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Nicholas Ginex reaches out to enlighten people with perceptive thoughts on religion, philosophy, God, the universe and politics.

A scholarly resource on how mankind first conceived one-universal God may be accessed via the link below:

His first published book was by Xlibris Corporation titled, Future of God Amen.  An overview and book reviews for this book, and five other books, are hosted on his website,

To date, Nicholas has written 50 articles.  They may be viewed by typing:

www. then add,

Three of Nicholas’ books are available as a Free Read on the renowned Iran Politics Club website. They are listed below.

Future of God Amen

Allah, We, Our and Us

Obama, Islam and Benghazi

Of several book reviews for Future of God Amen, I am honored to provide two; one by Dr. Ahreeman and the other by Mike Voyce.

Dr. Ahreeman, Founder and Administrator of Iran Politics Club

“Future of God Amen” is a “Time Travel” throughout the past, the present and the future to ponder deep and to discover many untold and important hidden facts about the roots of the entity we refer to as God.”  The complete book review resides on:

Mike Voyce, Retired Lawyer, Author, Radio-Talk Host, and Teacher.

“Let me say I now understand the difficulties of a reviewer faced with a book of true originality, depth and scale. It is not like any other book I have read, and for that reason alone it is a must read for anyone with any interest in any part of the Western religious tradition; embracing Judaism, Christianity and Islam, or any section of those religions.”  The complete book review resides on:

Below are six books by Nicholas Ginex.  Readers are welcomed to correspond with any questions or comments.  His email is,

Cheers.  Do read the commendation by Mike Voyce.  He has captured the nature of Nicholas and the scope of Future of God Amen.