Planned 2021-2022 UFO Hoax by CIA-Pentagon

Mark McCandlish Cut-Away of an Alien Reproduction Vehicle.

This article is dedicated to Mark McCandlish whose death at age 68 on April 13, 2021 was premature.  He died in his home in Redding, CA with a shotgun blast to the head.  He was going to testify at a Senate UFO/UAP meeting in June.   His testimony would have destroyed any misleading UFO narratives and reveal the Tic Tac was actually a USAF SSP drone …

All Americans and people world-wide need to be aware of the UFO Hoax planned possibly this year or 2022 by the Shadow Government, which is controlled by undercover CIA operatives in collusion with leaders in the Military Industrial Complex.   This is an updated warning clearly presented by Dr. Steven Greer on July 4th, 2021.

In addition to the shot-in-the-head murder of Mark McCandlish, all concerned people should examine other deaths committed by top-secret U.S. government agencies by reading:

In his bio, Mark McCandlish has indicated he witnessed dozens of sightings since 1966.  He feels certain that UFO-ET technology has been carefully protected and co-opted by an as-yet-unknown organization.  That organization is surreptitiously led by top-level CIA-Pentagon operatives that are unknown by members of the Senate, Congress and the President.  Refer to the Nicholas Ginex link above that reveals more than 150 deaths of UFO researchers, biologists, engineers, scientists, and top military officers that had knowledge of, or worked in, Area 51. This list includes non-military people who had developed antigravity and zero-point energy capabilities or were authors, journalists, and radio/TV newscasters that wanted to reveal the existence of UFOs.

Some deaths are suspicious while many others are outright murder planned by a powerful-surreptitious group within the U.S. military that used U.S. government agencies such as the CIA, FBI and DoD to maintain top-secret development by the Military Industrial Complex.  This top-secret organization actually controls the U.S. Government, whereby the president of the U.S. is given no knowledge or assessment of the unauthorized programs with the disrespectful comment, “You don’t have a need to know.” This unjustified comment is an affront to all Americans when one understands it is the American taxpayer that has paid billions of dollars over the 7 decades for unacknowledged programs.  Mark wrote in his short bio, “…the sequestration of this technology has provided that organization tremendous leverage in world politics, finance and international conflicts over the past five decades.”

Since the Roswell crash, undercover CIA-FBI agencies have insidiously and effectively obtained control of all social, scientific, and national news media to propagate disinformation and misleading propaganda about UFOs.  This control has become so extensive that the undercover CIA-FBI operatives have corrupted the national news and TV media to influence and actively impact the 2020 Presidential Election.  Through the years, much of the propaganda was to deny the existence of UFOs and promote the idea that ETs are a threat to earth in order to attain continued billions for their undercover-unauthorized top-secret programs.

To learn the severity of control on the U.S. Government by the Shadow Government, view the video hosted by Kevin Shipp, a former CIA officer, below.

This article is for all Americans to recognize there is a root cause for the 2020 election fraud and to not confront the problem is to welcome more control by a surreptitious organization that will eventually endanger humanity and possibly our planet.  There is no doubt in my mind that to be silent is to accept defeat.

All people and leaders in all countries should demand UFO-ET Technology Disclosure, and in return, amnesty for the murders committed since the Roswell UFO crash.  Only by world-wide communication can the insidious, unauthorized government agencies relent and provide full UFO-ET technology disclosure.  It would be wise to concede and acknowledge that by infusing ET technologies into all of America’s machines on land, sea and air, Humanity can attain a new and peaceful future with prosperity in countries around the world.  But are the CIA-Pentagon operatives willing to give up the power they now so arrogantly possess for their own selfish goals?  Below are some of the benefits that disclosure of decades of ET technologies can bring.

Disclosure Benefits:

One Last Word.  If the CIA-Pentagon operatives are unwilling to provide disclosure with the benefit of amnesty, the U.S. President, Commander of all U.S. Military Forces, must mobilize the armed forces to take over all operations within the Pentagon and top-secret military facilities to confiscate all technical data for use by legitimate development companies.  There is no reason why the Commander-In-Chief of the Military cannot take such action unless, the CIA-Pentagon operatives are truly the acting government within the so-called Democratic Government for and by the people.

Two former U.S. presidents have warned Americans that there is a sinister and serious threat by the CIA who controls the Shadow Government and media in the United States.  The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.  We have seen that the 2020 presidential election was well coordinated to employ extensive fraud by hackers in the U.S. and foreign countries.  This was an undercover operation that the CIA has had experience with as they have interfered with other election outcomes.  The freedom of America has been compromised and will persist as stated by two former United States presidents, Dwight D. Eisenhower and Harry S. Truman.

To readers of this article, share it with others.  To remain silent is to accept the loss of your freedoms our forefathers put in place to establish government by and for the people.  Don’t lose a precious gift that other countries long for.

Letter for UFO Disclosure – 2019

Nicholas Ginex, a perceptive author dedicated to improving mankind’s development morally, intellectually and spiritually, wrote a UFO Letter to President Trump on January 27, 2019.  It addressed a subject that the American people has been misinformed about since the UFO Roswell crash in 1947.   Misinformation, lying, intimidation, and murder was committed by the military and high-tech companies who colluded together, under top secret operations, to back-engineer UFO technology developed by Extraterrestrials. 

With the development of lethal weapons, Ginex foresees a danger that with misinformation to portray ETs as a threat, the military may order to shoot down an alien spacecraft.  The military already has a nuclear arsenal that if used to intercept missiles from an aggressive country millions of people will be killed and our earth will be polluted endangering the viability of all life.  The possible initiation of a self-destructive war with Extraterrestrials from outer space or between waring countries must be avoided by forcing the military-industrial complex to disclose UFO Extraterrestrial technology.  Disclosing such technology for transparent use by U.S. companies and entrepreneurs will benefit people around the globe.

Ginex’s second letter to President Trump is presented below.

Letter for UFO Disclosure -2019

The White House
President Donald J. Trump
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

February 7, 2019

Dear President Trump,

In 2018, members of your administration and officials in the Pentagon have been apprised of military-industrial complex top-secret UFO operations by Dr. Steven M. Greer.  The link below provides an understanding of the UFO ET problem and recommended solutions.  Please read it.  As our leader, you have the courage, intellect, and authority to order AMNESTY for all military-industrial members and order the disclosure of all UFO ET documented technology for use by progressive companies and entrepreneurs.

People around the world are aware of the existence of UFOs and ETs.  Since 1947 the American people have been lied to and fed disinformation so that the military- industrial complex can obtain billions of dollars to back engineer UFOs.  The American Media has been supported financially by the military to portray a negative view of aliens and a perception that they are a threat to humans.  The alien threat propagated by arrogance caused an ET to be shot and killed in 1978 by a security guard at Fort Dix.  Such arrogance will prevent mankind from entering into a new era that can eliminate poverty, pollution of our earth, and improve the quality of life for all people.

To successfully enter into a new technological era will require AMNESTY for all personnel of the military-industrial complex involved in top-secret UFO ET operations.  Covert UFO ET projects required intimation, threats, and murder of military, corporate and administrative members.  Arrogance and power reached its height with the alleged killing of President Kennedy by covert military leaders who believed he was going to disclose UFO ET operations to the public. 

Will it take two decades or two generations before we will be ready to embrace Extraterrestrial beings that have evolved thousands of years ahead of ours and join a new era of galactic contact in the universe?

Nicholas Ginex, a Humanitarian and U.S. Patriot

A World Movement for Zero-Point Energy

By writing a UFO letter to President Trump the quality of life for all people and entrance into a new era of interplanetary travel can become a reality.  The challenge is to overcome the status quo of government, religious organizations, and the military-industrial complex.  If millions of people world-wide actively support disclosure of zero-point energy it can be done in one or two decades rather than two or more generations. 

You can help initiate disclosure of UFO ET technology by writing President Donald J. Trump using the link below.

A Request for all Readers of this Article.

Readers of this article and the millions of Dr. Greer YouTube viewers are requested to write President Trump.  For cohesive impact of a letter campaign effort, it is recommended that your letter use the same title, UFO letter to President Trump – 2019.  You may duplicate any portion of Ginex’s letter or provide your own thoughts.

Thank you for supporting a humanitarian effort that will take years to advance all people to learn to love one another and together, eliminate poverty and enter the new era of space travel.

Nicholas P. Ginex 

Reveal Extraterrestrial Culture, History, and Beliefs

It must be revealed to people around the world that ET life forms do exist and they must become aware of the benefits of communicating with them. This article is written so that people are not taken advantage by the industrial military complex with their use of worldwide media misinformation that ETs are a threat to human beings. This is a lengthy article that covers the following topics:

An Overview of Extraterrestrial Contact with Earth Beings.

Covert Activities Presently Control Humanity’s Future.

What Prevents Us from Learning About ETs.

Obtain Knowledge of the Culture, History and Beliefs of ETs.
        Study the Culture and Life of Extraterrestrials.
        Study the History of Extraterrestrials.
        Study the Beliefs of Extraterrestrials.

Conclusions and Recommendations                                                                             Obtain Control of ZERO-Point Energy.
        Prepare to Enter the Universe.

An Overview of Extraterrestrial Contact with Earth Beings.

In spite of the wealth of valid information about extraterrestrials, little is known or conveyed about the culture, history and spiritual or worldly beliefs of ETs. With persistence, an Internet search brought up a book published in 2006 by George LoBuono, titled ALIEN MIND, The Thought and Behavior of Extraterrestrials. Although this author has not personally interacted with extraterrestrial life forms, he provides documented statements from highly respected members of the government, astronauts, military and CIA personnel that various types of ETs exists. With an acquired ability, he communicates with aliens using telepathy and remote sensing techniques that he describes in several chapters of his book.

Mr. LoBuono claims to have communicated with aliens in various ways for thousands of hours since explicit interactions began in 1995. What is commendable about the author are his perceptions of how an alien views the behavior of human beings. He believes aliens are evaluating if humans may become a liability in the interplanetary world and if they are unable to control their desires for power and greed, inflicting death and poverty on earth. In doing so, he allows us to relate to the feelings and thoughts of visitors that come from another part of our universe.

Still, it is odd that so little is known or written about the culture, history and spiritual or worldly beliefs of ETs. Since the beginning of ancient times, a limited number of UFO sightings have been documented and drawn by curious humans. With the use of camera technology, hundreds of UFO sightings were reported since the 1500s, and thousands more sighted after the 1900s. In fact, the military has actually recovered ETs from July of 1947 through July 1989. From downed UFO crashes, of a total of 128 ETs retrieved, 117 died and 11 ET beings have survived. The scientists and phycologists who have actually spoken with ETs have been threatened with their lives and family not to reveal to the American people the existence of ETs.

After the downing of an extraterrestrial space craft in July 1947 near Roswell, New Mexico, a highly secretive base was constructed in 1951 and identified as Area 51. Below is a photograph that was authenticated as being made in 1947 and therefore not something that’s been photoshopped like today. This original photo shows an alien who’s been partially dissected lying in a case.

The article, Understanding the Extraterrestrial Mind, accessible on the link below, lists the 117 ETs that died and the 11 live ETs recovered at different areas both in the U.S. and other countries. But it also identifies that, since 1989, our scientific and military personnel have had the wonderful opportunity to learn from live ETs not only the technical aspects of antigravity and ambient zero point energy that enables space travel, but also to learn about their culture, history and beliefs; of greater interest, their knowledge about the beginning of the universe.

Many alien bodies are allegedly in the possession of the U.S. industrial military complex. It is a shadow Government not under the control of the President, Congress and Senate of the United States. Top secret operations to study ETs and duplicate their UFO capabilities have been authorized by President Truman as confirmed by the document below.

Although Operation Majestic-12 was established by order of President Truman, many U.S. presidents were denied access to newly developed UFO technology and any communication made with Extraterrestrials.

Many ET remains and survivors are in secret underground compartments. Members of the White House, Congress and Senate have no control or accountability of the status of the ETs and technical UFO developments. They are blocked from all scientific and technical capabilities secretly developed in the hundreds of underground tunnels separated over many miles.

In underground compartments, scientists and engineers who worked on ET UFO projects are isolated from one another so that no one scientific worker can access or acquire an overview of the entire program. The covert program objective was to develop space craft using antigravity and ambient zero-point energy that can enable travel greater than the speed of light.

Not to divert the reader from the subject of this article, because many readers have little knowledge about antigravity and ambient zero-point energy, a few paragraphs have been extracted from a video by Mark McCandish titled, The Feasibility of Interstellar Travel.  His presentation was given for the Secret Space Program Conference in 2014. The video link below is provided for those readers who desire to learn more about the capability of space travel that can exceed the speed of light.

Mark McCandish stated, “Advanced antigravity and zero-point energy propulsive systems enables electromagnetic or (ambient) field propulsion as opposed to solid object fuel, nuclear power, or any other commonly known conventional means.

If you can find a way to reduce the mass of an object then it takes less propulsive force to push it around. It means it could go a lot faster because it is not limited by the amount of mass that it increases to as it accelerates. In fact, it may in fact be a situation where the faster you go the more energy you have available to continue the acceleration process and, at the same time, the mass is becoming relatively less and less and less so it really enables the possibility of being able to go faster than the speed of light without violating general relativity; and that what was the most fascinating aspect of the whole thing.

By using the flux in the vacuum space time as the power source for your propulsive system, so literally the faster you go, the more energy you have available that you can burn into propulsive force and the lower the relative mass of the vehicle becomes, so actually, it becomes an inversely proportional kind of relationship.”

Covert Activities Presently Control Humanity’s Future.

Returning to the subject of this article, it is instructive to revisit the article, Understanding the Extraterrestrial Mind referenced above. It reveals that U.S. military and intelligence agencies conducted clandestine, high secret projects with aerospace corporations. These projects have been kept secret by top corporate, high ranking military members with support by such intelligence agencies as the CIA, FBI and NSA. They were funded yearly, since 1947, with billion-dollar Government contracts, along with billions of dollars by covert members of the Illuminati to discover and engineer UFO capabilities for space travel.

At the Age of 93, Paul Hellyer, a remarkable man, exposed the cabal (synonymous with Illuminati), the banking cartel, defense expenditures, global warming, Roswell, and 9/11. He gave a presentation at the Alien Cosmic Expo in 2017. An excerpt of his talk is provided below and may be viewed entirely on the video link,

Paul Hellyer said, “President Eisenhower included in his farewell address to the nation that his fellow Americans should be aware of the military industrial complex, which according to one witness, was his way of saying that the ET file has fallen into the wrong hands. Indeed, it had. It was under control of the military industrial complex, otherwise known as the financial, intelligence, and military wing of the all-pervasive cabal, which has seized control of the U.S. and much of the balance of the world.”

Americans, and people around the world, need to confront the covert military industrial complex to disclose all technological discoveries and engineered capabilities for use to benefit the quality of life for all human beings. The military industrial cabal operates as a shadow Government that is able to control the constitutional Government of and for the people. At present, the cabal has not released the knowledge gained for antigravity and ambient zero-point propulsion. Such capability can be engineered to reduce poverty by employing cheap energy to build homes, roads, planes, machinery, and increase the time gained for the intellectual, moral, and spiritual growth of human beings.

What Prevents Us from Learning About ETs.

Why is there is a lack of understanding about the mind and aspirations of ETs? This is a very important question. Surely, there are perceptive and intelligent people employed on the covert programs with the curiosity to understand the benefits of learning about another life form that has entered our solar system. It affords one of the greatest opportunities for mankind to learn how another civilization, from another star, has managed to evolve technically and morally to achieve mastery over the arrogance of war and stupidity that humans are prone to continually exhibit, possibly well into the future.

However, corporate and military industrial leaders spend billions of dollars to use mass media via TV, news, articles, books, magazines and movies to provide false information of alien life forms. The FBI-CIA-NSA intelligence agencies and military industrial complex use mass media to program and distort the public views of ET life forms for the sole purpose of extending their control of new space energy technologies. Their objective is to induce fear of aliens to create a falsely perceived alien threat. By creating an external threat, it enables them to obtain continuous government spending, which increases their military power and wealth to control both our system of Government and human beings around the earth.

Obtain Knowledge of the Culture, History and Beliefs of ETs.

Instead of inducing fear about alien life forms, intelligent people and government leaders worldwide should encourage learning the culture, history, and belief systems of the alien life forms that have survived a space crash or visited our planet. With kind, loving treatment and respect, they can provide knowledge for earthly people to become wise, moral, and learn about the universe we live in. Below is what we know about the physical appearance of a grey alien.

Study the Culture and Life of Extraterrestrials.

It would be wonderful to communicate with an ET. We can find out if they love music and if so, what instruments they may use. Do they love to dance, sing, and laugh? Are they sensitive to preserve many of their finest thoughts in written form? Do they appreciate art to capture beauty and retain worthy events? Do they enjoy and play sports? Are they competitive to match one’s intellect with various games, such as chess and checkers? Do they enjoy the embrace of another ET and have desires to be sexually close and love another ET? What kinds of food do they eat? Does their planet have oceans, lakes and mountains? Do ETs strive to enjoy their physical capabilities and expand their intellect or, conversely, do they strive to be part of a whole where individuality is denied and controlled by collective group thought and behavior?

In short, a whole other world opens us to the imagination and experiences of other life forms from which we can learn how we can better use the resources of our planet, adapt to the wonders of the universe, and join the life forms of other worlds.

Study the History of Extraterrestrials.

Humans can learn how another life form has been able to survive the elements of their planet. Did they have to overcome food shortages, which necessitated control of territories? Were they populated with one uniform physiological group of beings or were there differences in skin color and physical appearances that may have caused biases and confrontations? Did they develop a moral code of conduct so that different groups of beings can abide in peace with a standard set of rules to live by? When did they invent modes of travel on land, sea and air. What were the different kinds of technology, developed in different periods of time, to raise their quality of life? Did ETs elect leaders that would benefit their group of people based upon intellect and integrity or was it a slow development that started with those who were physically stronger and relied on strength? Have ETs documented their periods of strife, be they wars and poverty, and admire those leaders that turned havoc into promising outcomes for the future? Have the experiences of history incentivized ETs to instill the attributes of truth, sincerity, and morality into their youth?

There is much one can learn from history that reveals the mistakes made in the past either by physical, ethnic, or control of organic and mineral resources. One can learn if it was the need for resources, which caused one group to fight another for control or was it due to ignorance and intolerance of another set of views by a particular group. History provides a documented past that teaches how differences can be resolved. Do ETs examine their past to avoid repeated failures and strive to adjust their present views for successful outcomes in the future?

Study the Beliefs or Worldly Views of Extraterrestrials.

The human race is constantly evolving both technically and psychologically. Humans have advanced in the technical spheres, but due to the many diverse views about spiritual, religious, and philosophical beliefs, there is no common agreement in a belief system they can all embrace. As a result, much conflict has arisen that has resulted in hatred, violence and death of many human beings. It would be of benefit to learn if ETs have solved their ideological differences and arrived at an acceptable view of the beginning of the universe and revere their special gift of life to explore its wonders.

Mr. LoBuono, in his book, Alien Mind, presents a chapter titled, Are Aliens Religious?  He presents a view of aliens that is not credited to any specific ET contact and therefore is suspect of fabricating his own spiritual and philosophical views. However, he does allow us to consider if aliens believe in God or a Creator. LoBuono assumes that aliens usually don’t think of a single super-being and instead, “they talk about a multiplicity of intelligences that can converge in a collective community of mind, which you participate in and are part of.” This statement seems to indicate that aliens have no belief in spirituality or a Creator but rather, in a universal sense, they interface with many faceted intelligences to try to reach a collective community of mind. This may mean that a uniform code of morality is not taught based upon a supreme being but rather, an evolving exchange of views that constantly searches for an answer that becomes intellectually sound based upon experience and scientific knowledge.
In other words, Mr. Buono believes aliens think at a universal level that involves sharing the intelligences of extraterrestrials of other worlds in formulating a belief system that may eventually be common to all. This is a view that, in my opinion, would not be achieviable because just as humans have different religious views, so would aliens from many stars of many galaxies. Mr. Buono gives no credence to alien adherence to a singular God belief. Unfortunately, he does not even reflect if ETs indoctrinate their youth with a moral set of rules that provides structure for such attributes as integrity and truth.

There is much for humans to learn if ETs, in civilizations throughout their history, had any spiritual or religious views in the early stages of their development. If they do not believe in a spiritual entity, do they believe in instilling their youth with a moral set of rules that reveres truth and integrity? Exposure to the belief systems of extraterrestrials would cause religious institutions, such as Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism to question and modify their religious beliefs. This exposure may cause more strife, violence and deaths. Can humans advance to a higher level of spiritual and intellectual being so that they may be accepted by the many life forms in our universe? Below appears to be a photo of a grey male Extraterrestrial.

Conclusions and Recommendations for Human Beings

Americans and people around the world need to insure their government obtains complete control of all technology developed in secret underground complexes; developed with or without the assistance of extraterrestrial beings. There must be complete disclosure by the military, CIA, FBI and NSA intelligence agencies for the release of the highly advanced technologies that allow for space travel using antigravity and ambient (free space) zero-point energy. In addition, large aerospace and scientific corporations that have been supporting the secret development of such technologies have got to release whatever patents they have to keep secret the innovative inventions developed through the support of the American taxpayers that financed the military industrial complex. Availability of the space technologies developed will allow an open, free enterprise system to operate in a transparent manner. It will help to create many jobs around the world to solve poverty, decrease pollution of our planet, and increase the quality of life for all people.

Recommendations to Obtain Control of Zero-Point Energy.

The human race can no longer tolerate control by the cabal (a self-serving elite) and military industrial complex that seeks to maintain their control of wealth by initiating conflict and war to increase their production capabilities of destructive weapons. The Honorable Paul T. Hellyer, Former Minister of Canada, deeply cares about the future viability of human life and our planet earth. In the video below, titled The Money Mafia, the World in Crisis, he has indicated that the United States is in grave danger.

He addresses the iron veil of secrecy by a powerful group known as the Illuminati or the Cabal, which includes the military industrial complex. They make up the new world order, a shadow government that controls the U.S. Government and is composed of the following entities:

The Banking Cartel at the apex
The Vatican and Illuminati
The Oil Cartel
The International Transnational Corporations
The U.S. Intelligence Organizations FBI, CIA, NSA
American Military that operate covert, cosmic secret programs
American Media financed by the Illuminati and Large Corporations

Paul Hellyer has advocated that the International Security Act of 1947 be rescinded or suspended to enable the American people to obtain control of the Cabal’s dominance of the U.S. Government and disclose and make available all developed technology and documents that were developed for space travel. To facilitate the truth be known about ETs and UFO technology, a general amnesty and reconciliation process be granted so that all members of the military and intelligence agencies can tell the truth without fear of retribution.

Mr. Hellyer proposed other actions so that people around the world will be able to attain positive benefits:

1. The President must issue a presidential order that will release the secret patents on exotic (zero-point) energy and make them available to the world.

2. Make available the developed ET UFO technology and devise a flexible financial system that will make it possible to convert from an oil economy to a clean economy in seven years.

3. Utilize zero-point technology to run manufacturing plants, cars, trucks, tractors, ships, planes and homes with zero point energy that does not require bio fuels.

4. Change the banking system in order to finance the zero-point revolution that is necessary for the future of our planet and of our species.

5. The Cabal is very corrupt and their members must be revealed so that people can regain the balance of power to improve the lives of the sick, disadvantaged, and the poor.

Recommendations to Enter the Universe.

It is time for people, in all parts of the world, to confront Government leaders to disclose and release all inventions developed on the top secret-covert projects that enabled the development of UFO space mobility. But in concert, Government leaders in all countries have got to reveal the reality of ETs by allowing their people to learn about the culture, history, beliefs and aspirations of ETs.

President Trump has initiated and funded a Space Force for defensive and space exploration measures. But there is much for our government leaders to do in order to educate their people to accept the reality of Extraterrestrial beings.

First, we need to initiate and implement the recommendations briefly presented by Paul Hellyer.

Second, we can no longer hide the truth about the existence of ETs. It is for certain that arrogance and fear prevails by religious leaders that by revealing knowledge of extraterrestrial life forms, religious beliefs by the people will be weaken and no longer revered. But this is the same arrogance by members of the Cabal and military corporate-industrial complex for they fear control of their world order will be compromised because it is the existing religious ideologies that allows them to ferment biases, hatred, differences, and conflict that support wars, obtain wealth, and maintain control around the world.

Third, let the truth be known that ETs are real and on our planet. Extraterrestrials have personally interacted with scientific and military personnel on top secret ET UFO programs. It has been confirmed by members of the Cabal’s military industrial complex, in spite of sworn secrecy and threats of death to them and their families, that they have actually spoken with ET beings in the underground secret compartments. We have captured many aliens from downed UFOs and it was last reported that since 1989, there are at least 11 ETs alive who are cooperating with our scientists and engineers in the development of space technology that will allow space travel at multiple times the speed of light.

Fourth, we cannot allow stupidity and arrogance prevent knowledge of ETs.  As soon as possible, the Cabal’s industrial military complex must provide the live ETs to our government officials so that they can be introduced to the American people. Are people so stupid and ignorant that they are unable to accept the reality of ET beings? Of course not!!! We must celebrate that there is indeed life that has entered our planet. There is so much we can learn from their thousands of years ahead of our technology and knowledge. The benefits would be exceedingly great as they will be able to not only advance our technologies, but they will be able to assist humans in curing cancer, extending our life expectancy, and more importantly, provide cultural, philosophical and spiritual knowledge that can advance the integrity of human beings. Such knowledge will allow human beings to be accepted by the family of life forms in the universe.

Fifth, change course of human development for the future promise of space.  This can be achieved, but in baby steps. It means that we must be realistic and honest within our own minds by not being afraid to revise our indoctrinated religious beliefs. There will be continued beliefs in God and an afterlife but there must also be an open mind to examine ideologies that may be more realistic based upon the new alien worlds humans will be exposed to. In concert with religious leaders revising their scriptures to advance a common belief and set of moral values, all educational institutions, beginning with elementary through colleges and university levels, must insure they teach the principles of honesty, integrity and truth.

Today, as evidenced by the corruption in our most honorable institutions, the FBI, CIA, and NSA intelligence agencies; the rampart dissemination of fake news in the media to discredit the President of the United States; media misinformation about ETs and UFOs; and poor appreciation of our freedoms where students prohibit the expression of divergent views; we as a people, have lost the most important aspect of being human, the ability to be truthful and love one another. All Americans should be thankful that President Trump loves this country and its people to stand up against the Establishment embodied by the industrial corporate complex, corrupt intelligence agencies, and media that want continued control of the U.S. Government and the minds of its citizens.

To verify that there is control by a shadow government one need only question why Hillary Clinton is not in jail for destroying evidence on computers with over 33,000 e-mails, many of which will reveal pay to play international schemes. Is it because the FBI and CIA has corrupt officials that gave Hillary a free pass? This is a sad commentary on our present system of Government whereby the military industrial complex has penetrated many levels of our political and justice systems. We also note the one-sided justice by the Robert Mueller investigation of President Trump for possible Russian collusion with no investigation of a paid Russian dossier by Hillary Clinton. It appears that the corrupt government politicians and law enforcement agencies believe the American people are dopes to accept unequal treatment under the law.

Lastly, the challenge is for all humans to love one another. Needed changes in how we perceive our spiritual and human values are embodied in the greatest command, given by a man of God, love one another. This means that the major religions, namely Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have got to revise their beliefs and advocate the attributes of integrity and truth, which are fundamental in professing love for one another.

Of the three major religions, Islam is the most destructive as revealed by an article that appeared on the Internet on 12/19/2018 by Raymond Ibrahim titled, America, Please Stand for Us: We are Dying! Muslim Persecution of Christians: September, 2018. He reported the, “Slaughter of Christians in Central African Republic. As many as 42 people—mostly Christian women—“were hacked to death … after suspected Islamist rebels attacked a group of civilians in the central town of Bria” between September 4-5. Some died by machete, others by gunshot. At least one of the butchered women was pregnant.” Raymond reported many other atrocities by Muslim militants in many other parts of Africa and Middle East, which may be read on the link below:

Only when we, people of all faiths, let go of our indoctrinated beliefs and love one another can we truly advance to the next level of integrity and knowledge that will be our passport to enter into the wonders of the universe. Until this occurs, we are still animals to be ruled by arrogant and self-serving leaders. How long will our families of Extraterrestrial beings tolerate stupidity, arrogance, and uncontrollable human behavior? Are they forgiving enough to raise humans to their level of integrity and not give up on the human race to join the family of life in the universe? As stated by Paul Hellyer, “That depends entirely on us, as individuals. We are writing our own histories and we will get what we produce.”

To travel into the universe and join the family of Extraterrestrials in other worlds, people from all countries must unite their spiritual and personal beliefs. They must highly regard truth and integrity and give each other the greatest gift – love. To fall short of the need to advance to the next stage of our spiritual and mental development, humans will continue to be pawns of the Cabal, Industrial Military Complex and the News Media.

For further your knowledge about ETs and UFOs, please view the link below to access many videos by Steven M. Greer MD.  He left his profession as a practicing surgeon to inform and educate all people about ETs and UFOs.  His objective is to unveil the secrecy and suppression of ETs and UFO technology by a shadow government controlled by the industrial military complex.  More importantly, he heads a global disclosure effort to eliminate the false information about ETs and inform people worldwide of the zero-point energy that must be utilized to improve the quality of life for all people and preserve the beauty of our planet.   As a start, I recommend viewing the six videos titled Free Energy.

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