the Russians, the Iranians, or the Chinese.  Tony broached his concern to Jim Biden in accepting equity from a foreign government and his response was simply that he would provide or engage in “plausible deniability.”

To discredit Tony Bobulinski providing evidence of corruption, the Biden’s accused him of committing treason or he is part of a foreign attack on our democracy by associating his name with Russian disinformation. Carlson Tucker asked Tony this was a serious and unfair charge and Tony response was, “They are publicly accusing me of treason right now. Treating me like I’m insignificant or the 50 years of history that my family served this country is insignificant. And that’s why I’m sitting here having this discussion. I assure you this is the absolute last place I want to be right now and the last thing I want to be doing right now. But I feel like I have a patriotic duty to this country and every American citizen to go on record and define the facts for them and let them do their own work. Let them decide how they view those facts or not.”

In the Tucker interview, Tony made it clear that indictable evidence against the Biden family exists, which shows more documents and facts that validate times, meetings, and who participated in that email to him on May 13th that was generated by somebody else.  It wasn’t Tony that generated the text messages they were provided in the first person by Hunter Biden, Jim Biden, James Gilliar and Rob Walker.  Still, the national media dismisses the evidence and continues to accuse Mr. Bobulinski of Russian disinformation.

To obtain extensive information of the Biden family corrupt financial business dealings with Russia, Ukraine and China read the 87 page report by Senators Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassley.  In particular, refer to Section XI, titled, HUNTER BIDEN’S AND HIS FAMILY’S FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS WITH UKRAINIAN, RUSSIAN, KAZAKH, AND CHINESE NATIONALS RAISE CRIMINAL CONCERNS AND EXTORTION THREATS.  This report resides on

The vast amount of money transferred among and between Hunter Biden, James Biden, Sara Biden, Devon Archer, and Chinese nationals connected to the Communist regime and PLA as well as other foreign nationals with questionable backgrounds not only raise conflicts of interest concerns, they also raise criminal, financial, counterintelligence, and extortion concerns.

Bobulinsky revealed that Hunter Biden acted as the personal attorney to Chairman Ye while they were tendering for 14 percent of the Russian state-owned company.  A deal valued at nine billion dollars.  Carlson asked Tony if he expected any consequences for him and his family for making the Biden financial dealings public. Tony’s response was:

“I think the consequences our country faces and that average American voter that’s thinking about what presidential candidate they picked today or have picked over the prior two weeks or in the future all the way up to the election. I’m doing this for them.

Not for my family. Not for any money. I’m doing this out of a patriotic duty to our country based on my military background and my grandfather’s background. So other people can determine the facts and what matters and how they want to vote. But I had to go on the record because they chose to sort of moor up (discredit) my name.  So I have a former Seal team protecting my family. I’m not at home right now, and I’ll travel the next four years if I have to. I had to do this.”

Americans throughout our country are very fortunate to have Tony Bobulinsky, an honest man, loyal to his country, to come forth and risk his reputation, including his life and those of his family.  Every citizen in the U.S. should stand up and support his exposure of the corruption of the Biden family in multimillion dollar deals with the communist Chinese government. Tony told Tucker Carlson that while being entertained to be CEO of Sinohawk Holdings, he learned that the Biden’s had been interfacing with business leaders in Oman, Luxembourg, France, Romania, Kazakhstan and other foreign countries.  Tony indicated his communication with Hunter Biden was extensive and he personally spent time with Hunter in Bucharest, Romania along with Jim Biden, James Gilliar and Rob Walker.

Bobulinsky told Carlson that he did not know much about Hunter Biden’s position on the board of the Ukranian gas company Burisma in 2014.  It was around the time Joe Biden was helping to conduct the Obama administration foreign policy with Ukraine.   The Kazakhstan deal began in 2013. A new photograph has emerged of democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden posing with Hunter Biden and Kenes Rakishev (left), a Kazakh oligarch who reportedly worked with the former vice president’s scandal-scarred son, and Kazakhstan’s former prime minister, Karim Massimov (right).

The photo verifies all four were involved in the Hunter and Joe Biden scandal.

The photo, first published by a Kazakhstani anti-corruption website in 2019, followed a bombshell by the New York Post in October 23, 2020 by Ethan Huff ( ).  It presents an exposé that details Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings and a report claiming Rakishev paid the Biden scion as a go-between to broker US investments.  In addition to running deals under the cover of his father in both China and the Ukraine, Hunter also kept busy in Kazakhstan by being the go-between to Kenes Rakishev, a Kazakh oligarch with close ties to the country’s longtime kleptocratic (one who steals) leader Nursultan Nazarbayev.

The undated photo serves as evidence that Hunter was regularly meeting and dining with Rakishev as part of his overseas investment deals. The fact that Joe is also pictured in the photo further proves that the Democrat presidential candidate lied to the American people when he claimed that he has “never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings.”

In spite of the Tucker Carlson interview with Tony Bobulinski, the email evidence Tony has preserved and offered to the FBI, and the bombshell that Joe Biden lied to the American people it is amazing that the national media is also corrupt by shielding Joe Biden and supporting his candidacy for president of the United States.  It verifies that the national media in the United States cannot be trusted and indeed have earned the name of “fake news.”

The Biden Quid Pro Quo for Hunter Biden

A look at a video,, shows Biden boasting about the fact that he threatened to withhold $1 billion in U.S. loans to Ukraine if they did not fire the prosecutor investigating a scandal involving his son, Hunter Biden.  This is an out-in-the-open application of a Quid Pro Quo; a term used when something is given in return for something else or accepted as a reciprocal part of an exchange.  For a Vice President to apply such an exchange with a foreign country is to commit an act that could compromise the safety of the United States whereby the exchange could be used against Joe Biden as president of the U.S.  

The involvement of the Biden family in business deals give little faith in the integrity of Joe Biden who benefitted along with his son and brother receiving large sums of money with use of the Biden name and the potential that he was going to make a run for the presidency.

Some of the money reportedly received by Hunter Biden, who had no knowledge or experience in oil, gas and energy industries are provided below:

Sep‎ ‎23‎, ‎2020 Hunter Biden reportedly received a $3.5 million wire transfer from Elena Baturina, the richest woman in Russia and the widow of Yury Luzhkov, the former mayor of Moscow.

Oct 17, 2019 – Bank records show Hunter Biden was paid an estimate of $50,000 a month for his work with Burisma. Reported by Andrew Kerr and Brad Sylvester.

June 2014 and October 2015 – Rosemont Seneca Bohai Morgan Stanley bank records show Hunter Biden, while simultaneously serving on Burisma’s board, received $708,302 between June 2014 and October 2015 from Rosemont Seneca Bohai for undisclosed reasons.  It was dispersed in a series of payments that ranged from $10,000 to $150,979 per month.

October 22, 2020 – Law Enforcement Today reported that one of the Biden emails stated that 10% equity would be reserved for the “big guy”, and according to Bobulinksi, the “big guy” is without a doubt referring to Joe Biden. Note, Law Enforcement Today is a Facebook page administered by its Founder, Robert Greenberg.

The Branco cartoon illustrates: “A vote for Biden is a vote for corrupted socialism,” use of plausible deniability (lying), and Joe Biden’s cut of 10% in the Hunter Biden deal.

Details of the Hunter Biden Ukraine investigation raises the question, why was Hunter Biden involved in an investigation with the newly elected Mr. Poroshenko in May 2014?  The U.S. State Department began suspecting that the office of Mr. Poroshenko’s first prosecutor general was accepting bribes to protect Mykola Zlochevsky, the oligarch owner of Burisma Holdings, the gas company where Hunter Biden was a board member. Unable to determine who took the bribes and how much, the prosecutor general was fired soon after.

However, it wasn’t long before the new prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, was drawing allegations of corruption that would surface the association of Hunter Biden with the Ukraine investigation. At this time, Joe Biden acted to oust Mr. Shokin in an attempt to block an investigation of his son’s actions.  Refer to the Quid Pro Quo video (above) where Joe Biden stated, “Well, son of a bitch, he got fired.” As Vice President, Biden was proud of his success to fire the prosecutor investigating the scandal involving his son, Hunter Biden. 


This article was written for people to contemplate and know that the Integrity of our Presidency and of the American people are at stake.

This article may be much too long with extensive details about the Biden financial business dealings in foreign countries.  However, it was presented so that the public becomes aware that hard evidence exists about the dishonesty and propensity of a running candidate for the presidency, Joe Biden, to lie to the American people.

More importantly, all Americans who love this country and the freedoms it provides are to become proactive to insure the political process of voting for an American president is not corrupted.  There is a need for mail-in ballots to have ID identification with the responsibility to request such a ballot and to provide a signature both on the request and mailing of the vote.  Will our leaders in Congress and the Senate be astute and honest enough to insure the voting process is free of manipulation and bias by dishonest multimillionaires?

As of great concern is not only that the integrity of our next president needs to be clearly investigated for it is a highly esteemed quality of this office, but all Americans must be aware that the national media must be conscious of its duty to provide honest and unbiased news reporting.  When half of America can vote for Joe Biden, a man who has no integrity and is capable of lying to the people, it verifies that the fake news media has been highly successful in indoctrinating and misinforming Americans.  There is much to be done to insure the news media can be sued and made accountable for distorting and misinforming the public to satisfy an agenda controlled by the multimillionaires who own them. The Ramirez cartoon illustrates the national news media is a strong supporter of Joe Biden and successfully defeats Donald Trump.

If Republican lawyers fail to prove that the presidential voting process was corrupted with fraudulent procedures and underhanded control of automated voting systems, America will be on its way to a dismal future with a corrupt and dishonest president, Joe Bidden.  Truly, the integrity of not only the presidency but the integrity of the American people will be compromised and challenged if the Democrats take control of the administrative processes of America.

This article has been written to document and preserve, for future reference, the knowledge and evidence of a business scandal that compromises Joe Biden’s political carrier.  He outwardly lied to the American people several times, which leads to the substantiated conclusion that he is indeed a corrupt and dishonest person who does not deserve to be President of the United States.

U.S. Agencies Maintain Secrecy of UFO and Zero-Point Energy Technology

The Military Industrial Complex (MIC) is responsible for more than 150 deaths of UFO researchers, biologists, engineers, scientists, and top military officers that had knowledge of, or worked in, Area 51. This list includes non-military people who had developed anti-gravity and zero-point energy capabilities or were authors, journalists, and radio/TV newscasters that wanted to reveal the existence of UFOs.  Some deaths are suspicious while many others are outright murder planned by a powerful- surreptitious group within the U.S. military that used U.S. government agencies such as the CIA, FBI and DoD to maintain top-secret development by the Military Industrial Complex. 

At the end of the 10-page list below, refer to the findings by Phil Schneider who died January 17, 1996.  He was reportedly strangled by a catheter found wrapped around his neck.   

The following information from: Is Someone Killing Our UFO Investigators? (

Phil Schneider was a self-taught geologist and explosive expert. Of the 129 deep underground facilities Schneider believed the U.S. government had constructed since World War II, he claimed to have worked on 13. Two of these bases were major, including the much rumored bioengineering facility at Dulce, N.M. At Dulce, Schneider maintained, “grey” – humanoid extraterrestrials – worked side by side with American technicians. In 1979, a misunderstanding arose. In the ensuing shootout, 66 Secret Service, FBI and Black Berets were killed along with an unspecified number of “greys”. It was here he received a beam-weapon blast to the chest which caused his later cancer.

Dulce Base Layout at Level 6

If Schneider is telling the truth, he obviously broke the code of imposed silence to which all major black-budget personnel are subjected. The penalty for that misstep is presumably termination.

Schneider in fact maintained that numerous previous attempts had been made on his life, including the removal of lug nuts from one of the front wheels of his automobile. He had stated publicly he was a marked man and did not expect to live long.

Some of Schneider’s more major accusations are worthy of attention:

(1)   The American government concluded a treaty with “grey” aliens in 1954. This mutual cooperation pack is called the Grenada Treaty.

(2)   The space shuttle has been shuttling in special metals. A vacuum atmosphere is needed for the rending of these special alloys, thus the push for a large space station.

(3)   Much of our stealth aircraft technology was developed by back-engineering crashed ET craft.

(4)   AIDS was a population control virus invented by the National Ordinance Laboratory, Chicago, Illinois.

(5)   Unbeknownst to just about everyone, our government has an earthquake device: The 
Kobe quake had no pulse wave; the 1989 San Francisco quake had no pulse wave.

(6)   The World Trade Center bomb blast and the 
Oklahoma City blast were achieved using small nuclear devices. The melting and pitting of the concrete and the extrusion of metal supporting rods indicated this. (Remember, Schneider’s forte, he claimed, was explosives.)

Finally, Phil Schneider lamented that the democracy he loved no longer existed. We had become instead a technocracy ruled by a shadow government intent on imposing their own view of things on all of us, whether we like it or not. He believed I l of his best friends had been murdered in the last 22 years, eight of whom had been officially disposed of as suicides.