Quantum Physics and Consciousness Versus the Big Bang

Article Description: The phenomena of pulsars, quasars and black holes throughout the universe emits radiant energy and matter back out into the universe, which cause the creation of star-filled galaxies. These phenomena challenge the accepted idea that one Big Bang singularity created our universe. Nicholas Ginex concludes that all things have a beginning, even our universe. He believes there is a conscious force that ultimately desires to create conscious-living entities. He further hypothesizes that this unknown force is to enable such entities to eventually understand the creation of the universe and the purpose of their existence.

Author Comment: Scientific findings in quantum physics confirm that particles throughout space have evolved to form atoms that have become the basic building blocks of matter throughout the universe. Did an infinite number of atoms form the Big Bang singularity that exploded matter to populate the universe or, was it due to atoms creating pulsars, quasars, and black holes that emit energy and matter back into the universe to form billions of star-filled galaxies? In either case, is there a purpose of the universe to cause the creation of conscious-living entities?

Quantum Physics and Consciousness Versus the Big Bang

It is evident from discoveries by quantum physicists that particles evolved into atoms. Through the force of gravity, infinite numbers of atoms coalesced to form enormous stars. We learned though the astrophysicist, Carl Sagan, that stars can become unstable or explode due to gravitational forces that cause extremely high pressures and temperatures. The gravitational forces are so immense that astronomers have found it is responsible for pulsars, quasars, and black holes to exist. These entities eventually reach a state whereby they will explode or emit matter, gases, and radiant energy back out into the universe. This is a continuous process that creates the millions of stars that develop multiple galaxies throughout the universe.

It becomes obvious that gravitational forces create such intense heat and high pressures in pulsars, quasars, and black holes that it is incomprehensible to believe that the entire universe was populated by one singularity called the Big Bang.

In a press release titled Does Consciousness Pervade the Universe? this author hypostatized that the universe began with the development of a fundamental unit that is the basic building block of all matter – the atom. Over an undetermined period of billions or trillions of years, the atom and its sub-particles appear to inherently possess a consciousness to evolve matter with a purpose to create intelligence that can reach out to understand its creation – the universe. This hypothetical idea that matter, created by atoms that determine inorganic and organic outcomes that assumes higher levels of consciousness may have some merit because we are proof as thinking products of our universe. This article may be accessed via the link:


A Persian author, poet, philosopher, and great Islamic historian and scholar, Anwar Shaikh, wrote that consciousness is an inherent force in organic matter. Born in Gujrat, Punjab, India, Anwar lived between the years 1928 and 2006. His thoughts on consciousness and quantum physics compliments this author’s idea about the beginning of the universe, namely, “Everything has a beginning, even the cosmic universe”. But does consciousness have an ultimate goal in the creation of life-forms to serve a purpose?

Anwar rationally wrote, “Since consciousness means cognition or knowing, there must be something worth knowing. Therefore, eyes have a multiple purpose; firstly, to play a definite role in the evolution of consciousness, and secondly, to know the world around us. From this conclusion, it also follows that the world or cosmos has a purpose: it wants to be known; it aspires to be conscious of itself. This seems to be the entire purpose of consciousness. Since man is the cosmic baby, he happens to be the medium for the universal consciousness.” These perceptive thoughts by Anwar Shaikh were transcribed from his fourth book, Chapter 12, titled Mind and Matter, Cosmic Purpose. It may be viewed via the link:


Anwar Shaikh is to be applauded for his philosophical conclusion because he has delved into the science of quantum physics that reveal fundamental particles evolved the atom, the building block of inorganic and organic matter. A perceptive philosopher, he has presented another aspect of consciousness. He wrote, “If we delve deeper into consciousness, it transpires that it is the apex of evolution. Without it, existence or non-existence of the universe will not matter. A thing may exist but it is the knowledge of its existence which gives it a proper valuation. The universe obviously wants to be recognized, otherwise consciousness will have no meaning because whatever man sees, feels, senses or perceives relates to the universe; man himself is a part of it. Therefore, human consciousness belongs to the universe. More properly, the cosmos evolves man for the sole purpose of seeing, feeling, sensing and perceiving through him. Thus, man ranks as the cosmic baby with a special purpose. What is this purpose of man?”

This author attempts to answer Anwar’s question with a philosophic imperative, a command given to us by a man of God – love one another. It is through love that mankind will be able to reach the highest levels of integrity and truth that enables mankind to make sound decisions. It is a command that has evolved with the highest regard for truth as illustrated by the Figure herein of Isis presenting the symbol of Truth to Nefertari. This attribute was conceived by the ancient Egyptians and presented in the book, Future of God Amen. A free read of this book is available via the link:



Truth depends on the ability to love one another, to listen with objective reasoning that sustains a compatible relationship with others. It is this attribute that is inherent in consciousness; for it instills a reproductive desire in all organic life forms to promote their existence. Can love for one another be the evolutionary purpose of Consciousness? To attain the apex of development that is the crown of being, consciousness may have as its purpose the ability for intelligent organisms to love all life throughout the universe.

This apex or purpose of consciousness is challenged today by a religious ideology that has, since its inception, caused bigotry, hatred, violence, and the killing of people. In the Qur’an, verse 9:33, the belief that Islam is the Religion of Truth and that Allah may make it prevail over every other religion has caused armies of Muslim fundamentalists to destroy many civilizations in efforts to subjugate people to follow Islam. People around the world need to be conscious of this regressive ideology. They need to come together to educate misguided Muslims by revealing that the Qur’an needs to be revised by advocating the greatest command given to man – love one another. Why and how people around the world can assist Muslims to develop the consciousness to love one another by revising the Qur’an is presented in an article titled, Worldwide Communication Will Expose the Quran. It is available on the Internet with an Internet search on the title.

In closing, the purpose of man is the will of Consciousness to propagate with the beautiful attribute of love inherent in all living entities; it is enjoyed in the reproductive ability of all organic life. It is based upon on the greatest philosophical imperative of all – love one another. By doing so, mankind may exist long enough to someday find there are other living entities in the universe that have also learned to exist and survive by acknowledging the attribute of Consciousness – love.

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Knowledge Is A Wonderful Gift

During the holidays people enjoy reading. This article recommends books that present how mankind conceived one God and the development of major religions.  The following presswire link was released on December 12, 2017 and provides the article below.


Nicholas Ginex, a perceptive writer of our time, has written books to inform and educate young and mature minds to learn the history of how mankind conceived One-Universal God and how that God has been envisioned by the Judaic, Christian, and Islamic religions.  As a young boy, Nicholas wondered who was God and where did He come from?  This question many people ask themselves at some period in their lives.  Raised as a Catholic, his curiosity led him to attend the services of many Christian and Jewish churches to learn how they prayed and believed in God.

As Nicholas matured, he engaged in many conversations with devout men that strongly believed and proselytized their religion.  He found that due to the many similarities of their beliefs, there had to be a common root that caused the birth of their religions.

Having read many books by religious scholars and exceptional Egyptologists, he self-published his first book at the age of sixty-eight.  It was titled, Legacy of a Father, which was written for his four daughters to remember him after death.  This book reveals that the first formalized religion developed in Egypt and was where the concept of a soul, heaven, and One-Universal God was conceived.

Too long for the average reader, with over 650 pages, Legacy of a Father was cut in half by excluding the history of Egypt, its succession of pharaohs, and titled, Future of God Amen.  It presents evidence of how the major religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam emulated the original beliefs of the Egyptians.

To further focus the reader on why the name of the greatest Egyptian God is announced in many houses of worship and said throughout the world, Nicholas published AMEN, The Beginning of the Creation of God.  His book exposes the core fact that Jesus Christ in John’s Revelation, 3:14, proclaimed:

These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God.

This revelation by Jesus Christ validates that Amen is the beginning of the creation of God.  Amen was strongly venerated throughout the ages.  His name is still said by believers at the end of a prayer in their homes and in their house of worship.  Whether they are religious or not, people say Amen when requesting or giving thanks for a desired outcome and they sing Amen with reverent voices in houses of worship.

To provide factual evidence surfaced by Egyptologists that verifies how the scriptures of the Egyptian, Hebrew and Catholic religions developed the concept of One-Universal God, Nicholas wrote a paper titled, Provide History of Religion and God.  Published by the The Chute Institute, it presents an illustrative overview that reveals Egyptian writings led to the development of the Hebrew and Christian scriptures.  The link for this paper is provided below.  It was noticed by ERIC (Education Resource and Information Center) and placed on the Internet.  ERIC is sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) of the U.S. Department of Education.


Nicholas’ pursuit for knowledge had gained the respect of many writers in religious forums.  He believes the values of honesty and integrity are strengthened with the belief in God and are crucial for humanity to thrive in any civilization.  To initiate an understanding about the beginning of the Universe, Nicholas opened avenues of thought that enter the realms of philosophy and science.  His article titled, Does Consciousness Pervade the Universe? provides a stimulating and philosophical view that joins science with mankind’s quest to know God.  This article has been placed on the Iran Politics Club website and made available via the link below.  It presents the philosophical view that all things have a beginning.


The developer and administrator of the Iran Politics Club website has honored Nicholas by hosting many of his articles and three books, which are available via the link:


The books are titled:

Future of God Amen,

Allah, We, Our and Us, and

Obama, Islam and Benghazi.

Nicholas writings were motivated to unveil the truth about our past history and expose lies and deceit that have led to the killing of innocent lives. He desires to have all people understand why the religion of Islam needs to go through a reformation with needed revisions to the Qur’an. In Allah, We, Our and Us, he presents how Islam became an empire by conquering many countries and subjugating people they captured to worship Allah or die.

Having read the Qur’an line-by-line, Nicholas exposes its many abominable verses that incite bigotry, hatred, violence, and the killing of innocent people because they have religious beliefs other than Islam. Both books, AMEN, The Beginning of the Creation of God and Allah, We, Our and Us, respectively make exceptional gifts that increases knowledge about the beginning of God and why the Qur’an was written by a group of fanatical men to indoctrinate Muslims in believing that Islam will prevail over all other religions.

Much has been presented in this Press Release.  The author thanks readers for taking time to examine the book reviews provided on the website http://www.futureofgodamen.com.

Time is precious and such examination is warranted to invest time to acquire knowledge. Time invested to read about Mankind’s development of the belief in God and why Islam is a threat to all people around the world – is time well spent.

Readers who wish to read articles written by Nicholas Ginex and/or provide comments, may visit his website at https://www.nicholasginex.com.



Muslims Must Expose Abominable Verses in the Qur’an

Muslims need to learn there are abominable verses in the Qur’an that are the source of discontent and Islamic terrorism.


FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 22, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — Nicholas Ginex tells Muslims and non-Muslims to communicate with one another to expose the abominations in the Qur’an. By exposing abominable verses Islamic religious leaders will be pressured to revise the Qur’an.

Through communication Muslims will learn that they have been indoctrinated to believe a theology that causes them to become bigots, hate people who have other religious beliefs, and kill themselves and people in suicide and extremist attacks.  They will no longer tolerate imams, caliphs and mullahs to make fools of them by killing their own children for loving other people or having other religious beliefs.

Wealthy business leaders, humanitarians, news media, government counterterrorism agencies, and people around the world must COMMUNICATE why the >>Qur’an must be revised.<<

To achieve an effective communication campaign, they can purchase Allah, We, Our and Us for distribution to educational institutions, government agencies, and humanity organizations around the world.  It provides how Islam became a Theocratic Empire in just 29 years from Muhammad’s death and why abominable verses in the Qur’an cause Islam to be a danger to all civilizations.  It is available as a Free Read.

A core belief that restricts Muslim acceptance of religious beliefs of other cultures is the incessant indoctrination that “Islam is the Religion of Truth and Allah declares it over all religions. (Qur’an 9:33 translation by Dr. Syed Vickar Ahamed, 2006).  This ideology forms the psyche of the Muslim mind that their religion shall “prevail over every other religion (Qur’an 9:33 translation by Muhammad Zafrulla Khan, 1970).

Two decades after Muhammad’s death, a religious party of men incorporated into the Qur’an the authority to invite goodness, enjoin equity, and forbid evil.  The five verses below conclusively reveal the TRUTH that they wrote many verses in the Qur’an to indoctrinate Muslims.

>>Qur’an Suras Reveal the Truth <<

Sura 3:105. Let there be from among you a party whose business it should be to invite goodness, to enjoin equity and to forbid evil. It is they who shall prosper.

Was this written by a party of men or Allah?  It could not be Allah because they even authorized themselves to abrogate or cause to be forgotten previous commandments of Allah in the verse below.

Sura 2:106-108.  Whatever previous commandment We abrogate or cause to be forgotten, We reveal in this Qur’an one better or the like thereof: Knowest thou not that Allah has full power to do all that He wills? (1970 translation by Zafrulla Khan)

Another verse written by a party of men is revealed in Sura 96.

Sura 96: Tell me, if he who prays follows the guidance and enjoins righteousness, and he who obstructs rejects the truth and turns his back on it, what will be the end of this last one? We will surely drag him by the forelock, the forelock of a lying, sinful one.  Then let him call his associates, we too will call our guardians of hell.

Surely, it cannot be Allah who drags a sinner by the forelock but men under orders given by a party of men.  The next sura verifies Allah cannot be “We, Our or Us” because it would mean Allah kills people at night or while they sleep at noon.

Sura 7:5-7. Little is it that you heed. How many a town have We destroyed! Our punishment came upon their dwellers by night or while they slept at noon. When Our punishment came upon them all they could utter was: We are indeed wrongdoers.

Killing dwellers and destroying their towns could not be by the Most Gracious, Ever Merciful Allah.  Sura 8:16-19 verifies many verses were written by a religious leader or powerful commander.

Sura 8:16-19. O ye who believe, when you encounter an hostile force of the disbelievers, turn not your backs on them. Whoso turns his back on them on such an occasion, unless maneuvering for battle or turning to join another company, shall draw upon himself the wrath of Allah and hell shall be his abode. An evil resort it is.

Thus, on the day of Badr it was not you who slew them, but it was Allah who killed them; and it was not thou who didst throw gravel at their faces, but it was Allah Who threw it, that He might confer a great favour upon the believers. Surely, Allah is All-Hearing, All-Knowing. That is so; and Allah will surely undermine the design of the disbelievers.

The above sura was written by a commander as one reads of the strategy not to turn and run when encountering a hostile force unless it is necessary to maneuver for battle by turning and joining another company.  But notice, in the second paragraph the commander uses his leadership to strengthen the resolve of his troops by stating, “it was not you who slew them, but it was Allah who killed them.” He even has his men believe that “it was not thou who didst throw gravel at their faces, but it was Allah Who threw it.”

Clearly, these are not the words of Allah but a commander or a powerful religious leader. The commander’s technique of using Allah as sanctioning atrocities has been a successful form of brainwashing or leadership to convince his fighters that the killings are not through their own volition but by Allah who supports and directs their actions.  This is why Muslim terrorists yell >>Allah Akbar<< in the performance of violence and killing nonbelievers.

The above suras conclusively prove that many of the suras were written by despotic men whose ambition is to conquer the lands and wealth of nonbelievers to establish world-wide the religion of Islam.

Conclusion:  Muslims and people world-wide must EXPOSE the Qur’an as the source of discontent and Islamic terror committed by Muslims.  This press release reveals the Quran was written by a party of men and therefore CANNOT be the Perfect Word of Allah.  Only through >>communication of the TRUTH<< can Muslims be courageous to initiate an Islamic Reformation with the objective to Revise the Qur’an.