Adjudicate the 2020 Election Fraud Now With 100% Proof

Mike Lindell has contracted computer experts that found wide-spread fraud of the 2020 Presidential Election by surfacing real-time, absolute proof that must be brought before the Supreme Court for adjudication.  The American people have been cheated of their rightful president by a surreptitious organization that employed computer hackers in the U.S. and foreign countries. 

The Surreptitious Organization

Scientific proof exists that the greatest election fraud in United States history had to be coordinated by a surreptitious organization.  The fraud is so extensive that it would be naive to discount that top-secret CIA operatives surreptitiously initiated and, very likely coordinated the 2020 election fraud.  It is already well known that CIA personnel have openly instigated the Russian hoax with an unverified dossier to remove President Donald Trump from office.  Many CIA officials involved were never indicted for the lies and deceit they perpetrated with the fake dossier.   John Durham, a U.S. Attorney who investigated the origins of the FBI’s Russia collusion investigation was to release a report that involved many CIA operatives soon after the 2020 presidential election.  This never happened; it becomes clear that undercover CIA operatives terminated release of the report to the public.

Real-Time Proof of Absolute Interference

Positive evidence has been amply documented by Mike Lindell with three videos.  The first video was banned and exists on the link,  The 2nd is a two-hour presentation, Absolute Interference, that reveals foreign and domestic enemies used computers connected to the world-wide Internet system.  Computer hackers accessed America’s 2020 election in real-time before, during, and after the election process.  In addition to domestic hackers, other countries such as China, Russia, Venezuela, Iran, Spain, Serbia, North Korea, Italy, and Germany accessed America’s electronic voting system that flipped many thousands of votes from Trump to Biden in many states. Refer to:

Supreme Court Can Render 9-0 Vote of Computer Fraud

The American people must loudly make known that they have been cheated from having the rightful president lead the country.  There is no doubt that Americans have overwhelmingly voted for President Trump but have been robbed by surreptitious activity that had to be coordinated worldwide.  To right the criminal activity, and install the rightful president, it will be the duty of the Supreme Court to adjudicate the 2020 Election Fraud to dispense justice.  The 100 % irrefutable evidence provided below on a 3rd video by Mike Lindell must be brought to the Supreme Court and adjudicated as soon as possible.

Americans are fed up having an inept Joe Biden run America.  Just a half year as president, President Biden has opened the U.S. border to all people with no proper verification of who and why they migrate.  Worse yet, it is the American people that pays for their shelter, food, clothing, education, medical and transportation.  Consequently, the states are absorbing the costs, which decreases the safety, education, and quality of life for their citizens.

Expose the Surreptitious Organization 

The surreptitious organization is a shadow government initiated soon after the 1947 Roswell alien crash and has assumed political control of the United States Government, its military forces, and all media outlets to manipulate the American people with disinformation of its undercover UFO development activities.  This control is managed by top-secret operatives that are not publicly elected.  Over the past seven decades, this surreptitious organization has acquired control of the Military Industrial Complex and has imposed tremendous leverage in the news media, world politics, finance, and international conflicts.  It controls a vast undercover of media and electronic capability used to manipulate the public and control election outcomes.  The menu at the website below provides the article titled, Disclose the Shadow Government and Alien Technology.  Click the title for a detail presentation of the shadow government.

Call to Action

It is to be noted that the Shadow Government, with pervasive control of the news and TV media, has successfully limited Americans to learn of the most important news of 2021, the findings of 100 % absolute fraud of the 2020 election. It remains for all Americans to inform and communicate this finding with many of their friends and associates. Make an effort to send at least 10 e-mails to them and they, in turn, by doing the same, will pressure the U.S. Supreme Court to adjudicate the fraud criminality.  It is a shame to let America endure a dishonest election that produced an inept president coordinated by surreptitious CIA operatives. Will Americans continue to be controlled by the Shadow Government or will they make their voices heard to obtain justice over the greatest fraud in the history of the United States?

To learn the severity of control on the U.S. Government by the Shadow Government, view the video hosted by Kevin Shipp, a former CIA officer, below.

This article is for all Americans to recognize there is a root cause for the 2020 election fraud and to not confront the problem is to welcome more control by a surreptitious organization that will eventually endanger humanity and possibly our planet.  There is no doubt in my mind that to be silent is to accept defeat.

Two former U.S. presidents have warned Americans that there is a sinister and serious threat by the CIA who controls the Shadow Government and media in the United States.  The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.  We have seen that the 2020 presidential election was well coordinated to employ extensive fraud by hackers in the U.S. and foreign countries,  An undercover operation that the CIA has experience with as they have interfered with election outcomes.  The freedom of America has been compromised and will persist as stated by two former United States presidents, Dwight D. Eisenhower and Harry S. Truman.

Kevin Shipp Video Reveals the Size and Power of the CIA

  1. The CIA is an unconstitutional organization. It was created with the National Security Act by Harry Truman in 1947 with no congressional approval.
  2. The CIA is staffed by unelected officials that could send us to war. They are put in place by secret programs and secret clearances and the public has nothing to say; CIA is in total control.
  3. The CIA manipulates the judiciary through the state secret privilege which shuts down legal cases brought before the foreign surveillance court, the FISA court (a secret Supreme Court) that approves warrants and wiretaps outside the Constitution. The CIA has invoked the state secret privilege to evade accountability for torture and even to dismiss a lawsuit alleging racial discrimination.
  4. The ‘state secrets privilege’ is very controversial. It is a legal tool that started as a limited shield intended to protect legitimate and critical government national security secrets, but the CIA and government has turned it into a sword to block Americans seeking to enforce the law, the Constitution, and silence national security whistleblowers.
  5. The size of the CIA encompasses 23 U.S. Capital buildings and is the size of 3 pentagons.

A Word About Kevin Shipp

Dane Washington of provided the CIA video indicated above and presented a short bio of Kevin Shipp.

“Mr. Shipp was a decorated CIA officer who refused to look the other way in regard to government criminality and cover-up.  At a very important public awareness event in Northern California, on July 28th, 2017, Mr. Shipp presented a shocking and compelling presentation on numerous, horrific and ongoing government crimes. The courage Kevin Shipp has shown by doing his best to expose government criminality and tyranny serves as a stellar example to us all.

Americans desperately need other individuals in government agencies and the US military to follow Kevin’s lead. All of us are essential in the battle to help wake the masses to the truth so that the whistleblowers have the support they need to come forward. If we have any chance of stopping the completely out of control criminal cabal that currently runs our country and much of the world, we must all make our voices heard, we must all join the fight for the greater good.”

Kevin Shipp Announced What We Can Do to Expose and Eliminate the CIA

  1. Start a grassroots civil movement across America.
  2. Establish thousands of groups; cause a social media storm.
  3. CIA knows citizens have the Internet and the CIA is scared of that power.
  4. Fire them all; congressmen and senators and elect constitutionalists at every level, kick them out.
  5. Demand total intelligence agency reform and complete dismantling of the CIA unconstitutional dark-shadow organization.
  6. Never forget, American is government by the people, Congress and Senate are our representatives, not the other way around.
  7. Government violations of the Constitution are a felony.
  8. The only weapon the CIA has is fear. Citizens are to make their voices known,
  9. Shipp reminds his audience by quoting Thomas Jefferson, who said,

“When the people fears government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there is liberty.”

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