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Brief Intro

Phil Schneider worked 17 years for the United States government as a geologist and aerospace engineer as well as structural engineer.  He co-invented methods of shape charge blasting as well as laser rock deflagration, which means rock is literally melted or powered by a special mazer laser combination and, the residue of the rock underneath is applied as a liquid coating kind of like instant agate if you could imagine a hunk of agate which is a hard silica mineral rock actually.

Phil states, “It is because of the horrendous structure of the federal government that I feel directly imperiled not to tell anybody about this material. How long I will be able to do this is anybody’s guess. However, I would like to mention that this talk is going to be broken up into four main topics. Each of these topics will have some bearing on what you people are involved in, whether you are patriots or not.  I want you to know that these United States are a beautiful place. I have gone to more than 70 countries, and I cannot remember any country that has the beauty, as well as the magnificence of its people, like these United States.”

Ginex: Below are key points from Phil’s lecture that should be known by citizens of the United States.  Phil was murdered on January 17, 1996, reportedly strangled by a catheter found wrapped around his neck.  An article titled, Shadow Government Murders of Space Aliens and Humans lists many deaths and may be viewed on

Key Points by Phil Schneider

The 1954 Grenada Treaty

The treaty had the participation of President Dwight Eisenhower.  Initially, aliens intended to exchange technology and explore the makeup of human beings and cattle.  Accurate books were supposed to be kept but of course, all that broke down.  Phil’s experience with the captured aliens in Area 51 led him to believe that aliens were greater liars than humans are.

About 100,000 Children and 1 million Adults Disappear Every Year

Current FBI and Defense Intelligence Agency and CIA statistics indicate about 100,000 children and 1 million adults disappear every year.  Phil believes these are not kidnappings or murders or rapes or suicides or anything totally unaccounted for.  This is an alarming statistic.  Could this be the efforts of a joint Shadow Government and alien partnership (a Ginex thought).

Underground Secret Bases and Prison Camps in the United States

Secret black budget currently consumes $1.25 trillion per year.

Presently, there are 129 deep underground military bases in the United States.  They’re (covert CIA) building two prison camps every seven months and building underground military bases every year.  They cost somewhere between 17 and 26 billion dollars.  They employ 1,800 to 10,000 workers, each in varying grades of skill and gobble up over ¼ of the black budget, or roughly 310 billion dollars. Very few people know about it, but the black-budget garners over 500 billion dollars a year. These kinds of high quantities and sums of money are garnered through CIA drug activity and National Security Agency clandestine operations.

The average depth of these bases is over a mile, and they again are basically whole cities underground. They all are between 2.66 and 4.25 cubic miles in size. The military have laser drilling machines that can drill a tunnel seven miles long in one day.  Many bases go down seven levels and over 2.5 miles deep.  The tunnels are built at a rate of seven miles a day and are 28 feet wide, 28 feet high.

These bases are basically large cities underground connected by high-speed magneto-leviton trains that have speeds up to Mach 2 (twice the speed of sound at sea level at about 1,535 mph).

The 1979 Alien and Military Firefight

Phil was involved in 1979 in a firefight with alien humanoids, and was one of the survivors. Two other survivors are under close guard in Canada. Phil is the only one left that knew the detailed files of the secret CIA operation. Sixty-six secret service agents, FBI, Black Berets and the like, died in that firefight.   Phil learned that alien humanoids had been living on our planet for a long time, perhaps a million years.

Secret Military Technology

For every calendar year that transpires, military technology increases about 44.5 years.  Basically, military technology right now is about 1,200 years more advanced and public state technology, computer technology right now it’s off the scale.  Phil indicated that the covert military have employed in black jet and stealth aircraft computers are so completely advanced we couldn’t get them in the public sector for maybe another 40 or 50 years.

Schneider’s Worries About Government Factions, Railroad Cars and Shackle Contracts

Phil was very worried about the activity of the federal government. They have lied to the public, stonewalled senators, and have refused to tell the truth in regard to alien matters.  Underground, the federal government has built 107,200 full length railroad cars, each with 143 pairs of shackles.  There are 11 subcontractors. If you multiply 107,200 times 143 times 11, you come up with about 15,000,000. This is probably the number of people who disagree with the federal government.

Our present structure of government is a “technocracy”, not democracy, and it is a form of feudalism.

Underground Slave Labor Camps

There are a 131 underground slave labor camps.  Phil believes they’re most likely been planned as underground camps and slave labor factories for the New World Order.  He believes the New World Order and the United Nations is taking its orders from, believe it or not, more powerful alien space entities.  Phil believes we might call them the sinister forces of large and small greys.

New World Order Agenda

Phil Schneider was asked if there is an alien agenda to the New World Order?  His answer was an affirmative, “Yes sir, 100%.”  There is an agenda to the New World Order and they’re taking their orders directly from the aliens.  Phil believes they’ve got (the aliens) their own timetable and want the One World Order because they want the planet for themselves.

AIDS as a Bioweapon Based on Alien Excretions

Phil indicated that aliens don’t eat us like a cannibal eating a of hunk meat but they use our glandular secretions as part of their food.  Blood are glandular secretions like adrenal chrome and other cuts.  Phil believes it might be where these new designer diseases evolved, like the aids and Ebola and hantavirus and other kinds of things that have come up out of nowhere.  Phil said that there has been a group of sinister plots to produce biological weaponry to reduce or thin out the so-called ethnic cleanser of the population of the planet by 5/6 or roughly 5 of 6 billion people, enslaving the rest to work willy-nilly with the so-called people, the New World Order.

Phil Advocates the New World Order be Exposed

Phil earnestly stated, “To expose the New World Order, use public opinion.  It is only going to do that.  It’s going to take millions of us, but we have to be informed and to do that we have to be doing what we’re doing now.  Gathering and talking, and of course, most of us are adults and can weed out fact from fiction.  Most of us know the difference between fact and fiction, and how to use it and how to abuse it.  So, we therefore have to continue to keep studying and keep talking.  I’ve given over 30 talks in the United States, Canada, England and Japan.”

America’s Black Program Contractors

Phil has some interesting 1993 figures. There are 29 prototype stealth aircraft presently.  The budget from the U.S. Congress five-year plan for these is $245.6 million. The black budget is roughly $1.3 trillion every two years. A trillion is a thousand billion. A trillion dollars weighs 11 tons. The U.S. Congress never sees the books involved with this clandestine pot of gold.  Contractors of stealth programs: EG&G, Westinghouse, McDonnell Douglas, Morrison- Knudson, Wackenhut Security Systems, Boeing Aerospace, Lorimar Aerospace, Aerospacial in France, Mitsubishi Industries, Rider Trucks, Bechtel, *I.G. Farben*, plus a host of hundreds more. Is this what we are supposed to be living up to as freedom- loving people?

Star Wars and Apparent Alien Threat

Phil believes about 68% of the military budget is directly or indirectly affected by the black budget. Some might ask what the “space shuttle” is “shuttling”. Large ingots of special metals are milled in space and cannot be produced on the surface of the earth. They need the near vacuum of outer space to produce them.

Phil believes the Star Wars program solely acts as a buffer to prevent alien attack – it has nothing to do with the “cold war”.

Thoughts on the Bombings in the United States

Phil was hired to do a report on the World Trade Center bombing. He found that the concrete was puddled and melted. “The steel and the rebar were literally extruded up to six feet longer than its original length. There is only one weapon that can do that – a small nuclear weapon. That’s a construction-type nuclear device.  Obviously, when to say it was a nitrate explosive that did the damage, it is a 100% lie, folks”.

Phil believes the Contract With America is a last ditch effort by our federal government to tear away the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Some Statistics on the Black Helicopter Presence

At present, there are over 64,000 black helicopters in the United States. For every hour that goes by, there is one being built. Phil believes this is an improper use of our money. What does the federal government need 64,000 tactical helicopters for, if they are not trying to enslave us. Phil doubts if the entire military needs 64,000 worldwide and doubt’s if all the world needs that many.

Phil reported that, “There are 157 F-117A stealth aircraft loaded with LIDAR and computer-enhanced imaging radar. They can see you walking from room to room when they fly over your house. They see objects in the house from the air with a variation limit of 1 inch to 30,000 miles. That’s how accurate that is.”

New World Order

Phil believes our federal government is slowly being phased out by the United Nations government as well as the new world in quote, the New World Order, which is an even a higher entity.  So, the government (covert CIA) has made itself an entity, an independent taxing body, an entity in itself and does, isn’t accountable to anybody, not even the so-called New World Order.

Government Earthquake Device

The federal government (covert CIA) has now invented an earthquake device. “I am a geologist, and I know what I am talking about. With the Kobe earthquake in Japan, there was no pulse-wave as in a normal earthquake. None. In 1989, there was an earthquake in San Francisco. There was no pulse-wave with that one either. It is a Tesla device that is being used for evil purposes.


I only knew Paul slightly, but from what I know, he is giving it straight. Its’ time we all make a stand and tell those miserable bastards we sent to Congress, that the time is now, for them to save this country from within. Make Congress force the military and the black budget into the open. We have to collectively drive that element out of our government, or face the consequences. To those who value their miserable lives, and feel that if being quiet will always save you, you’re wrong.— Col. Wilson

Disclose the Shadow Government and Alien Technology

All Americans and people around the world must expose the Shadow Government and demand disclosure of Alien technology.  Who controls the “Shadow Government” and why is disclosure of Alien technology of utmost importance?  But first, what do we mean by a Shadow Government?

The Shadow, aka Hidden Government. 

Definition: The shadow government is a surreptitious organization initiated soon after the 1947 Roswell alien crash and has assumed political control of the United States Government, its military forces, and all media outlets to manipulate the American people with disinformation of its undercover UFO development activities.  This control is managed by top-secret operatives that are not publicly elected.  For the past seven decades, this surreptitious organization has acquired control of the Military Industrial Complex and has imposed tremendous leverage in the news media, world politics, finance, and international conflicts.  It controls a vast undercover of media and electronic capability used to manipulate the public and election outcomes.

Past and Present CIA-FBI Undercover Activities

Definite proof exists that the shadow government is controlled and run by top-secret CIA-FBI-Pentagon operatives that first secured power soon after the 1947 alien Roswell crash.  They have spent untold billions of dollars in the development of the Area 51 underground facilities to back-engineer UFO technology and investigate the biological makeup of survived aliens.  To acquire the technical expertise to study and duplicate UFO capabilities, the shadow government contracted top engineering, scientific, biological, and construction companies, which make up the Military Industrial Complex.  In 1987, Bill Moyers in a PBS video revealed that the CIA is a super-secret, self-financing, self-perpetuating organization.  He provides a detailed documentary, The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis

The PBS documentary reveals just how extensive the CIA controls America’s democratic government and is responsible for millions of innocent deaths in many countries.

To defunct the notion that the shadow government is a conspiracy theory but instead, an actual reality, the reader may view the multiple murders committed by the CIA and FBI to silence anybody who had knowledge of Area 51 activities.  For a small list of murders committed by the CIA-FBI to silence public knowledge of UFO unacknowledged programs go to:

This list validates that U.S. government entities such as the CIA, FBI and DoD is responsible for more than 150 deaths of UFO researchers, biologists, engineers, scientists, top military officers, and personnel that had knowledge of, or worked in, Area 51. This list includes non-military people who had developed anti-gravity and zero-point energy capabilities or were authors, journalists, and radio/TV newscasters that wanted to reveal the existence of UFOs.  Some deaths are suspicious while many others are outright murder planned by the powerful surreptitious organization, aka, the hidden or shadow government.  The latest murder of Mark McCandlish, illustrator of the Alien Reproduction Vehicle, has an article dedicated to him on the link below:

The Shadow Government Corrupted the 2020 Presidential Election

Since the Roswell crash, top-secret CIA-FBI agencies have insidiously and effectively obtained control of all social, scientific, and national news media to propagate disinformation and misleading propaganda about UFOs.  Through seven decades, much of the propaganda was to deny the existence of UFOs and promote the idea that ETs are a threat to earth in order to attain continued billions for their undercover-unauthorized top-secret programs.  This control has become so pervasive that the undercover CIA-FBI operatives have corrupted the national news, TV, and Internet social platforms to influence and actively impact the 2020 Presidential Election.  Scientific proof exists that the greatest election fraud in United States history had to be coordinated by the Shadow government.  Positive evidence is amply documented by Mike Lindell on and

The Shadow Government Initiated and Terminated the Russian Hoax

The Russian impeachment hoax that began in March of 2016 was a distraction hoisted on the American people throughout the presidency of Donald Trump.  This hoax was fabricated by CIA officials that operated openly with the creation of an unsubstantiated dossier.  The impeachment trial ended March 2019 and Trump was found innocent.  However, all CIA officials involved were never indicted for the lies and deceit they perpetrated with the fake dossier.   John Durham, a U.S. Attorney who investigated the origins of the FBI’s Russia collusion investigation was to release a report that involved many CIA operatives soon after the 2020 presidential election.  This never happened; it becomes clear that the CIA terminated release of the report to the public.

The Shadow Government Has Corrupted Three Branches of Government

The shadow government CIA-FBI operatives have coordinated the greatest coup in U.S. history by setting up the Russian hoax to remove President Trump from office.  But the next show of subversive power was the CIA-FBI reach into the judicial system of the United States.  The Supreme Court did not accept the responsibility to adjudicate several cases of election fraud that the Democrat and Republican parties were unable to resolve.  This was not only a failure of the Supreme Court to resolve a national issue between two parties, it was a disgrace that reveals they did not have the integrity to honor their given mandate to provide justice for the American people.  But was there an undercurrent of fear that further riots would ensue if they were to deliver a verdict?

The inaction by the Supreme Court elicited a wake-up comment by attorney Sidney Powell.  “The Supreme Court’s failure to date to address the massive election fraud and multiple constitutional violations that wrought a coup of the presidency of the greatest country in world history completes the implosion of each of our three branches of government into the rubble of a sinkhole of corruption.”

The above allegation by Sidney Powell should enlighten Americans to know that liberty and justice for and by the people has not only been compromised, it is impotent due to the judicial fears materialized by the CIA and FBI.

Shadow Government Amnesty for Disclosure of UFO-ET Technology

All people and leaders in all countries must demand UFO-ET Technology Disclosure.  In return, amnesty can be given to shadow government operatives for the murders committed since the Roswell UFO crash.  It would be wise for shadow government operatives to acknowledge that disclosure will ultimately cause infusion of ET technologies into all of America’s machines on land, sea and air.  The benefit world-wide would achieve for humanity a new future with peace and prosperity.  But will the CIA-FBI-Pentagon operatives be willing to give up the power they now so arrogantly possess for their own selfish goals?  Disclosure of ET-UFO technologies will improve for all people their quality of life and open a frontier into outer space where they may meet and enjoy the intellect of other beings.  The benefits of disclosure are presented on:

Communication and U.S. Government Leaders Can Achieve Disclosure

Only by world-wide communication can the insidious, shadow government and their CIA-FBI agencies relent and provide full UFO-ET technology disclosure.  The American people must be proactive to voice their dismay of being misinformed and programmed to be slaves of the shadow government. People must broadcast the anguished cry of a man  made a fool by lies and disinformation that denigrates objective news and perverts the ideas and opinions of our culture, “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going take this anymore!” (MGM’s movie, Network)

Too long, seven decades, the shadow government has surreptitiously controlled the destiny of the United States without any acknowledgement and consent by the American people.

One Last Word

If the CIA-FBI-Pentagon operatives are unwilling to provide disclosure with the benefit of amnesty, then the U.S. President, Commander of all U.S. Military Forces with support of the American people, must mobilize the armed forces to take over all operations within the Pentagon and top-secret military facilities.  All technical data and company patents that were developed with multibillions of taxpayer dollars must be confiscated for use by legitimate development companies.  There is no reason why the Commander-In-Chief of the Military cannot take such action unless, the CIA-FBI-Pentagon operatives are truly the acting government within the so-called Democratic Government that supposedly is represented by and for the people.

Will Americans be strong and resolute to fight for the freedoms provided by our forefathers?  They are.  Nobody likes to be made a fool of.  Certainly, seven decades that Americans have been made into fools is long enough.  The time is now to stand up and vocalize that their freedoms and way of life must be under their control and that includes honest voting systems throughout America.  The CIA-FBI surreptitiously had control of the 2020 fraudulent presidential election whereby an unpopular and mentally deficient man became president of the United States.  Today, Americans are beginning to see the stupidity of the new president permitting open borders that not only causes the downfall of U.S. sovereignty but deprives all Americans of the prosperity and leadership they once had with President Trump.

If the news media loves America and the well-being of its people, they would inform them by also printing this article.  Comments are welcomed via:

U.S Agencies Killed People to Keep UFO Technology Secret

The Military Industrial Complex (MIC) is responsible for the many deaths of UFO scientists, engineers, researchers and authors.  Some deaths are suspicious while many others are outright murder planned by the MIC, FBI, CIA, DIA, NSA and other agencies to conceal antigravity, zero-point energy and interstellar spaceship technology.   Below is a partial list of people who were killed or threatened by the military (Air Force, Navy and Army) and U.S. agencies to maintain top-secret development by many major aerospace corporations.