The Beginning of the Universe

The above illustration shows the position of our Solar System in the interstellar Milky Way Galaxy

Welcome to a presentation about the beginning of the universe.  It is the author’s hypothetical belief that “Everything Has a Beginning – Even the Universe.”

My interest in how life began has led me into the realm of quantum physics.  It began as a little boy who wondered who was God and where did He come from?  Having read books by religious scholars and Egyptologists, a finding surfaced that conclusively revealed how mankind conceived the Maker of all that is.  It was the Egyptian Priesthood of Amon that documented the belief in one-universal god called Amon As the Sole God 1.  Revered and worshipped 2,000 years before the birth of Jesus Christ, believers in God announce his name “Amen” at the end of a prayer, supplication, expression of thanks and praise, and even sing “Amen, Amen, Amen” in reverent tones.

This conception of Amon as being the Maker of All There Is was a result of man’s ability to think of his mortality and relationship to an universal God.  But man’s curiosity about God made him venture further beyond the stars to wonder how did the universe begin?   To assist in the hypothetical journey of understanding the universe, scientists and philosophers began to explore man’s capability of consciousness and if, in fact, it pervades the universe.  Research into quantum physics surfaced the hypothetical idea that the unique positive and negative energy forces of an atom, which can coalesce into inorganic and organic matter, may have an inherent consciousness that tries to reveal itself.  Pursuing this idea, it resulted in an article, which was published in an OpEdNews article titled, Does Consciousness Pervade the Universe?  

The Beginning of the Universe Began with the Electron

After presenting the possibility that consciousness pervades the universe, it became natural for me to expound on a profound belief that Everything Has a Beginning – Even the Universe.  This belief developed after a lifetime thinking about God as the Maker of All There Is, finding that the electron exists with every atom in the creation of matter throughout the universe, and that consciousness appears be an inherent force that finally expresses itself in living organisms.

In Does Consciousness Pervade the Universe?, it was hypostatized that the universe began with development of a fundamental unit that is the basic building block of all matter – the atom.  However, even the atom had a beginning and was formed over an undetermined period of billions or perhaps, trillions of years. Sub-particles formed from quantum fields throughout space created the first fundamental particle called the electron. It is the author’s belief that the universe began with the electron. It is an intrinsic part of every atom that forms all elements on our planet and matter throughout the universe. 

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Every Atom has One or More Electrons that Orbits its Nucleus.

David Tong, a professor of theoretical physics at Cambridge University gave a presentation titled, Quantum Fields: The Real Building Blocks of the UniverseHe indicated that the fundamental building blocks of matter are not discrete particles but continuous fluid-like substances, spread throughout all of space, which are called fields. The most familiar examples of fields are the electric and magnetic field. Electromagnetic fields exists everywhere as a fluid that fills the entire universe. It is the author’s belief that there is a transformation of energy within these fields that forms the electron, a negatively charged particle.

As the electron came to exist in infinite numbers, it inherently possessed a consciousness to evolve atoms, which formed the elements of our universe.  The atom consists of protons and neutrons that are, like the electron, similarly created from fields but the proton has a positive charge and neutrons a neutral charge.  A review of the Periodic Table of Atomic Numbers verifies that the electron may be the mastermind in the creation of atoms.  For with every atom, one or more electrons revolves around its nucleus of protons and neutrons .    It is the inherent ability of the electron to coalesce protons and neutrons in atoms that determine the characteristic of each element.  Therefore, the electron may be the fundamental particle that is responsible for creation of inorganic and organic matter in the universe. To find how many electrons revolve around each atom go HERE

The Basic Building Block of Matter

Since acceptance of the Big Bang Theory, science has advanced into the unknown territory of infinitesimally small particles studied and quantified with a relatively new scientific discipline called Quantum Physics. Of the many physicists who have discovered that the atom is made of yet smaller particles, an electrical engineer, who ventured into the world of quantum physics, developed a remarkable and profound theory that may unify the gap between macro and micro physics. This engineer, physicist, and inventor is Paramahamsa Tewari.

While exploring the philosophical idea that Everything Has a Beginning – Even the Universe, its validity was found in Mr. Tewari’s paper titled, Structural Relation Between the Vacuum Space and the Electron3.  His paper reveals how the first fundamental particle in the universe, the electron, was created through the transformation of energy.  He developed a space vortex structure that mathematically verifies how energy in space creates the electron and calculated many of its properties, such as charge and mass.  An overview of Mr. Tewari’s space vortex theory is present in the article, The Electron Began the Universe and may be accessed via

Paramahamsa Tewari

Mr. Tewari’s astonishing discovery that the electron is the first fundamental particle created in space triggers a conception of how the universe began.  The  Periodic Table of Atomic Numbers reveals that the electron intimately exists in the formation of every atom and therefore may be key in the creation of inorganic and organic matter.  To conceive how the universe began, it may be that that the electron was created millions and trillions of times to eventually form atoms that are the basic building blocks of all matter.  What is illuminating is that even the electron has a beginning, which supports the author’s philosophical belief that Everything Has a Beginning – Even Our Universe

Tewari Confirms Nikola Tesla’s Memorable Quote

There is a fundamental nature of space and matter that Mr. Tewari was able to deduce with his space vortex theory. He hypothesized that the space vortex void that makes up the interior of the electron is created from space or aether, which was first described by Nikola Tesla as,

“All perceptible matter comes from a primary substance, or tenuity beyond conception, filling all space, the akasha or luminiferous ether, which is acted upon by the life-giving Prana or creative force, calling into existence, in never ending cycles all things and phenomena.”

Nikola Tesla Perceived that throughout Space there is Energy.

Tewari’s space vortex theory has confirmed Tesla’s memorable quote,

“Ere many generations pass, our machinery will be driven by a power obtainable at any point in the universe. This idea is not novel….Throughout space there is energy. Is this energy static or kinetic? If static our hopes are in vain; if kinetic—and this we know it is, for certain—then it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature.” 

It is this energy that exists in space that is presently being used under top secret programs by the military industrial complex (MIC) to power space craft to the stars.  The U.S. government has yet to get the MIC to disclose the greatest technological discoveries of our era, anti-gravity and zero-point energy.  By applying free energy capability commercially for moving vehicles, air craft, factories, homes and farms, it will eliminate use of bio fuels, nuclear plants and propulsion, which will resolve the climate change threat.  Access to low cost zero-point energy will increase jobs and food production in every country, and raise the quality of life for all beings on earth, whereby they can advance to the next level of moral, intellectual, and spiritual development.  

Tesla’s perception of energy in space has been demonstrated with zero-point energy and is supported with Paramahamsa Tewari’s conclusion in his book published in 2009, titled Universal Principles of Space and Matter, A Call for Conceptual Reorientation.  Tewari’s conclusion below confirms this author’s belief that Everything Has a Beginning – Even the Universe.

“the reality is that the dynamic space (energy substratum) is the first cause of creation, stability and subsequent existence of cosmic matter and fields.”

This reality confirms this author’s belief that Everything Has a Beginning Even the Universe. This belief challenges the validity of the Big Bang Theory, which begins with a singularity that populated the universe with matter and energy. With today’s far-reaching view of the universe, we are able to learn that there are billions of galaxies, some 100 times larger than our own Milky Way galaxy, all separated by millions of light-years. The immensity of such matter could not have emanated from one big bang but by the transformation of energy in electromagnetic fields that create matter; particles that exist throughout space to evolve the basic building block of all things – the atom.

The author’s belief that Everything has a Beginning – Even the Universe is not only new but mind-boggling for it challenges religious and scientific thought. Hopefully, our readers will ponder why this belief is faulty or is relevant. Your comments and thoughts serves to help us learn from one another and someday arrive at a universal truth.

A Philosophical View of Consciousness

It may be hypothesized that the electron has a consciousness with a purpose to create atoms that can coalesce into stars and planets.  Consciousness may be inherent in organic matter that reaches out to understand its creation – the universe. This hypothetical idea that matter, created by atoms that determine inorganic and organic outcomes that assumes higher levels of consciousness may have some merit because we are proof as thinking products of our universe. An author, poet, great Islamic historian and scholar, Anwar Shaikh, distinguished himself as a philosopher by sharing his thoughts that consciousness has a role in the cosmos. He wrote,

“Since consciousness means cognition or knowing, there must be something worth knowing. Therefore, eyes have a multiple purpose; firstly, to play a definite role in the evolution of consciousness, and secondly, to know the world around us. From this conclusion, it also follows that the world or cosmos has a purpose: it wants to be known; it aspires to be conscious of itself.  This seems to be the entire purpose of consciousness. Since man is the cosmic baby, he happens to be the medium for the universal consciousness.” 2

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It becomes apparent that the forces within the atom have an intelligence or a consciousness that tries to express itself in many ways through the evolution of organic life forms.  It is this consciousness that reaches its height in human beings to think and reach out with hypothetical thoughts to try to understand its own existence.  And that is why this author believes that the transformation of energy in particles is a long, evolutionary process whereby it transforms itself into matter with an inherent will to exist as consciousness in higher life forms that will question and examine its nature.  Namely, thinking life forms are the crown achievement of consciousness in the universe. 

Anwar presented another aspect of consciousness.  He wrote,

“If we delve deeper into consciousness, it transpires that it is the apex of evolution.  Without it, existence or non-existence of the universe will not matter.  A thing may exist but it is the knowledge of its existence which gives it a proper valuation.  The universe obviously wants to be recognized, otherwise consciousness will have no meaning because whatever man sees, feels, senses or perceives relates to the universe; man himself is a part of it.  Therefore, human consciousness belongs to the universe.  More properly, the cosmos evolves man for the sole purpose of seeing, feeling, sensing and perceiving through him.  Thus, man ranks as the cosmic baby with a special purpose.  What is this purpose of man? 2

This is a philosophical question that our readers may wish to pursue and this author welcomes their thoughts to help define the purpose of mankind.  But let us delve into why the universe does has a beginning like every other entity it encompasses.

Disclose Zero-Point Energy for the Benefit of Mankind

This article surfaces the greatest technological breakthrough in our era.  It is Zero-point energy which will allow mankind to venture out into the stars.  However, will the American people, national media, and honest politicians demand it be disclosed for use by mankind on earth to improve the quality of life for all people?  It is imperative that all technologies employ zero-point energy to achieve low cost energy without the use of bio and nuclear fuels that pollute the earth.  The benefits will eliminate poverty and lack of food; wars due to religious and political differences; and sufficient leisure time to grow intellectually and morally.  This demand requires the efforts by all people to gain control from the military-industrial complex, a shadow government, which, for seven decades, have secretly controlled the greatest technological discovery for their own greed, power, and control of mankind’s future.

Note 1.  Nicholas P. Ginex, Future of God Amen, Chapter 6.1.2, Amen a Revered God,

Note 2. Anwar Shaikh, Book 4, Chapter 12, Mind and Matter, Cosmic Purpose,

Note 3.  Paramahamsa Tewari, Structural Relation Between the Vacuum Space and the Electron, l)return u

Military Industrial Complex Withholds Zero-Point Energy

On February 17, 2019, FOX News Channel presented the new TV show, Life, Liberty & Levin.  It is hosted by Mark Levin who is dedicated to exploring America’s culture, politics, and world events to perceive their effects on the lives of its people and the direction of our nation’s future. Mark’s guest was the distinguished Four Star General Jack Keane, the first military official to receive the Peace Through Strength Award at the Reagan Library in California. 

Their conversation highlighted possible war threats around the world, but nowhere in their discussion did they speak of, or entertain, the most important technological development of this era- the use of zero-point energy (ZPE).  This was disappointing because informed and forward-looking minds worldwide know that ZPE can be the solution to achieve global world peace. 

Even though ZPE technology has been secretly developed and implemented by the military-industrial complex (MIC), it is unreported by the U.S. national news media to inform and educate the American people.  By not revealing the benefits of zero-point energy, it becomes evident that the News Media is financed and controlled by the MIC, a shadow government that intends to maintain its power and wealth by keeping ZPE secret and continue use of bio and nuclear fuels.

Since the joint study of UFOs by American and German scientists after WWII, it has been over 70 years that the military-industrial complex has retrieved UFOs and interfaced with extraterrestrial beings.  In hundreds of deep underground top-secret compartments, military officers, scientists, aerospace engineers, psychologists, corporation and news media members conspired to maintain secrecy in the development of zero-point energy.

Most news media intellectuals are informed and knowledgeable of the benefits of ZPE.  Surely, they would strongly reveal the benefits of ZPE to people around the world.  But what is the problem, what stifles their ability to educate people worldwide about the benefits of zero-point energy?  Could it be that their voices are stifled because the News Media is financed and controlled by the military-industrial complex? 

The answer is an affirmative yes.  Zero-point energy technology is the greatest invention of our era that offers the reality of space travel and world peace.  But this reality threatens the military-industrial complex (MIC) from controlling the U.S. economy and wealth.

The News Media is Controlled by the MIC.

The power of News Media fake news to disseminate disinformation and corrupt political views is clearly evidenced by over 95 percent negative coverage of Present Trump in spite of his successes in raising the U.S. economy and increasing jobs across the country.  News media power to shape the minds of people is apparent for they have successfully convinced millions of Americans that UFOs and extraterrestrial visitors are a hoax.

It is remarkable that Mark Levin, a man of extraordinary intelligence has not broached the benefits of ZPE technology to his audience.  There is no question that our greatest and brightest minds on TV shows and other media are fearful of being fired if they are outspoken about ZPE.  They are silenced by a shadow government, namely, the military-industrial complex (MIC), which has undermined our democracy and rule of law to the extent that, over the period of 70 plus years, many of its members have been threatened and murdered to keep their covert operations secret.  These unlawful and corrupt actions are tantamount to criminal offenses that can only be forgiven with amnesty granted to all MIC members in exchange for complete disclosure of all UFO developments that has resulted in the implementation of zero-point energy.  

This author apologizes to Mark Levin for having brought up his name regarding the MIC for he has the courage to speak out for the welfare of the American people.  To find if other news media hosts and commentators avoided reporting the reality of UFOs and extraterrestrials, an internet search of news hosts and government officials that reported ZPE came up with no hits.  It becomes apparent that the military-industrial complex is highly successful for silencing TV and news media preventing them to inform and educate the public about extraterrestrials and zero-point energy.  

As early as 1961, in a televised farewell address, President Eisenhower warned Americans about the increasing power of the military-industrial complex.  His warning was motivated because the MIC did not provide him with any information or accountability of top secret UFO ET operations with the pretext that he had “no need to know.”

Dr. Edgar Mitchell, a NASA astronaut who walked on the moon as part of the Apollo 14 mission in 1971 was a strong believer in the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life and claimed earth had frequently been visited by aliens. 

In a 2009 interview with the Guardian Mitchell stated:

“We are being visited by extraterrestrial life …I call upon our government to open up … and become a part of this planetary community that is now trying to take our proper role as a spacefaring civilization.”

To this day, the military-industrial complex has not disclosed that zero-point energy is a reality.  The military aerospace sector has developed and implemented interstellar flying objects (IFOs) that can travel into space.  But, unfortunately, the MIC maintains secrecy and control of ZPE depriving humanity of its applications that can benefit whole economies around the world and forfeit the opportunity to learn about the culture, history and technological advancements of extraterrestrial beings.

What are the Benefits of Zero-Point Energy?

People worldwide must demand all IFO space technology, developed covertly by the military-industrial complex, be disclosed to improve their quality of life and enter the new era of interstellar space travel.  Zero-point energy can achieve low cost energy without the use of oil, coal, gas and nuclear fuels that pollute the earth.  The benefits will eliminate poverty and lack of food; wars due to religious and political differences; and sufficient leisure time to grow intellectually and morally – a prerequisite to join intelligent and peaceful beings throughout space. 

Availability of ZPE technologies must be allowed for use by all countries in an open, free enterprise system.  It will create many jobs around the world to solve poverty, decrease pollution of our planet, and increase the quality of life for all people.  These benefits, introduced into every country, will eliminate the need for war by any country.  It will allow humans to solve their most important problems caused by religious and educational institutions.  It is our religious institutions and our educational systems that need to be advanced for mankind to live in the new era of interstellar travel.  These two areas of moral and intellectual development, respectively, must be faithfully addressed.  They are presented in the article, Disclose ET UFO Technology.  Please read it.  It presents the need for ZPE disclosure and how people can make it happen.   Go to:

Disclose Zero-Point Energy Now

This article began with the Fox News interview between Mark Levin and General Jack Keane.  It energized the writing of this article because it reminded the author of the stupidity, arrogance, and ignorance humans need to overcome for they are focused on poverty, wars, and terrorism instead of taking advantage of the greatest technological breakthrough of our time – zero-point energy.  To eliminate poverty, terrorism and wars, it is imperative that intelligent, perceptive, and peace-loving people get their government leaders to disclose and implement ZPE.  In parallel with ZPE implementation, humans need to advance morally and intellectually to be welcomed by intelligent interstellar life forms and enter the era of intergalactic travel.  

Note: The featured photo of our solar system in the Milky Way Galaxy was obtained from:

Human and Extraterrestrial Communication


After the Roswell UFO crash of 1947, President Truman authorized the military to conduct a top-secret operation to investigate the Extraterrestrial beings retrieved.  Within one decade, a consortium of U.S. military and large aerospace corporations, referred to as the military-industrial complex, developed with the knowledge of ET beings the use of zero-point energy and antigravity technology.

Today, the U.S. military is able to dominate earth’s outer space with Intergalactic Flying Object (IFO) technology.  However, it is also clear that the military has operated as a shadow government unaccountable to every U.S. President by not sharing their IFO and ET discoveries.  It is known that the IFO ET technologies developed by the military-industrial complex offers very powerful technological advances that can increase the quality of life for all people on earth.  By using zero-point technology, poverty and food shortages can be eliminated and, by no longer needing bio and nuclear fuels the earth will no longer be subject to pollution of our earth and all its life forms.

If the military-industrial complex discloses IFO technology developed over the past 73 years, will the American people, and people around the world, be ready for the dramatic changes that will affect their lives?  The economies of every country will be impacted by new production capabilities, which will require an intellectual rebirth of our educational and religious institutions.

Presently, Humans are Not Ready for Intergalactic Travel.

There is an opportunity for humans to travel to intergalactic space and meet Extraterrestrial beings from other worlds.  But are humans ready to meet ETs who are thousands and perhaps millions of years ahead intellectually and technologically?  When we witness every day, the mass killing of people with different religious beliefs and witness the millions of people who suffer from poverty and lack of food it becomes clear that we, the human race, have not learned to solve problems that can eliminate religious differences, poverty and war.

How can ETs accept human beings that have not learned to live peacefully among themselves?  We are a threat to ETs as we still let our arrogance, bigotry, greed for power and wealth, and hatred towards each other dominate.  Our educational and religious institutions, around the world, have failed to teach integrity, an attribute that is based upon sincerity and truth.  Even our Media have found it easy to lie about events and distort facts because of political differences.  Our colleges and universities poison our young minds with tainted political views by reinterpreting historic events.  The President of the United States is ridiculed and disrespected with indecent names even though he has rescued our economy by increasing jobs and raised the incomes of blacks and other minorities. Unfortunately, humans do not appear to be ready in two or three decades for intergalactic travel.

What Must be Done for Humans to be Accepted by Extraterrestrials.

First, the President of the U.S. needs to provide Amnesty to all members of the military-industrial complex in order for them to disclose all IFO technology for public use.  A commission of scientists, engineers, corporate managers, business entrepreneurs, builders and city planners must study and plan for ways to employ IFO technology in all spheres of job production, such as manufacturing, agriculture, infrastructure and transportation.  This planning will take at least five to ten years to design and develop technology that employs zero-point energy.  New ways of building homes, growing agricultural products, increasing production of factories, and inventing new ways of land and air travel can become a reality.  The benefits will be the utilization of manpower and creation of jobs that will accomplish the building of new cities and modes of transportation.

Develop and Implement Zero-point Energy in All Countries.

The planning to turn our way of life into the era of zero-point energy will need to incorporate its new technological advances in countries around the world.  Leaders from every country will understand that by employing IFO technologies their people will be relieved from poverty, jobs will open up, and opportunities for development of their people intellectually and morally can be achieved.  However, there are fundamental problems that must be resolved, institutions that shape our lives intellectually, spiritually, and morally must be revised and restructured. 

A Religious Rebirth is Needed to Advance Humans for the Intergalactic Age.

Every country is influenced by the parental, religious, and educational upbringing given to their people.  Countries become intellectually and morally advanced depending on the quality of religious and educational instruction given to their people.  If such instruction lacked emphasis on truth based upon substantiated facts, and does not emphasize respect for people of different ethnic backgrounds, then the nation’s people will fail to attain mental objectivity and minimizes its chances to become an advanced world power.  The analogy is similar to the failure of students to make successful, objective decisions and choices if poorly instructed by parental, religious and educational instructors.

Revamp the Root of the Problem that Shapes Integrity.

The root of the problem begins with religious instruction received by parents for they are most intimately involved in raising their children with a foundation of moral rules that builds the attributes of character and integrity.  This means that the birth of our religious institutions needs to be evaluated to understand why and how they became a fundamental part of any civilization.   Such evaluation begs to be studied because it is clear that it is the clash of different religious beliefs that is responsible for bigotry, hatred, terrorism, and the murder of millions of innocent people worldwide.

All religions have developed because the leaders found that discipline of their people depended upon a sound moral upbringing.  Of the many religions, history reveals that the Hebrew, Christian and Islamic religions developed from the religious beliefs of the Ancient Egyptians.  It was as early as 2600 BCE that the Egyptian priesthood documented the belief in a creator God called Atum.  To illustrate how mankind envisioned one universal God that came to be known as Amen, Figure 1 from the novel, AMEN, the Beginning of the Creation of God is provided.

Figure 1 illustrates that it was the Egyptian priesthood that developed the concept of one God, heaven upon leading a righteous life, and a Son of God, namely the pharaoh.  I leave the reader to carefully examine the figure for it reveals Scripture evolved and changed over thousands of years.  Finally, it was Jesus Christ in John’s Revelation that Amen was proclaimed as the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God.  This one-universal God has been emulated in the Judaic, Christian and Islamic religions.  Unfortunately, this God is worshipped with different beliefs that has caused division among the believers of God.

Religious beliefs in one God have become so divergent that terrorism and the deaths of millions of people has occurred over thousands of years.  In their quest for power and greed, Islamic leaders have corrupted the attributes of truth and morality by using their religion to acquire wealth from other countries.  Since the inception of Islam by the prophet Muhammad and his death in 632 CE, Islamic armies conquered many lands to become an Islamic Empire by 750 CE.  Muslims conquered the Byzantine and Persian empires, and along the Mediterranean, captured Christian lands as far west as Spain. They conquered all of North Africa, which included Egypt and its east coast down to the island Madagascar.  This conquest extended further east to the northern half of India.  As with all conquered countries, Muslim leaders not only obtained the wealth of other countries, but they received ransom from their captives to live or kill them for not accepting Allah in accordance with the Qur’an.  This conquest has infiltrated into the Western part of Europe and is causing the economies and way of life in many countries to be destroyed.  An objective presentation of how Islam became a world power and why Islamic religious leaders use the Qur’an to indoctrinate the minds of their people, is provided as a Free Read on the link,

It informs people around the world of a manmade cancer that may lead to the destruction of many more lives and possibly our earth.

Islamic Religious Leaders Must Revise the Qur’an.

Leaders around the world appear to be ignorant of knowing that Iran’s religious ideology is used to acquire the wealth and resources of other countries.  The Qur’an is an ideal Scripture to indoctrinate people as early as several weeks of birth.  Indoctrination is so insidious and effective that even the brightest Muslim minds are unable to objectively scrutinize the Qur’an and object to its many abominable verses.  Such verses instilled into the minds of followers cause them to become fanatics to kill innocent people in the name of their God Allah. 

People on earth will not be welcomed by Extraterrestrials as long as religious Islamic leaders continue to use the Qur’an in their quest to conquer the land of other countries and acquire their wealth.  The Qur’an (9:33) clearly states Allah’s objective to have Islam prevail over all other religions.  This is a false objective NOT by the Islamic God Allah but arrogant religious leaders who have written many  Qur’an verses.  It is evident that if the religion of Islam is not revised to advocate the greatest command given by a man of God – love one another, terror and countless more deaths of innocent lives will be inevitable.  To avoid the looming possibility of a Third World War due to a clash of religious ideologies, the United States and other progressive countries that are beginning to make zero-point energy a reality must offer Islamic leaders the benefits of employing this new energy to solve their economic problems.  This must include the stipulation that their Scripture advocate the great command – love one another.  

A whole new view of God needs to be understood for it becomes obvious that God did not create man in His own image but has created life throughout the universe so that someday His creations may discover His greatness.

To extend one’s spiritual beliefs to respect all life throughout the universe requires an overwhelming effort and it will take perhaps more than one or two decades but several generations.  But this depends upon the perceptiveness and compassion of religious leaders to understand that it is not their religion that must be preserved, it is the further development of human beings morally, spiritually and intellectually.  Which leader of the Democratic, Republican and Liberal Party will be courageous enough to advocate the disclosure and development of zero-point energy to resolve poverty, decrease pollution of our environment, increase our quality of life, and provide for the greatest opportunity to enter the era of interstellar galactic travel?

That leader will be a man or woman of God who places love of humanity above the selfishness and greed of the military industrial complex entrenched in the establishment that desires to maintain the status quo by obtaining power and wealth from oil wells, continued sale of weapons of destruction, and control Americans by distorting history and indoctrinating their minds with fake news. Truly, this leader will be a person destined to do great works as revealed by Jesus Christ in John 14:12:

Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go to my Father.

This is a wonderful statement whereby Jesus makes it known that greater works shall be done by those who believe in him because he must go to his Father.  That belief is summed up with just three words – love one another.  Such love will be demonstrated by a political leader that loves humanity and preserve the beauty of our earth.

Educators Need to Provide History of God and Religion.

As a start to employ a broad understanding of the birth of religious beliefs and why they are essential for the development of mankind a paper published by the Clute Institute should be read.  It was noticed by ERIC (Education Resource and Information Center) and placed on the Internet.  ERIC is sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) of the U.S. Department of Education.  The paper can be accessed by clicking the following link:

It offers a wealth of historical information on the development of Egypt’s civilization and reveals how Egyptian beliefs were emulated by other groups of people to develop the major religions of today; namely, the Judaic, Christian, and Islamic religions.  The psychological aspect to live peacefully with people of different religious beliefs must be instilled in the minds of human beings as zero-point energy is developed and implemented.

As the paper abstract indicates, there is a need for high school, college, and university educators to introduce their students to a history of mankind’s development of religions and beliefs in God.  People need to understand the need and why instruction in morality is essential to the well-being of their nation and its citizens.  By providing people with a greater understanding of the nature of man it can: energize political and religious leaders to utilize the solution of zero-point energy, increase love of humanity, and be able to welcome visitors from outer space.

The Challenge for Humans to Join Intergalactic Life.

On January 23, 2009, Dr. Steven Greer wrote on behalf of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, a letter to President Obama.  He indicated the need for the military-industrial complex to disclose top-secret IFO technology by writing:

“Because of this misguided secrecy, the wondrous new sciences related to advanced energy generation, propulsion and transportation have been withheld from the people. These advances include the generation of limitless clean energy from the so-called zero-point energy field and quantum vacuum flux field from the space around us, and propulsion that has been termed (incorrectly) anti-gravity. The field of electromagnetic energy that is teeming all around us and which is embedded within the fabric of space/time can easily run all of the energy needs of the Earth – without pollution, oil, gas, coal, centralized utilities or nuclear power.”

Ten years later, the military-industrial complex has not relinquished IFO (UFO) technology nor revealed their interaction with Extraterrestrials.  What may be an unforeseen danger is that the creation of a Military Space Force by President Trump will entrench military-industrial complex officials giving them even greater power to act as a shadow government uncontrolled by Congressional and Presidential oversight.

The quandary still exists as to when will our President demand disclosure of IFO technology.  The American people are educated enough to accept intelligent beings from other worlds.  But will the greedy and powerful status quo of the establishment and military-industrial complex dominate and control the destiny of mankind?  This can be stopped quickly if all people write to their political leaders and demand disclosure of IFO technology.  It is foolish to tolerate being kept hostage from experiencing a new age of intergalactic experiences.  Those of you who want to increase our quality of life, meet Extraterrestrials and welcome an intergalactic era, please write to your political Congressmen and our President.  Your effort to write a letter supporting disclosure of IFO technology will make a difference.  The link to the White House is provided in the author’s letter below to President Trump.           

Thank you,

Nicholas Ginex

Letter for UFO Disclosure – 2019

Nicholas Ginex, a perceptive author dedicated to improving mankind’s development morally, intellectually and spiritually, wrote a UFO Letter to President Trump on January 27, 2019.  It addressed a subject that the American people has been misinformed about since the UFO Roswell crash in 1947.   Misinformation, lying, intimidation, and murder was committed by the military and high-tech companies who colluded together, under top secret operations, to back-engineer UFO technology developed by Extraterrestrials. 

With the development of lethal weapons, Ginex foresees a danger that with misinformation to portray ETs as a threat, the military may order to shoot down an alien spacecraft.  The military already has a nuclear arsenal that if used to intercept missiles from an aggressive country millions of people will be killed and our earth will be polluted endangering the viability of all life.  The possible initiation of a self-destructive war with Extraterrestrials from outer space or between waring countries must be avoided by forcing the military-industrial complex to disclose UFO Extraterrestrial technology.  Disclosing such technology for transparent use by U.S. companies and entrepreneurs will benefit people around the globe.

Ginex’s second letter to President Trump is presented below.

Letter for UFO Disclosure -2019

The White House
President Donald J. Trump
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

February 7, 2019

Dear President Trump,

In 2018, members of your administration and officials in the Pentagon have been apprised of military-industrial complex top-secret UFO operations by Dr. Steven M. Greer.  The link below provides an understanding of the UFO ET problem and recommended solutions.  Please read it.  As our leader, you have the courage, intellect, and authority to order AMNESTY for all military-industrial members and order the disclosure of all UFO ET documented technology for use by progressive companies and entrepreneurs.

People around the world are aware of the existence of UFOs and ETs.  Since 1947 the American people have been lied to and fed disinformation so that the military- industrial complex can obtain billions of dollars to back engineer UFOs.  The American Media has been supported financially by the military to portray a negative view of aliens and a perception that they are a threat to humans.  The alien threat propagated by arrogance caused an ET to be shot and killed in 1978 by a security guard at Fort Dix.  Such arrogance will prevent mankind from entering into a new era that can eliminate poverty, pollution of our earth, and improve the quality of life for all people.

To successfully enter into a new technological era will require AMNESTY for all personnel of the military-industrial complex involved in top-secret UFO ET operations.  Covert UFO ET projects required intimation, threats, and murder of military, corporate and administrative members.  Arrogance and power reached its height with the alleged killing of President Kennedy by covert military leaders who believed he was going to disclose UFO ET operations to the public. 

Will it take two decades or two generations before we will be ready to embrace Extraterrestrial beings that have evolved thousands of years ahead of ours and join a new era of galactic contact in the universe?

Nicholas Ginex, a Humanitarian and U.S. Patriot

A World Movement for Zero-Point Energy

By writing a UFO letter to President Trump the quality of life for all people and entrance into a new era of interplanetary travel can become a reality.  The challenge is to overcome the status quo of government, religious organizations, and the military-industrial complex.  If millions of people world-wide actively support disclosure of zero-point energy it can be done in one or two decades rather than two or more generations. 

You can help initiate disclosure of UFO ET technology by writing President Donald J. Trump using the link below.

A Request for all Readers of this Article.

Readers of this article and the millions of Dr. Greer YouTube viewers are requested to write President Trump.  For cohesive impact of a letter campaign effort, it is recommended that your letter use the same title, UFO letter to President Trump – 2019.  You may duplicate any portion of Ginex’s letter or provide your own thoughts.

Thank you for supporting a humanitarian effort that will take years to advance all people to learn to love one another and together, eliminate poverty and enter the new era of space travel.

Nicholas P. Ginex 

UFO Letter to President Trump – 2019

Nicholas Ginex, a perceptive author dedicated to improving mankind’s development morally, intellectually and spiritually, has written President Trump of the need to address a subject that the American people has been misinformed about since the UFO Roswell crash in 1947.   Misinformation, lying, intimidation, and murder was committed by the military and high-tech companies who colluded together, under top secret programs, to back-engineer UFO technology developed by Extraterrestrials.  Ginex foresees a danger in the use of advanced galactic weapons that may kill millions of people and pollute our earth; but also, the military may unwisely initiate a self-destructive war with Extraterrestrials from outer space.  This must be avoided by forcing the military industrial complex to disclose UFO Extraterrestrial technology for transparent use by U.S. companies whereby they can employ its use for the benefit of people here and around the globe.  The Ginex letter to President Trump is presented below.

UFO Letter to President Trump

The White House
President Donald J. Trump
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500                                                    

                                                                                    January 27, 2019

Dear President Trump,

I will be brief and to the point about a humanitarian crisis that began in 1947 and must, over the next two decades, be solved to prepare the American people to enter a new era that will increase their quality of life and save our planet. 

The humanitarian crisis has been created by the industrial military complex, a shadow government, that desires to maintain power militarily over your administration and continue to control the world by using the Media to infect the American people with disinformation about UFOs, Extraterrestrials, and political issues. 

Many Americans, and people around the world are aware of the existence of UFOs and ETs.  Since 1947 the American people have been lied to and fed disinformation so that the industrial military complex can continue to obtain billions of dollars to back engineer UFOs.  Today, they have been able to develop and make space aircraft that are able to use zero-point energy and antigravity to achieve spacecraft capabilities.  

Mr. President, I learned you have already been apprised of the covert UFO ET projects by Dr. Steven M. Greer.  At this point in life, your administration has got to take control of the shadow government run by the industrial military complex. Their ownership of destructive nuclear power and high levels of technology derived from Extraterrestrial technology can be a danger to our people and other countries without complete control by the U.S. Government, namely, the Congress, Senate, you and your associates. 

The Internet link below provides an understanding of the problem and recommended solutions.  Please read it.  As our leader, we are confident that you have the courage, intellect, and compassion to resolve the problems created by the industrial military complex.

In one to two decades, will we be ready to embrace Extraterrestrial beings that have evolved thousands of years ahead of ours and join a new era of galactic contact in the universe?

(Paragraph below was not included in the e-mail letter to President Trump)

Please insure you are well protected from military and corporate leaders that prefer to maintain the status quo and prevent Americans, and people around the world, a quality of life that can be had when UFO ET technology is available for use in all countries.

Nicholas Ginex, a U.S. Patriot – End of UFO letter.

A World Movement for Zero-Point Energy.

The UFO letter to President Trump is but one voice that supports Dr. Steven M. Greer’s life-chosen effort to improve the quality of life for all people and enter a new era of interplanetary travel.  The challenge to overcome the status quo of government, religious organizations, and the military-industrial complex may take more than one or two decades.  But it can be facilitated by the millions of people world-wide who are aware of the need for disclosure of zero-point energy and the benefits that can be attained for mankind.  They can help initiate disclosure and change for humanity by writing President Donald J. Trump using the link below.

A Request for all Readers of this Article.

A guesstimate of the number of people who can actively support Dr. Greer’s cause, revealed that of a total of 27 Dr. Greer videos, a total of 13,752, 995 views have accumulated as of January 31, 2019.  If the same viewer watched 4 different videos, it is estimated that as many as 3 and a half million people are intimately involved in learning about ET and UFO phenomenon.  Readers of this article and the millions of Dr. Greer YouTube viewers are requested to write to President Trump.  For cohesive impact of your letter effort, it is recommended that your letter use the same title, UFO letter to President Trump – 2019.  You may duplicate any portion of Ginex’s letter or provide your own thoughts.

Thank you for supporting a humanitarian effort that will take years to advance all people to learn to love one another and together, eliminate poverty and enter the new era of space travel. The wonders of the universe will be highly enlightening as we come to enjoy other beings in the universe.

Nicholas P. Ginex

Disclose ET UFO Technology for Humanity

People worldwide must demand all UFO space travel technology, developed covertly by the military industrial complex, be relinquished to improve their quality of life and preserve our planet from eventual destruction.  It is imperative that all technologies start to employ zero-point energy to achieve low cost energy without the use of bio fuels that are presently polluting the earth.  The benefits will allow people, around the world, to no longer endure poverty, lack of food, and gain leisure time to grow intellectually and morally.  This demand must be initiated by all people to gain control from a shadow government that overseers the the military industrial complex and surreptitiously controls the Congressional, Senate, and Executive branches of the United States Government.

To energize your interest, a read of this article may motivate you into action.  However, if you are a reader new to the subject of Extraterrestrials and UFOs, it is recommended that you read the two articles provided below. 

Understanding the Extraterrestrial Mind

Alien Extraterrestrial Culture, History & Beliefs

Due to the length of this article, a list of the subtopics is provided below in order to highlight their importance and are not neglected.

Paul Hellyer Video with Jim Sparks.

Jesse Ventura Interview with Dr. Steven M. Greer.

Define the Problem

 Solve the Problem

Ginex Letter to President Trump

Dr. Steven M. Greer Letter to Trump and Putin


Paul Hellyer Video with Jim Sparks.

On a YouTube video,, Paul Hellyer, a former, highly respected Canadian defense minister provided an interesting story given to him by Jim Sparks who has written The Keepers: An Alien Message for the Human Race.  Jim claims to be an UFO abductee that has had a long-term relationship with intelligent ETs who call themselves The Keepers. These phenomenal beings have conquered death and live for thousands of years retaining their youthfulness and vigor. According to the Keepers, this isn’t the first-time humans have gotten to this critical point (in our history) and have self-destructed, but there is a good chance we can evolve this time and avoid self-destruction.  Sparks outlines the exact steps advised by the Keepers of how humanity can save the Earth, save itself as a species, and join the galactic neighborhood.



What do the Keepers want us to know? 

Hellyer read a most poignant part of Jim Sparks book, which Jim relates a meeting between himself and an ET.

ET: Yes, it’s true there are some things you need to understand.  Yes, its true that we have been in contact with your government and heads of power and it’s also true that agreements have been made and kept secret from your people.  It is also true that in the past some of your people have lost their lives or have been badly hurt to protect the secret; our hands had no part in this.  We contacted your leaders because your planet is in grave trouble.  Your leaders said the vast majority of your population wasn’t ready for anything like us yet so we made time agreements with your leaders as to when your people would be made aware of our presence.  This part of the agreement has not at all been kept.  It was also agreed that in the meantime steps would be taken to correct the environmental condition of your planet with our advice and technology.  We say advice because we respect the fact that this is your planet not ours.  They also broke this agreement. 

Jim: I felt an awful wave of emotion from them; the feeling of abandonment.  To feel any emotion from them at all was amazing but this was quite overwhelming.  You aren’t going to give up on us are you I asked?  There was a long silent pause.  I received the transmitted feeling of tremendous loss.  Well are you, I asked? 

ET: No.

Jim:  I felt an immediate sense of relief straight from my own emotion.  Then the extraterrestrials carried on.

ET:  Your air, your water are contaminated.  Your forests, jungles, trees, and planet life are dying.  There are several breaks in your food chain.  You have an overwhelming amount of nuclear and biological weapons, which include nuclear and biological contamination.  Your planet is over populated.  Warning: it is almost the point of being too late unless your people act.  There are better ways of deriving energy and food needs without causing your planet any damage.  Those in power are aware of this and have the capability of putting these methods into worldwide use. 

Hellyer: And let this digest a moment. 

Jim: I definitely had the feeling that these creatures were speaking as one.  Then I asked why aren’t we doing that now?  Silence.  I was willing to wait I’d come a long way to be treated like this by them to have this kind of a meeting.  Apparently, I had earned their respect and trust.  The best part was that I was getting at direct, truthful answers to my questions. I decided that I would melt this rare situation to its fullest, asking as many questions as I could get away with even personal questions.  I repeated my question.  In the answer, this is the extraterrestrials:

ET:  Those in power view it as a military and security threat.  

Jim:  That upset me.  You mean to tell me the people in power have the ability to save them and better the planet and they aren’t doing it. 

ET: Amnesty.

Jim:  What do you mean?

ET:  Complete amnesty to those in power, governments and leaders who have been suppressing the truth.  They can’t be held liable for their past wrong deeds.  It is the only way these leaders can come forward with the truth.  It is necessary that you do this in order to work together and survive. 

Hellyer:  Jim goes on to confirm what has been said here this afternoon or this morning that because the agreement has been broken they are working through individuals like us, like every person here in this room, to try and get the message out in the hope that we will take their warning seriously and then somehow it will be able to transmit the urgency to our leaders and to get them to act before it’s too late.  

Jesse Ventura Interview with Dr. Steven M. Greer

In an interview with Jesse Ventura on December 29, 2019, Dr. Greer indicated to Jesse that covert, top secret UFO ET projects have been run illegally since 1947 up to and including lying to the President and top military brass at the Pentagon.  He even briefed the CIA director, Bill Clinton’s first CIA director, James Woolsey.  Both Woolsey and the President were completely deceived on the subject even though Dr. Greer had documentation from over 850 retired military personnel that took part in UFO ET operations.  When they made direct inquiry into disclosing such operations, they were basically told to jump off a cliff.  Dr. Greer further said to Ventura that there are some operations going on that are really dangerously secretive.

Such a response by military leaders to lie to James Woolsey and the President is amazing, an affront to the chain of command.  How can the President be told he can’t know about something that is top secret and deals with the national security and safety of the American people?  It is evident that the military industrial complex operates as a shadow government and are an enormous threat to our democracy.  

Will top secret UFO ET projects continue to be under control of the military industrial complex with the new Space Force authorized by President Trump on June 18, 2018?  This is a significant question because it is the Air Force that has largely been conducting covert UFO ET projects and it will be the U.S. Air Force Space Command to oversee all new Space Force activities.  One may presume that it is very likely that many deceitful military leaders of the military industrial complex will be in the new Space Force Command.  Does President Trump know who are the military leaders that have, since 1947, conducted covert UFO back engineering and communicated with Extraterrestrials into specific agreements?  All undercover UFO ET operations, including new Space Force efforts must be disclosed to the President, Congress, and the American people!

Define the Problem

It is clear that a problem has been created by the military industrial complex.  They maintain power militarily to intimate the U.S. government and, with the wealth of large corporations, they control views of the public by using the Media to disseminate false information about UFOs, ETs and political issues.  How do we, the American people, get a shadow government, controlled by the military industrial complex, to relinquished UFO ET technology for the benefit of humanity?  To effectively solve the problem, we must first understand the problem.

The Problem Exists On a Military and Industrial Level

The two main parts of the military industrial complex are the military, which includes the U.S. Army, Navy, and Airforce; and the industrial, which consists of high-tech and aircraft corporations, such as Boeing, Northrop Grumman Corporation (absorbed Grumman Aerospace), Raytheon (absorbed Hughes Aircraft), McDonnell Douglas Aircraft, and Lockheed Martin Corporation.  The industrial complex includes many other commercial corporations that develop bio fuels (oil, gas, coal) used for autos, planes, production facilities and manufacture of wartime weapons.  But also, large corporations that manufacture drugs and pharmaceuticals used to cure and extend human life would be concerned that Extraterrestrial knowledge would eliminate many deaths and diseases and thereby cut down their profits.  With the use of zero-energy technology, many sectors of the technological and medical fields would be impacted, reducing the creation of corporate wealth with present production capabilities.

The Problem Exists Psychologically

The religious organizations, together with the military industrial complex financing the American Media, presently control the minds of people by respectively causing religious divisions and disseminating disinformation.  These are areas that should have been addressed by intelligent leaders when we first encountered UFOs and ETs.  But instead of introducing new visitors from another planet, military men and religious leaders suppressed knowledge of UFOs and ETs because they feared Americans were not capable of accepting change.  This is a problem that must immediately come under control by educated and morally driven journalists and teachers at all levels of our educational system from grade school to our highest universities.

The Truth Will Set Us Free.

To solve the psychological problems, our religious and educational institutions have got to instruct people with a factual history of mankind’s development of religions and beliefs in God.  People of all faiths have got to be educated about the interrelationships of their religious beliefs so that with understanding they can accept the differences that, up to the present, have created bigotry, hatred and violence.  Our educational and religious institutions have got to teach the principles of truth and honesty, which are the foundations of integrity.  A paper hosted on the Internet by ERIC (Education Resources Information Center) and now resides on the Iran Politics Club website below provides an objective History of God and Religion.  It serves as a fine example for educators to reveal factual truths to students, which are essential to eliminate ignorance and instill moral integrity in all people.

There is an urgent need for a drastic change in our Media, be it news, TV, movies, magazines and articles, to have all Americans, and the world, realize that there are real possibilities for change by intelligent inventors that can assist in making the technological changes from a bio fuel paradigm to an energy-free world.

The changes will not occur overnight but can within one to two decades.  Education that surfaces the truth about UFOs and ETs is the answer.  Education with honest Media reporting promotes integrity and allows people to make sound choices and decisions.  This can be achieved by instilling learning with the great command given by a man of God – love one another.   

Solve the Problem

All Americans, and people around the world, have got to realize that a solution can be achieved in all countries by all of us demanding and forcing our leaders to assure the following initiatives: 

Disclose UFO Technology

Write to your state leaders, assemble, and make known that you want the President of the U.S. to revamp and reorganize all UFO ET projects so that complete disclosure of all technological developments will no longer be kept secret.  This means that all corporations that have participated in top secret developments are to release all patents they secured to maintain control of technology that were developed with billions of U.S. tax dollars.  Yes, such corporations may continue to use UFO ET technology but for the betterment of humanity.  It will increase production as the cost of energy becomes minimal with zero-point energy and new technologies will emerge. It will increase the quality of life for all people as UFO ET knowledge is utilized by countries worldwide.  Our lives and our planet can benefit from zero-point technology when people from all countries work together.  The reward will be a path to the wonders of the universe.

Promote Public ET Communication

As part of the campaign to have all Americans accept our Extraterrestrial visitors, the Media and educational institutions have got to promote an understanding of these beings.  As presented in the article identified below,,

humans can benefit from the knowledge ETs have acquired over many thousands of years.  We can learn of their culture, philosophical and/or spiritual beliefs, and if they bring up their young with values of truth and integrity.  It will be a great opportunity to learn about the beginnings of our universe.

Actively Engage Your Local Representative and Our President

In closing, a half page letter for local, state leaders and our President is provided below.   Your participation is needed.  One blade of grass in the wind will be of no avail.  Together, we, the people throughout the earth, need to save our lives and our planet for millions of years into the future.

UFO Letter to President Trump

The White House
President Donald J. Trump
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20550

                                                                              January 27, 2019

Dear President Trump

I will be brief and to the point about a humanitarian crisis that began in 1947 and must, over the next two decades, be solved to prepare the American people to enter a new era that will increase their quality of life and save our planet. 

A humanitarian crisis has been created by the military industrial complex, a shadow government, that desires to maintain power militarily over your administration and continue to control the world by using the Media to infect the American people with disinformation about UFOs, Extraterrestrials, and political issues. 

Many Americans, and people around the world are aware of the existence of UFOs and ETs.  Since 1947 the American people have been lied to and fed disinformation so that the military industrial complex can continue to obtain billions of dollars to back engineer UFOs.  Today, they have been able to develop and make spacecraft that are able to use zero-point energy and antigravity to match UFO space travel capabilities.  

Mr. President, I learned you have already been apprised of the covert UFO ET projects by Dr. Steven M. Greer.  At this point in life, your administration has got to take control of the shadow government run by the military industrial complex. Their ownership of destructive nuclear power and high levels of technology derived from Extraterrestrial technology can be a danger to our people and other countries without complete control by the U.S. Government, namely, the Congress, Senate, you and your associates. 

The Internet link below provides an understanding of the problem and recommended solutions.  Please read it.  As our leader, we are confident that you have the courage, intellect, and compassion to resolve the problems created by the military industrial complex.

In one to two decades, will we be ready to embrace Extraterrestrial beings that have evolved thousands of years ahead of ours and join a new era of galactic contact in the universe?

(The paragraph below was not included in the e-mail letter to President Trump)

Please insure you are well protected from military and corporate leaders that prefer to maintain the status quo and prevent Americans, and people around the world, a quality of life that can be had when UFO ET technology is disclosed and made available for use in all countries.

Nicholas Ginex, a U.S. Patriot   – End of UFO letter

A World Movement for Zero-Point Energy.

The UFO letter to President Trump is but one voice that supports Dr. Steven M. Greer’s life-chosen effort to improve the quality of life for all people and enter a new era of interplanetary travel.  The challenge to overcome the status quo of government, religious organizations, and the military-industrial complex may take more than one or two decades.  But it can be facilitated by the millions of people world-wide who are aware of the need for disclosure of zero-point energy and the benefits that can be attained for mankind.  They can help initiate disclosure and change for humanity by writing President Donald J. Trump using the link below.

A Request for all Readers of this Article.

Readers of this article and the millions of Dr. Greer YouTube viewers are requested to write to President Trump.  For cohesive impact of your letter effort, it is recommended that your letter use the same title, UFO letter to President Trump – 2019.  You may duplicate any portion of Ginex’s letter or provide your own thoughts.

Thank you for supporting a humanitarian effort that will take years to advance all people to learn to love one another and together, eliminate poverty and enter the new era of space travel. The wonders of the universe will be highly enlightening as we come to enjoy other beings in the universe.

Below is the appeal Dr. Greer made to both President Trump and President Putin. 

Dr. Steven M. Greer Letter to Trump and Putin

My fellow Americans/ My fellow Russians/ And all the citizens of Earth:

It has come to our attention that Extraterrestrial Civilizations of great technological advancement have been visiting the earth for some time.

While their presence likely dates from very ancient times, the modern era since WW II has seen a large increase in sightings and interactions with these advanced life forms and their spacecraft.

It must be emphasized that they appear to pose no threat to humanity or earth, but instead are quite concerned about our own unchecked war-making capabilities and violence, combined with our early attempts at the exploration of space.

Since the dawn of the nuclear era, these extraterrestrial civilizations have made concerted efforts to do reconnaissance at all known space and nuclear facilities.  In some cases, these facilities have been penetrated by ET craft and our nuclear missiles rendered inoperable. Such incursions appear designed to warn us not to use these world-destroying nuclear weapons and are not acts of hostility.

They also appear concerned with the rapid decay of our biosphere and environment and the extinction of many species on earth.

Since World War II there have been extremely secretive programs studying the energy, communication and propulsion systems of these ET spacecraft.

It is time for us to disclose these momentous scientific findings to you.

These technologies have the potential – if used only for peaceful purposes – to give us a new and sustainable civilization on earth, free of poverty and pollution within a generation.

However, if used for destructive and violent purposes these same technologies could end our civilization.

For this and other reasons, the strictest secrecy has surrounded the study of these extraterrestrial technologies.

But the time has arrived for the truth to be known: we are not alone in the universe.

And it is time for humanity to become a mature, peaceful civilization and take its place in the cosmos with other advanced peoples from other star systems.

To this end, I call on the world community, other world leaders and all the people of earth to come together and begin this new era on earth.

We must make open, peaceful contact and initiate diplomatic ties to these other worlds. We must do this as children of earth and not just one nation. All nations and people of earth must be represented and empowered in this process.

We must commit to keeping all weapons out of space and going only into space for peaceful purposes that benefit all of humanity.

We must bring forth these advanced energy and propulsion technologies so that the world’s environment and people benefit.  We must all agree to never allow these new technologies to be used as weapons of war.

And we must commit amongst ourselves that if any nation or group attempts to use these technologies for violent or destructive purposes, every nation and people on earth will rise up to immediately stop it.

We face a choice: If we do nothing, our environment and civilization will degrade and we may face extinction.  If we use this new knowledge and science for war and destruction we will also surely perish.

But if we establish a world of peace, humanity can now advance as a civilization that is sustainable, just, and worthy of exploring the universe.

This is the singular and great challenge of our generation: to establish world peace, and to create a new sustainable civilization.

Once we have achieved this foundation of peace and justice, we have learned that these other worlds will welcome us in the cosmos with open arms and hearts.

So, my fellow citizens of earth, let us work together to achieve the destiny of humanity:

An enlightened, peaceful world that joins her place among the other people of the cosmos.

For this is the only possible good future for humanity.

It is time for us to unite as a people and create that good future – NOW.

Dr. Steven M. Greer


As stated above, the solution requires the ability to control two components of the military industrial complex that have betrayed the American people: one- military leaders that control the organized covert UFO ET projects, and two- the industrial complex of large corporations that participated and facilitated in back engineering UFO capabilities.  The objectives of the military industrial complex are to retain such knowledge from humanity and continue the status quo of obtaining wealth and control at the expense of entering a new era that can serve to raise the quality of life for all people and save our planet from eventual destruction.

All people must become aware of the immensity of the problem created by the military industrial complex and of the psychological and technological solutions presented.  Success for the solutions proposed will require AMNESTY for all military leaders and corporate personnel involved with UFO ET activities.  The deceitfulness needed to conduct covert UFO ET projects required the murder and intimation of many military and corporate personnel.  The military was culpable for many murders, such as an ET shot and killed in 1978 at Fort Dix according to Major George Filer III and, it has been reported that even President Kennedy was killed because covert military leaders believed he was going to disclose UFO ET operations to the public. 

With Amnesty, men and women in corporations and military operations that actively facilitated and worked on UFO ET projects will be able to come forward and disclosure of all scientific and engineering knowledge will be obtained.  That knowledge must be given back to the American people to enable intelligent, compassionate, and perceptive people to properly plan and develop UFO ET technology for peaceful means and thereby enrich the lives of all humans.

In one to two decades, will we be ready to embrace Extraterrestrial beings that have evolved thousands of years ahead of ours and join a new era of galactic contact in the universe?

Nicholas P. Ginex

2018 Book Reviews for AMEN

AMEN. The Beginning of the Creation of God has received two new book reviews in 2018. These reviews compliment the reviews by Mike Voyce and Andrea Borja who respectively wrote: Praise for Ginex’s Amen and Concise and Balanced.  

Few people have been informed or taught that Amen was the greatest Egyptian god for over 2,000 years before the birth of Jesus Christ. Even less people know that Jesus announced in Revelation 3:14 that Amen is the faithful and true witness the beginning of the creation of God.    This is why Amen was written, to provide knowledge that has not been taught in our schools, universities, and religious institutions. To incite your interest in reading this factual book about how Ancient Egypt religious beliefs are the core beliefs of the Judaic, Christian and Islamic religions, two book reviews written in 2018 are provided below.

Click on the Amen image below for the online Pacific Book Review.

Pacific Book Review for
Amen:  The Beginning of the Creation of God
CC Thomas

In the forward of Nicholas P. Ginex’s Amen: The Beginning of the Creation of God, the author encourages the reader to look past previously conceived and taught religious ideologies, and consider a “new” idea; that all religions share similar theologies because they share a common ancestor. 

Ginex starts testing readers’ beliefs right away within the first chapter, titled “Jesus Proclaims a Revelation.”  In this chapter, Ginex traces the word “amen” back to ancient Egyptians and the pharaohs, long before the time of Jesus.  The rest of the book is carefully laid out to explain further this claim, that the word “amen” is not a prayerful supplication to the one God of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, but instead,

While such a claim deserves to have an audience, most will reject all the ideas brought up in the first chapter. Ginex is not a stranger to this statement and actually wrote a forward explaining negative reviews and outright rejections of his work.  Therein lies the real shame.  Most will not even listen to Ginex’s ideas because they reject what is core dogma in religion. 

For those willing to keep an open mind, though, the claims are fascinating…and persuasive.  The author carefully lays out his theory with meticulous research and data.  A thorough bibliography is included, as are notations, photographs, and illustrations explaining the author’s hypothesis formations and development.  From this reader’s perspective, the research backed each claim and hypothesis thoroughly.  While the book and research might not pass strict academic standards, it leaves the reader in wonder. After all, what if…

It is not an exaggeration to say that this book is an important read.  By accepting the ideas, or at least accepting the What ifs, readers can come to understand that the commonalities between all religions can bring a peace to the world, one which is sorely missing.  At the very least, Amen will give you pause to think.  Embrace that pause and know that questioning theology doesn’t cause a loss of faith.  Instead, it can create a strength as followers in a religion can come to better understand why the ideas of their own beliefs are important.  Beside the importance of the topic, it’s also a solidly good read, one full of interesting historical facts that weaves together a premise that has the potential to do a lot of good in the world.

AMEN – The US Book Review by
Carol Anderson, D.Min., ACSW, LMSW, Sept 26, 2018

“It is the author’s hope that by exposing our religious views freely and honestly, we can someday not only agree to disagree but to come to a clearer understanding that we all pray to the same God.”

While the word “amen” is typically defined as meaning “so be it,” this book examines an Egyptian deity known as “Amen” and his influence on Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Amen is seen not just as an important word and concept but also as an important god in religious history.

The first part of the book focuses on Egyptian religious history and then moves into examining the monotheistic God, Amon as the “sole God,” Moses and Judaism, Catholicism, and the Islamic Empire. These are then followed by Jesus and his Revelation as well as the future of religions. The book continues with an appendix which lists all the work the author did to promote this book and then an epilogue by another person. In the end, the book posits that the holy scriptures need to be revived.

With its in-depth examination of Egyptian religious history as well as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, there is significant research done by the author which will make the reader ponder his premise. Filled with figures and tables which aid in this study, it is easy to become engrossed in this history. The focus is on one quote from Jesus in Revelation stating that: “These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God.” The author sees this statement as verifying that Amen (Amon) is the god of creation. Due to its premise, the book is bound to spark a great deal of conversation in religious circles. The focus on humanity’s need to love one another is a valuable theme.

©2018 All Rights Reserved 

Reveal Extraterrestrial Culture, History, and Beliefs

It must be revealed to people around the world that ET life forms do exist and they must become aware of the benefits of communicating with them. This article is written so that people are not taken advantage by the industrial military complex with their use of worldwide media misinformation that ETs are a threat to human beings. This is a lengthy article that covers the following topics:

An Overview of Extraterrestrial Contact with Earth Beings.

Covert Activities Presently Control Humanity’s Future.

What Prevents Us from Learning About ETs.

Obtain Knowledge of the Culture, History and Beliefs of ETs.
        Study the Culture and Life of Extraterrestrials.
        Study the History of Extraterrestrials.
        Study the Beliefs of Extraterrestrials.

Conclusions and Recommendations                                                                             Obtain Control of ZERO-Point Energy.
        Prepare to Enter the Universe.

An Overview of Extraterrestrial Contact with Earth Beings.

In spite of the wealth of valid information about extraterrestrials, little is known or conveyed about the culture, history and spiritual or worldly beliefs of ETs. With persistence, an Internet search brought up a book published in 2006 by George LoBuono, titled ALIEN MIND, The Thought and Behavior of Extraterrestrials. Although this author has not personally interacted with extraterrestrial life forms, he provides documented statements from highly respected members of the government, astronauts, military and CIA personnel that various types of ETs exists. With an acquired ability, he communicates with aliens using telepathy and remote sensing techniques that he describes in several chapters of his book.

Mr. LoBuono claims to have communicated with aliens in various ways for thousands of hours since explicit interactions began in 1995. What is commendable about the author are his perceptions of how an alien views the behavior of human beings. He believes aliens are evaluating if humans may become a liability in the interplanetary world and if they are unable to control their desires for power and greed, inflicting death and poverty on earth. In doing so, he allows us to relate to the feelings and thoughts of visitors that come from another part of our universe.

Still, it is odd that so little is known or written about the culture, history and spiritual or worldly beliefs of ETs. Since the beginning of ancient times, a limited number of UFO sightings have been documented and drawn by curious humans. With the use of camera technology, hundreds of UFO sightings were reported since the 1500s, and thousands more sighted after the 1900s. In fact, the military has actually recovered ETs from July of 1947 through July 1989. From downed UFO crashes, of a total of 128 ETs retrieved, 117 died and 11 ET beings have survived. The scientists and phycologists who have actually spoken with ETs have been threatened with their lives and family not to reveal to the American people the existence of ETs.

After the downing of an extraterrestrial space craft in July 1947 near Roswell, New Mexico, a highly secretive base was constructed in 1951 and identified as Area 51. Below is a photograph that was authenticated as being made in 1947 and therefore not something that’s been photoshopped like today. This original photo shows an alien who’s been partially dissected lying in a case.

The article, Understanding the Extraterrestrial Mind, accessible on the link below, lists the 117 ETs that died and the 11 live ETs recovered at different areas both in the U.S. and other countries. But it also identifies that, since 1989, our scientific and military personnel have had the wonderful opportunity to learn from live ETs not only the technical aspects of antigravity and ambient zero point energy that enables space travel, but also to learn about their culture, history and beliefs; of greater interest, their knowledge about the beginning of the universe.

Many alien bodies are allegedly in the possession of the U.S. industrial military complex. It is a shadow Government not under the control of the President, Congress and Senate of the United States. Top secret operations to study ETs and duplicate their UFO capabilities have been authorized by President Truman as confirmed by the document below.

Although Operation Majestic-12 was established by order of President Truman, many U.S. presidents were denied access to newly developed UFO technology and any communication made with Extraterrestrials.

Many ET remains and survivors are in secret underground compartments. Members of the White House, Congress and Senate have no control or accountability of the status of the ETs and technical UFO developments. They are blocked from all scientific and technical capabilities secretly developed in the hundreds of underground tunnels separated over many miles.

In underground compartments, scientists and engineers who worked on ET UFO projects are isolated from one another so that no one scientific worker can access or acquire an overview of the entire program. The covert program objective was to develop space craft using antigravity and ambient zero-point energy that can enable travel greater than the speed of light.

Not to divert the reader from the subject of this article, because many readers have little knowledge about antigravity and ambient zero-point energy, a few paragraphs have been extracted from a video by Mark McCandish titled, The Feasibility of Interstellar Travel.  His presentation was given for the Secret Space Program Conference in 2014. The video link below is provided for those readers who desire to learn more about the capability of space travel that can exceed the speed of light.

Mark McCandish stated, “Advanced antigravity and zero-point energy propulsive systems enables electromagnetic or (ambient) field propulsion as opposed to solid object fuel, nuclear power, or any other commonly known conventional means.

If you can find a way to reduce the mass of an object then it takes less propulsive force to push it around. It means it could go a lot faster because it is not limited by the amount of mass that it increases to as it accelerates. In fact, it may in fact be a situation where the faster you go the more energy you have available to continue the acceleration process and, at the same time, the mass is becoming relatively less and less and less so it really enables the possibility of being able to go faster than the speed of light without violating general relativity; and that what was the most fascinating aspect of the whole thing.

By using the flux in the vacuum space time as the power source for your propulsive system, so literally the faster you go, the more energy you have available that you can burn into propulsive force and the lower the relative mass of the vehicle becomes, so actually, it becomes an inversely proportional kind of relationship.”

Covert Activities Presently Control Humanity’s Future.

Returning to the subject of this article, it is instructive to revisit the article, Understanding the Extraterrestrial Mind referenced above. It reveals that U.S. military and intelligence agencies conducted clandestine, high secret projects with aerospace corporations. These projects have been kept secret by top corporate, high ranking military members with support by such intelligence agencies as the CIA, FBI and NSA. They were funded yearly, since 1947, with billion-dollar Government contracts, along with billions of dollars by covert members of the Illuminati to discover and engineer UFO capabilities for space travel.

At the Age of 93, Paul Hellyer, a remarkable man, exposed the cabal (synonymous with Illuminati), the banking cartel, defense expenditures, global warming, Roswell, and 9/11. He gave a presentation at the Alien Cosmic Expo in 2017. An excerpt of his talk is provided below and may be viewed entirely on the video link,

Paul Hellyer said, “President Eisenhower included in his farewell address to the nation that his fellow Americans should be aware of the military industrial complex, which according to one witness, was his way of saying that the ET file has fallen into the wrong hands. Indeed, it had. It was under control of the military industrial complex, otherwise known as the financial, intelligence, and military wing of the all-pervasive cabal, which has seized control of the U.S. and much of the balance of the world.”

Americans, and people around the world, need to confront the covert military industrial complex to disclose all technological discoveries and engineered capabilities for use to benefit the quality of life for all human beings. The military industrial cabal operates as a shadow Government that is able to control the constitutional Government of and for the people. At present, the cabal has not released the knowledge gained for antigravity and ambient zero-point propulsion. Such capability can be engineered to reduce poverty by employing cheap energy to build homes, roads, planes, machinery, and increase the time gained for the intellectual, moral, and spiritual growth of human beings.

What Prevents Us from Learning About ETs.

Why is there is a lack of understanding about the mind and aspirations of ETs? This is a very important question. Surely, there are perceptive and intelligent people employed on the covert programs with the curiosity to understand the benefits of learning about another life form that has entered our solar system. It affords one of the greatest opportunities for mankind to learn how another civilization, from another star, has managed to evolve technically and morally to achieve mastery over the arrogance of war and stupidity that humans are prone to continually exhibit, possibly well into the future.

However, corporate and military industrial leaders spend billions of dollars to use mass media via TV, news, articles, books, magazines and movies to provide false information of alien life forms. The FBI-CIA-NSA intelligence agencies and military industrial complex use mass media to program and distort the public views of ET life forms for the sole purpose of extending their control of new space energy technologies. Their objective is to induce fear of aliens to create a falsely perceived alien threat. By creating an external threat, it enables them to obtain continuous government spending, which increases their military power and wealth to control both our system of Government and human beings around the earth.

Obtain Knowledge of the Culture, History and Beliefs of ETs.

Instead of inducing fear about alien life forms, intelligent people and government leaders worldwide should encourage learning the culture, history, and belief systems of the alien life forms that have survived a space crash or visited our planet. With kind, loving treatment and respect, they can provide knowledge for earthly people to become wise, moral, and learn about the universe we live in. Below is what we know about the physical appearance of a grey alien.

Study the Culture and Life of Extraterrestrials.

It would be wonderful to communicate with an ET. We can find out if they love music and if so, what instruments they may use. Do they love to dance, sing, and laugh? Are they sensitive to preserve many of their finest thoughts in written form? Do they appreciate art to capture beauty and retain worthy events? Do they enjoy and play sports? Are they competitive to match one’s intellect with various games, such as chess and checkers? Do they enjoy the embrace of another ET and have desires to be sexually close and love another ET? What kinds of food do they eat? Does their planet have oceans, lakes and mountains? Do ETs strive to enjoy their physical capabilities and expand their intellect or, conversely, do they strive to be part of a whole where individuality is denied and controlled by collective group thought and behavior?

In short, a whole other world opens us to the imagination and experiences of other life forms from which we can learn how we can better use the resources of our planet, adapt to the wonders of the universe, and join the life forms of other worlds.

Study the History of Extraterrestrials.

Humans can learn how another life form has been able to survive the elements of their planet. Did they have to overcome food shortages, which necessitated control of territories? Were they populated with one uniform physiological group of beings or were there differences in skin color and physical appearances that may have caused biases and confrontations? Did they develop a moral code of conduct so that different groups of beings can abide in peace with a standard set of rules to live by? When did they invent modes of travel on land, sea and air. What were the different kinds of technology, developed in different periods of time, to raise their quality of life? Did ETs elect leaders that would benefit their group of people based upon intellect and integrity or was it a slow development that started with those who were physically stronger and relied on strength? Have ETs documented their periods of strife, be they wars and poverty, and admire those leaders that turned havoc into promising outcomes for the future? Have the experiences of history incentivized ETs to instill the attributes of truth, sincerity, and morality into their youth?

There is much one can learn from history that reveals the mistakes made in the past either by physical, ethnic, or control of organic and mineral resources. One can learn if it was the need for resources, which caused one group to fight another for control or was it due to ignorance and intolerance of another set of views by a particular group. History provides a documented past that teaches how differences can be resolved. Do ETs examine their past to avoid repeated failures and strive to adjust their present views for successful outcomes in the future?

Study the Beliefs or Worldly Views of Extraterrestrials.

The human race is constantly evolving both technically and psychologically. Humans have advanced in the technical spheres, but due to the many diverse views about spiritual, religious, and philosophical beliefs, there is no common agreement in a belief system they can all embrace. As a result, much conflict has arisen that has resulted in hatred, violence and death of many human beings. It would be of benefit to learn if ETs have solved their ideological differences and arrived at an acceptable view of the beginning of the universe and revere their special gift of life to explore its wonders.

Mr. LoBuono, in his book, Alien Mind, presents a chapter titled, Are Aliens Religious?  He presents a view of aliens that is not credited to any specific ET contact and therefore is suspect of fabricating his own spiritual and philosophical views. However, he does allow us to consider if aliens believe in God or a Creator. LoBuono assumes that aliens usually don’t think of a single super-being and instead, “they talk about a multiplicity of intelligences that can converge in a collective community of mind, which you participate in and are part of.” This statement seems to indicate that aliens have no belief in spirituality or a Creator but rather, in a universal sense, they interface with many faceted intelligences to try to reach a collective community of mind. This may mean that a uniform code of morality is not taught based upon a supreme being but rather, an evolving exchange of views that constantly searches for an answer that becomes intellectually sound based upon experience and scientific knowledge.
In other words, Mr. Buono believes aliens think at a universal level that involves sharing the intelligences of extraterrestrials of other worlds in formulating a belief system that may eventually be common to all. This is a view that, in my opinion, would not be achieviable because just as humans have different religious views, so would aliens from many stars of many galaxies. Mr. Buono gives no credence to alien adherence to a singular God belief. Unfortunately, he does not even reflect if ETs indoctrinate their youth with a moral set of rules that provides structure for such attributes as integrity and truth.

There is much for humans to learn if ETs, in civilizations throughout their history, had any spiritual or religious views in the early stages of their development. If they do not believe in a spiritual entity, do they believe in instilling their youth with a moral set of rules that reveres truth and integrity? Exposure to the belief systems of extraterrestrials would cause religious institutions, such as Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism to question and modify their religious beliefs. This exposure may cause more strife, violence and deaths. Can humans advance to a higher level of spiritual and intellectual being so that they may be accepted by the many life forms in our universe? Below appears to be a photo of a grey male Extraterrestrial.

Conclusions and Recommendations for Human Beings

Americans and people around the world need to insure their government obtains complete control of all technology developed in secret underground complexes; developed with or without the assistance of extraterrestrial beings. There must be complete disclosure by the military, CIA, FBI and NSA intelligence agencies for the release of the highly advanced technologies that allow for space travel using antigravity and ambient (free space) zero-point energy. In addition, large aerospace and scientific corporations that have been supporting the secret development of such technologies have got to release whatever patents they have to keep secret the innovative inventions developed through the support of the American taxpayers that financed the military industrial complex. Availability of the space technologies developed will allow an open, free enterprise system to operate in a transparent manner. It will help to create many jobs around the world to solve poverty, decrease pollution of our planet, and increase the quality of life for all people.

Recommendations to Obtain Control of Zero-Point Energy.

The human race can no longer tolerate control by the cabal (a self-serving elite) and military industrial complex that seeks to maintain their control of wealth by initiating conflict and war to increase their production capabilities of destructive weapons. The Honorable Paul T. Hellyer, Former Minister of Canada, deeply cares about the future viability of human life and our planet earth. In the video below, titled The Money Mafia, the World in Crisis, he has indicated that the United States is in grave danger.

He addresses the iron veil of secrecy by a powerful group known as the Illuminati or the Cabal, which includes the military industrial complex. They make up the new world order, a shadow government that controls the U.S. Government and is composed of the following entities:

The Banking Cartel at the apex
The Vatican and Illuminati
The Oil Cartel
The International Transnational Corporations
The U.S. Intelligence Organizations FBI, CIA, NSA
American Military that operate covert, cosmic secret programs
American Media financed by the Illuminati and Large Corporations

Paul Hellyer has advocated that the International Security Act of 1947 be rescinded or suspended to enable the American people to obtain control of the Cabal’s dominance of the U.S. Government and disclose and make available all developed technology and documents that were developed for space travel. To facilitate the truth be known about ETs and UFO technology, a general amnesty and reconciliation process be granted so that all members of the military and intelligence agencies can tell the truth without fear of retribution.

Mr. Hellyer proposed other actions so that people around the world will be able to attain positive benefits:

1. The President must issue a presidential order that will release the secret patents on exotic (zero-point) energy and make them available to the world.

2. Make available the developed ET UFO technology and devise a flexible financial system that will make it possible to convert from an oil economy to a clean economy in seven years.

3. Utilize zero-point technology to run manufacturing plants, cars, trucks, tractors, ships, planes and homes with zero point energy that does not require bio fuels.

4. Change the banking system in order to finance the zero-point revolution that is necessary for the future of our planet and of our species.

5. The Cabal is very corrupt and their members must be revealed so that people can regain the balance of power to improve the lives of the sick, disadvantaged, and the poor.

Recommendations to Enter the Universe.

It is time for people, in all parts of the world, to confront Government leaders to disclose and release all inventions developed on the top secret-covert projects that enabled the development of UFO space mobility. But in concert, Government leaders in all countries have got to reveal the reality of ETs by allowing their people to learn about the culture, history, beliefs and aspirations of ETs.

President Trump has initiated and funded a Space Force for defensive and space exploration measures. But there is much for our government leaders to do in order to educate their people to accept the reality of Extraterrestrial beings.

First, we need to initiate and implement the recommendations briefly presented by Paul Hellyer.

Second, we can no longer hide the truth about the existence of ETs. It is for certain that arrogance and fear prevails by religious leaders that by revealing knowledge of extraterrestrial life forms, religious beliefs by the people will be weaken and no longer revered. But this is the same arrogance by members of the Cabal and military corporate-industrial complex for they fear control of their world order will be compromised because it is the existing religious ideologies that allows them to ferment biases, hatred, differences, and conflict that support wars, obtain wealth, and maintain control around the world.

Third, let the truth be known that ETs are real and on our planet. Extraterrestrials have personally interacted with scientific and military personnel on top secret ET UFO programs. It has been confirmed by members of the Cabal’s military industrial complex, in spite of sworn secrecy and threats of death to them and their families, that they have actually spoken with ET beings in the underground secret compartments. We have captured many aliens from downed UFOs and it was last reported that since 1989, there are at least 11 ETs alive who are cooperating with our scientists and engineers in the development of space technology that will allow space travel at multiple times the speed of light.

Fourth, we cannot allow stupidity and arrogance prevent knowledge of ETs.  As soon as possible, the Cabal’s industrial military complex must provide the live ETs to our government officials so that they can be introduced to the American people. Are people so stupid and ignorant that they are unable to accept the reality of ET beings? Of course not!!! We must celebrate that there is indeed life that has entered our planet. There is so much we can learn from their thousands of years ahead of our technology and knowledge. The benefits would be exceedingly great as they will be able to not only advance our technologies, but they will be able to assist humans in curing cancer, extending our life expectancy, and more importantly, provide cultural, philosophical and spiritual knowledge that can advance the integrity of human beings. Such knowledge will allow human beings to be accepted by the family of life forms in the universe.

Fifth, change course of human development for the future promise of space.  This can be achieved, but in baby steps. It means that we must be realistic and honest within our own minds by not being afraid to revise our indoctrinated religious beliefs. There will be continued beliefs in God and an afterlife but there must also be an open mind to examine ideologies that may be more realistic based upon the new alien worlds humans will be exposed to. In concert with religious leaders revising their scriptures to advance a common belief and set of moral values, all educational institutions, beginning with elementary through colleges and university levels, must insure they teach the principles of honesty, integrity and truth.

Today, as evidenced by the corruption in our most honorable institutions, the FBI, CIA, and NSA intelligence agencies; the rampart dissemination of fake news in the media to discredit the President of the United States; media misinformation about ETs and UFOs; and poor appreciation of our freedoms where students prohibit the expression of divergent views; we as a people, have lost the most important aspect of being human, the ability to be truthful and love one another. All Americans should be thankful that President Trump loves this country and its people to stand up against the Establishment embodied by the industrial corporate complex, corrupt intelligence agencies, and media that want continued control of the U.S. Government and the minds of its citizens.

To verify that there is control by a shadow government one need only question why Hillary Clinton is not in jail for destroying evidence on computers with over 33,000 e-mails, many of which will reveal pay to play international schemes. Is it because the FBI and CIA has corrupt officials that gave Hillary a free pass? This is a sad commentary on our present system of Government whereby the military industrial complex has penetrated many levels of our political and justice systems. We also note the one-sided justice by the Robert Mueller investigation of President Trump for possible Russian collusion with no investigation of a paid Russian dossier by Hillary Clinton. It appears that the corrupt government politicians and law enforcement agencies believe the American people are dopes to accept unequal treatment under the law.

Lastly, the challenge is for all humans to love one another. Needed changes in how we perceive our spiritual and human values are embodied in the greatest command, given by a man of God, love one another. This means that the major religions, namely Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have got to revise their beliefs and advocate the attributes of integrity and truth, which are fundamental in professing love for one another.

Of the three major religions, Islam is the most destructive as revealed by an article that appeared on the Internet on 12/19/2018 by Raymond Ibrahim titled, America, Please Stand for Us: We are Dying! Muslim Persecution of Christians: September, 2018. He reported the, “Slaughter of Christians in Central African Republic. As many as 42 people—mostly Christian women—“were hacked to death … after suspected Islamist rebels attacked a group of civilians in the central town of Bria” between September 4-5. Some died by machete, others by gunshot. At least one of the butchered women was pregnant.” Raymond reported many other atrocities by Muslim militants in many other parts of Africa and Middle East, which may be read on the link below:

Only when we, people of all faiths, let go of our indoctrinated beliefs and love one another can we truly advance to the next level of integrity and knowledge that will be our passport to enter into the wonders of the universe. Until this occurs, we are still animals to be ruled by arrogant and self-serving leaders. How long will our families of Extraterrestrial beings tolerate stupidity, arrogance, and uncontrollable human behavior? Are they forgiving enough to raise humans to their level of integrity and not give up on the human race to join the family of life in the universe? As stated by Paul Hellyer, “That depends entirely on us, as individuals. We are writing our own histories and we will get what we produce.”

To travel into the universe and join the family of Extraterrestrials in other worlds, people from all countries must unite their spiritual and personal beliefs. They must highly regard truth and integrity and give each other the greatest gift – love. To fall short of the need to advance to the next stage of our spiritual and mental development, humans will continue to be pawns of the Cabal, Industrial Military Complex and the News Media.

For further your knowledge about ETs and UFOs, please view the link below to access many videos by Steven M. Greer MD.  He left his profession as a practicing surgeon to inform and educate all people about ETs and UFOs.  His objective is to unveil the secrecy and suppression of ETs and UFO technology by a shadow government controlled by the industrial military complex.  More importantly, he heads a global disclosure effort to eliminate the false information about ETs and inform people worldwide of the zero-point energy that must be utilized to improve the quality of life for all people and preserve the beauty of our planet.   As a start, I recommend viewing the six videos titled Free Energy.

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Understanding the Extraterrestrial Mind

…..Before we explore why extraterrestrial beings have entered our planet and why they have an interest in human beings, we have got to confirm if ETs (extraterrestrials) and UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) really exist. The background information provided below verifies that U.S. military and intelligence agencies conducted clandestine, high secret projects with aerospace corporations that were funded with billion dollar Government contracts to study ETs and duplicate UFO capabilities.

The US Government has financed and authorized top-secret projects for the sole purpose of examining retrieved ET beings and investigate their technologies that allow space travel in UFOs. It is therefore certain that ETs do exist and is why we must try to understand the psychological makeup of the extraterrestrial mind and what could be the motivation of ETs to learn about human beings?

But as relevant to the American people, there is the need to expose and understand the motivation and agenda of the military, intelligence agencies, and selected scientific and engineering corporations that do not share their ET and UFO findings with U.S. congressional and senate leaders. Long after inception of the top-secret projects, Government leaders, including U.S. Presidents, have not been given access nor accountability of the billions of dollars used to conduct the many unknown, top-secret projects. All covert programs must be revealed to the President of the U.S. and our authorizing Government offices that fund the projects. To be negligent in the surveillance of UFO and ET investigations and activities is to allow power and control to be relinquished to unknown men who can gain control over the earth.

Background Information

After the downing of an extraterrestrial space craft in July 1947 near Roswell, New Mexico, a highly secretive base was constructed in 1951 and identified as Area 51. This base has deep underground tunnels to many different compartmented laboratories where scientists and engineers independently analyze parts of an alien and conduct reverse engineering of UFOs to develop antigravity and use of energy that will permit space travel.

UFO built by the US Navy.

     UFO built by the US Air Force.

Area 51 is off limits to the public and has operated at the highest level of secrecy since its construction in 1947 to the present. The secrecy exceeds that imposed during development of the atomic bomb, which was detonated over the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August of 1945.

The development of a vast underground secret complex in Area 51 is in the Nevada high desert (5,000 feet above sea level). It’s part of a big parcel of land the US government originally annexed for use in atomic weapons testing. Area 51 occupies approximately 60 sq. mi. and makes up only part of the vast 4,687 sq. mi. of the Nellis Air Force Range (NAFR).

Reported UFO Sightings Exist Around the World

Since the beginning of ancient times, a limited number of UFO sightings have been documented and drawn by curious beings. However, with the use of camera technology, hundreds of UFO sightings were reported since the 1500s, and thousands more sighted after the 1900s and continued into the present in the U.S., Russia, England, Mexico, Sweden, France, Italy and other countries. An extensive amount of UFO information is available on the Internet.

                                                A UFO manned by an ET.

The following link provided by Educating Humanity affords access to: UFO documentaries; pilot, police and mass sightings; forums; interviews with scientists, military officers, and technical personnel who have left Area 51 top-secret projects. The threat of death or harm to family members was given to every top-secret employee if they divulged any ET or UFO information to the public.

An exceptionally large UFO hovering over a city.

The Covert Mind of US Operatives in Control of UFO/ET Projects

There are many theories about why extraterrestrial beings are visiting our planet, and many have developed out of fear that these beings will invade earth. Such fear has been propagated by the Military, CIA, NSA, FBI and Government agencies to obtain continued funding for the many underground complexes constructed to covertly study UFOs and recovered ETs. The fears propagated by the military agencies have even affected Air Force personnel to order its military jets to shoot down any flying saucers after sightings were picked up on radar. The UFO sightings were reported by the International News Service (INS) on July 29, 1952, and revealed multiple flying saucers were seen along the East Coast and Washington D.C.

A young Extraterrestrial life form.

The incident of our military giving orders to shoot down UFOs confirms the reality that covert intelligence agencies have been successful to utilize the media to not only alarm the public, but also our military personnel in believing that aliens were a threat to their lives. If there is any threat of war to humans by ETs, it will be very likely to have been initiated by our own military forces.

Public fear has been purposely generated by the covert intelligence agencies in order to continue developing their own experimental flying saucers. USA UFOs were successfully operable to impersonate ETs in order to simulate alien abductions. This fear was also fermented by religious fanatics that worked and managed the covert agencies. It is plausible that many of the covert operatives believed that public knowledge of another intelligence from outer space would mean a breakdown of our way of life. Too many people have been indoctrinated with particular beliefs in God and the threat to their belief system could cause panic and turmoil by many religious groups. There may be reason to believe that such highly religious people may be in control of the top-secret UFO ET programs. Possessed by such fears, men in control of the undercover UFO ET projects refuse to share their findings with our Government leaders and the American people. It is clearly evident that military and intelligence agencies, in collusion with large corporations, have deliberately withheld facts about UFO sightings and examination of retrieved ETs, dead or alive, from the American people.

UFO under construction by the USAF.

Retired officers of the military have reported sightings of UFOs during the 1960s and 70s to their superiors. They informed their superiors that UFOs have disabled many missile sites but they were told not to disclose the incidents to the public. At all levels of covert and secret operations, there was excessive secrecy by U.S. military and government agencies to discount reports by military personnel that their nuclear missile sites were disabled. They deliberately provided false and misleading information to the media, which in turn, convinced the public to scoff and make light of the truth provided by credible personnel as being foolish and imaginary. Consequently, since the 1950s, the media was effective enough to have many people ridicule those who believed in UFO phenomena.

Warnings of Secrecy given by Eisenhower and 1st Dir of the CIA.

United States Presidents and our Congressional system of Government have no control of the unacknowledged top-secret projects. They know of its existence and are highly concerned that such secrecy will undermine our democracy. These secrecy operations are illegal and unconstitutional but have been in operation for over 70 years. In 1961, President Eisenhower warned Congress:

“We must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence whether sought or unsought by the military industrial complex. The shadowy government with its own air force, its own Navy, its own fund-raising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of the national interest are free from all checks and balances and free from the law itself.”

Vice Adm. Roscoe Hillenkoetter was the 1st CIA director created by the National Security Act of 1947 and served from May 1947 to October 1950. He said:

“It is time of the truth to be brought out, behind the scenes, high ranking air force officers are soberly concerned about the UFOs but through official secretly and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense, I urge immediate congressional action to reduce the dangers from secrecy about unidentified flying objects.”

It is apparent that the funded corporations, military, and intelligence agencies worked together to convince Government that contracts were necessary to continue UFO back engineering and scientific ET studies. Their pitch was that such funding was necessary to prevent nuclear war and alien invasion. It has been estimated that covert, unacknowledged, top-secret projects cost tax payers as much as 40 to 80 billion dollars per year. The covert organizers of the UFO ET projects had the scientific objective to achieve antigravity mobility and innovation of new energy to allow interplanetary space travel. Such energy, extracted from space, would make obsolete the use of oil, electric generators, and devices that run on bio fuels. The innovation of abundant space energy would mean a total collapse of large corporations that employ thousands of people and affect the economic and financial balance of world economies. It became apparent that such new technology may cause panic if not taken in baby steps.

A UFO developed by the U.S. Airforce.

Let us reflect that such technological innovations would mean that poverty in many underdeveloped countries can be solved as the ability to produce energy without complicated mechanical and electrical knowhow is easily achieved. The prize for development of new energy technology would enable the production of human necessities and agricultural products with less cost and material efforts and more time for education of the human mind.

Americans Provided Billions of Dollars Used for Covert Programs

It is clear that the American people have been lied to in order to fund covert top-secret projects. When one considers that since 1951, as much as 20 to 80 billion dollars per year has been spent without their Government being apprised of covert UFO ET activities and findings, it is tantamount to fraudulent use of American taxpayer dollars. All of the covert projects could have been accomplished with transparency and truthfulness whereby our Government officials are given reports of the progress made by our UFO efforts and a greater understanding of ET viability. Working in an open environment, the American people would have been exposed to the advancements made in the study of UFOs and ETs whereby, in gradual steps, humans would have become more knowledgeable and accepting of other living life forms. However, large corporations and limited minds, constrained with ingrained ideologies, took control of the covert top-secret programs out of greed to maintain the status quo and possibly attain power with the technologies of anti-gravity and new energy capabilities.

Americans, and people in many other countries have the opportunity to use the knowledge gained to manage gravity and space energy whereby they can control their own destiny versus large corporations and small-minded men dictating their future. They must loudly appeal to their leaders in Government to come clean and truly make their country be run by the people and for the people; not the privileged few who only seek to gain power and satisfy their greed. This article is provided to open the eyes, hearts, and minds of people everywhere to stand up to their leaders and no longer be made into fools by lies. The greatest lesson to be learned is that truth can set you free, for anything less, there will only be distorted minds, confusion, and eventually, destruction of mankind and possibly, our earth.

How the American People Can Gain Control of UFO and ET Projects.

Today, with the access of information on the Internet, Americans are able to become knowledgeable of the fact that covert UFO ET projects have been a reality since 1949. The link below provides factual information to inform Americans of hidden knowledge that top-secret projects have been and still are being conducted by Government agencies and contracted corporations. Beginning with the Area 51 underground complexes, Americans have got to expose the men working incognito, managing UFO and ET projects. Nobody knows who they are, even our own top intelligence and funding agencies do not know the names of the organizers of the top-secret programs who manage the many UFO ET projects.

It has been estimated that the CIA, National Security Agency (NSA), National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), and other Intelligence agencies have received the major portion of the black budget and their covert intelligence programs has grown over 100 percent since 2004. Not knowing who are the individuals controlling and managing the covert UFO ET operations, it is obvious that our Government has poured billions of dollars into a black hole with no accountability.

Our Government owes the American people accountability of the dollars paid for covert, undisclosed UFO ET activities. To be complicit with funding billions of dollars for covert activities without any oversight is to defraud and cheat the American people of their tax dollars. It was Americans that financed the covert UFO ET projects, which means they are entitled to all of the built complexes and laboratories, including the scientific, engineering and innovative discoveries. In truth, the new technologies developed on the covert projects belong to the American people.

It would be wise for all Americans to get their Government officials, starting with the President, to demand all UFO ET facilities, laboratories, technological findings, and new energy development be open and accessible to the public. The argument that it would hurt our defensive and military capabilities is false. To hide scientific knowledge behind the clothe of ignorance and fear forfeits all Americans, and people around the world, from utilizing the benefits of the new technologies that would eliminate poverty and destructive pollution to our earth.

The American people can and should gain control of the UFO ET findings and scientific discoveries. To do nothing is to remain sheep and be made into fools.

We Need to Understand the Extraterrestrial Mind.

The link provided above, Educating Humanity, has revealed that the Disclosure Project has coordinated interviews with over 800 whistleblowers from high level defense contractors, government officials, and military/intelligence individuals to testify the existence of UFOs and ET beings.

Credible witnesses have come forth to reveal that ETs manning UFOs have disabled hundreds of missiles, but never damaged nor destroyed U.S. missile sites. ET beings could have destroyed them but in reality, it appears they are sending a message to us to be careful with the use of these destructive weapons. They have shown their concern that use of nuclear missiles, intentionally or by accident, can cause not only contamination of the earth but destroy human life.

It becomes clear that use of nuclear missiles is regarded by ETs as a threat to human life and our planet. By disabling the firing of nuclear missiles, they appear to be giving a warning to our military forces not to unleash such devastating atomic-nuclear power.

One questions why haven’t ETs made personal contact with human beings? We must recognize that the intelligence of ETs is far above that of humans. Certainly, to have mastered technology to traverse millions of light years in space craft that utilizes anti-gravity and spatial energy, their development must be many, many generations, perhaps 100 to 1,000 times that of human life spans.

We must understand that ET beings could have destroyed many military facilities with weapons that surpass nuclear, atomic and hydrogen capabilities. But they must have a high respect for the scientific and economic development of many of our civilized countries. They must also be aware of the many countries that are poorly managed with millions of people in poverty. Perhaps, ETs are watching our planet to see if mankind can rise above the many challenges on earth to improve the lives of all people. Surely, they are hoping that human beings can rise above the arrogance, bigotry, and violence precipitated by distorted ideologies.

Photo of an Alien in glass case in Mexico, 1955.

As a visitor from outer space, you would be pleased to see another civilization has advanced to achieve a high level of technology and developed socially to produce literature that allows for continued growth mentally and spiritually. You would like to someday see that another life form has been able to advance and become another friend in the universe to exchange philosophies and ideas. It’s like finding somebody else to play with; like a game of chess to enjoy the intelligence of another mind. It may be that it gets too lonely for ETs to find they are the only living life form in the cosmos. If you were an ET, would you not celebrate to have another life form with which you can exchange ideas and share your history with? Company with another life form is a wonderful thing.

If you were a visitor from outer space, you too would not interfere with the social, scientific, and spiritual development of other life forms. You would watch and see if the human species may someday learn to live with different ethnic peoples and unite with a spiritual ideology that was given to mankind 2,000 years ago. Very simple, but very hard to achieve, a true man of love and peace, Jesus Christ, gave mankind a command to be taken seriously, love one another.  That one command is the key to survival of mankind; if successfully followed, mankind may also be able to join other life forms in the cosmos.  It is the greatest command given by a man of God, announced three times in the Gospel, King James version, Saint John 13:34, and 15:12, 17.

The Military Industrial Complex Undermines American Democracy

The top-secret operations by the MIC in Area 51 have been and are an illegal and unconstitutional enterprise.  The MIC undermines and controls the U.S. government as a shadow government that has been in operation for over 70 years.  Their power with corrupt members of government agencies and the DoD have denied the American people the greatest discoveries of our era, anti-gravity and zero-point energy.  Top military and corporate officials of the MIC together with government agencies as the FBI, CIA, NSA, and DIA have kept secret the retrieval of UFOs and ETs.  But the greater aggression is their wonton murder of people who knew too much about their secret activities and were willing to tell the truth to the American people.   Below are two detailed lists of ETs retrieved from crashed UFOs and the mysterious suicides and murder of people who had knowledge of MIC top-secret activities.

List of Extraterrestrials Retrieved from UFO Crashes

Below is a list of ET flying saucer crashes retrieved by the U.S. military through the period 1947 and 1989. The alien bodies are allegedly in the possession of the U.S. Government.

July 2, 1947 San Augustin, New Mexico                  5 bodies
July 4, 1947 Roswell, New Mexico                            4 bodies
Feb. 13, 1948 Aztec, New Mexico                            12 bodies
July 7, 1948 Mexico (south of Laredo, Texas)         1 body
Sept. 10, 1950 Albuquerque, New Mexico               3 bodies
1952                  Spitzenbergen, Norway                    2 bodies
Aug. 14, 1952 Ely, Nevada                                         16 bodies
April 18, 1953 Arizona                                                 0 body
May 20, 1953 Kingman, Arizona                                1 body
June 19, 1953 Laredo, Texas                                       4 bodies
July 10, 1953 Johannesburg, South Africa                5 bodies
Oct. 13, 1953 Dutton, Montana                                   4 bodies
May 5, 1955 Brighton, England                                  4 bodies
July 18, 1955 Carlsbad, New Mexico                         4 bodies
June 12, 1962 Holloman AFB New Mexico              2 bodies
Nov. 10, 1964 Fort Riley, Kansas                                9 bodies
Oct. 27, 1966 Arizona                                                    1 body
1966-1968 Ohio/Kentucky/Indiana (5 Crashes)       3 bodies
July 18, 1972 Morocco, Sahara Desert                       3 bodies
July 10, 1973 NW Arizona                                            5 bodies
May 12, 1976 Australian Desert                                  4 bodies
April 5, 1977 SW Ohio                                                  11 bodies
June 22, 1977 NW Arizona                                            5 bodies
August 17, 1977 Tobasco, Mexico                                2 bodies
May 1978 Bolivia                                                           0 bodies
Nov. 1988 Afghanistan                                                 7 bodies
1989 South Africa                                                      2 ETs alive
July 1989 Siberia                                                        9 ETs alive

For further information about UFOs and ETs the following link is provided.

The above video provides UFO ET initiatives that were presented by DR. Steven M. Greer at a 2001 National Press Club meeting. At that meeting he announced a campaign for disclosure of UFO ET findings. To support his disclosure campaign, he had highly credible officers and scientific personal that witnessed or worked on UFO and ET activities. Dr. Greer proposed the following objectives:

• Open and honest hearings about UFOs and ETs in the U.S. Congress.

• That there be a permanent ban on the weaponization of space or the targeting of any objects of ET origin. To initiate such a ban, there must be immediate legislation and national/international treaties to prohibit space based weapons.

• That there be a full and complete study of classified technologies connected to this subject to see how they could be properly declassified and applied for peaceful energy generation so that the world may get off of fossil fuels in enough time to prevent eco damage or war over the looming energy crises which is sure to sweep the earth in the coming decade.

• There must be declassification and release of currently classified technologies that could ameliorate the environmental and energy crisis. To eliminate poverty, improve the earth’s air quality, and raise the quality of life for all people, we must make use of the anti-gravity and zero-point ambient energy propulsion systems that have already been developed on top-secret covert programs.

The objectives presented by Steven M. Greer are of great significance because people worldwide are being lied to and murdered by top military and corporate officials in the military industrial complex.  They presently control the greatest technological discoveries of our era, zero-point energy and anti-gravity.  With advances they have made by duplicating ET technology they are entering other areas, such as artificial intelligence and mind control to continue to mislead, misinform, and control the American people.  Exceptional destructive power solely possessed by the MIC is a threat to people around the globe.  To appreciate the amount of deception and murder of people who worked within the MIC, or were associated with, or acquired knowledge of ET UFO technology, the following list is provided.

List of Deaths by the Military Industrial Complex

The Military Industrial Complex (MIC) is responsible for more than 100 deaths of UFO researchers, authors, engineers and scientists. Some deaths are suspicious while many others are outright murder planned by the MIC, FBI, CIA, DIA, NSA and other agencies to conceal UFO-ET activities. Below is a list of people who were killed or threatened to maintain top-secret development of anti-gravity and zero-point energy.  It is a partial list compiled from and Mark McCandlish,

1. Phil Schneider. UFO investigator, died January 17, 1996 reportedly strangled by a catheter found wrapped around his neck. Of the 129 deep underground facilities Schneider believed the U.S. government had constructed since World War II, he claimed to have worked on 13. Claims that the American government concluded a treaty with “grey” aliens in 1954. This mutual cooperation pack is called the Grenada Treaty.
2. Ron Johnson. UFO investigator died on June 9, 1994. At the time MUFON’s Deputy Director of Investigations. Johnson was 43 years old and, it would seem, in excellent health. Most recent job was with the Institute of Advanced Studies, purportedly working on UFO propulsion systems.
3. Con Routine. UFO investigator
4. Ann Livingston. UFO investigator died in early 1994 of a fast-form of ovarian cancer. Wrote article, ““Electronic Harassment and Alien Abductions”
5. Karla Turner. UFO investigator died 1996. Wrote about UFO abductions
6. Ron Rummel. Ex-air force intelligence agent and publisher of the Alien Digest, died on August 6, 1993. Rummel allegedly shot himself in the mouth with a pistol. Friends say, however, that no blood was found on the pistol barrel and the handle of the weapon was free of fingerprints.
7. Danny Casolaro. An investigative reporter looking into the theft of Project Promise software, a program capable of tracking down anyone anywhere in the world, died in 1991,
8. Mae Brussell. Acutely interested in UFOlogy. Many years of her research is available at The World Watchers Archive. A gutsy, no-holds-barred, investigative radio host died of a fast-acting cancer just like Ann Livingston and Karla Turner.
9. Coral and Jim Lorenzen. The directors of APRO. A Tucson-based UFO group, both died of Cancer.
10. Deck Slayton. An astronaut was purportedly ready to talk about his UFO experiences, but cancer also intervened.
11. Brian Lynch. A young psychic and contactee, died in 1985, purportedly of a drug overdose. Did experimenting on psychic warfare techniques.
12. Dr. James A. Hynek. CUFOS founder, his death was because of “strange circumstances,” died of rare brain tumor or cancer.
13. Capt. Don Elkin. Eastern Airlines pilot committed suicide. He had been investigating the UFO coverup for over 10 years and, at the time, was deep into the study of the Ra material with (‘aria) Rucker. There are reports of negative psychological interferences having developed during this latter investigation.
14-44. Marconi deaths. Over 30-some-odd bizarre deaths associated with SDI (Star Wars) research at Marconi Ltd. in England between approximately 1985-1988. Below are in capsulated form is a list of a few of such deaths.
45. Roger Hill. A designer at Marconi Defense Systems, allegedly commits suicide with a shotgun, March 1985.
46. Jonathan Walsh. A digital communications expert employed by GEC, Marconi’s parent firm, falls from his hotel room, November 1985, after expressing fear for his life.
47. Ashad Sharif. Another Marconi scientist, reportedly tied a rope around his neck, then to a tree, and in October 1986, got behind the wheel of his car and stepped on the gas with predictable results.
48. Peter Ferry. Marconi marketing director of the GEC firm, was found shocked to death with electrical leads in his mouth (August 1988).
49. Alistair Beckham. An engineer with the allied firm of Plessey Defense Systems was found shocked to death with electric leads attached to his body and his mouth stuffed with a handkerchief.
50. Andrew Hall. Another Marconi employee was found dead in September of 1988 of carbon monoxide poisoning.
51. Dorothy Kilgallen. Dorothy was deeply immersed in the relatively new UFO-phenomena problem died in an alleged accident. A “special hush-hush meeting of the world’s military heads” scheduled to take place the following summer. Received a 1955 dispatch, which barely preceded her death from an alleged overdose of sleeping pills and alcohol. She quoted an unnamed British official of cabinet rank, `We believe, on the basis of our inquiry thus far, that saucers were staffed by small men-probably under four feet tall. It’s frightening, but there is no denying the flying saucers come from another planet.’
52. Dr. Morris K. Jessup. Deeply immersed in the relatively new UFO-phenomena problem died of a suicide.  An astronomer and archaeologist who was the first to reveal details of the top-secret Philadelphia Experi-ment – he died a few months later in 1959.  He wrote, The Case for the UFO and The Expanding Case for the UFO, which had been depressed.  The hose from his car exhaust was wired on; and it was, strangely, a washing machine hose.
53. Dr. James McDonald. A senior physicist, Institute of Atmospheric Physics and also professor in the Department of Meteorology at the University of Arizona. He worked hard in the 60s to convince Congress to hold serious, substantial subcommittee meetings to explore the UFO reality. He died in 1971. At first, he purportedly shot himself in the head. But it only was a gunshot wound to the head. He was wheelchair-ridden but somehow, several months later he drove to the desert and died of a fatal shot.
54. Dr. Morris K. Jessup. An astronomer and archaeologist who was the first to reveal details of the top-secret Philadelphia Experiment – he died a few months later in 1959. He wrote, The Case for the UFO and The Expanding Case for the UFO, which had been depressed. The hose from his car exhaust was wired on; and it was, strangely, a washing machine hose.
55. Frank Edwards. The noted news commentator and prominent UFOlogist, died of an alleged heart attack on June 24, 1967. He received two letters and a telephone call that he would not live for the World UFO Conference.
56. Arthur Bryant. A prominent UFOlogist and contactee died the same day as Frank Edwards.
57. Richard Church. Chairman of CIGIUFO died the same day as Frank Edwards.
58. Willie Ley. UFO ET space writer, died the same day as Frank Edwards.
59. Rep. Rouse. Had been supporting Edwards in his campaign for Congressional attention to the UFO issue, died of a similar heart attack.
60. James Forrestal. Former Secretary of Defense committed suicide by purportedly jumping out a hotel window.
61. Damon Runyon Jr. UFO writer committed suicide by jumping or pushed off a Washington D.C. bridge in 1968.
62. Dr. B. Noel Opan. Had cited UFO in 1959 and disappeared after an alleged visit by MIBs (Men in black) and was never seen again.
63. Edgar Jarrold. The Australian UFOlogist, also disappeared in 1960.
64. H. T. Wilkins. An author, died of a heart attack. He was well-known for his two books on UFOs, Flying Saucers on the Attack and Flying Saucers Uncensored.
65. Henry F Koch. Publicity director of the Universal Research Society of America. He cited a UFO on April 3, 1966, and died mysteriously a few weeks later.
66. Frank Scully. An author, died of a heart attack the next day after Frank Edwards on June 24,1967.  Scully wrote the first significant book about UFOs – Behind the Flying Saucers – in which he mentioned the “little men” or alien humanoids, electro-magnetic powerplants of saucer, EM effects, and the Air Force’s campaign to hide the truth about UFOs from the public, all “ridiculous” ideas that were later accepted.
67. George Adamski. A contactee, died of a heart attack in 1965. He claimed to have seen a flying saucer land in southern California and said he had spoken to its pilot, a Venusian, in front of witnesses, including George Hunt Williamson (Williamson wrote several books about UFOs and disappeared mysteriously in 1965 while on an anthropological expedition to Peru).
68. Rev. Della Larson. A contactee, she claimed that Venusians were living on earth among us. She purportedly died of suicide in 1965 in a rest home by hanging herself with a nylon stocking.
69. Gloria Lee (Byrd). An author, in 1965 she said space people had told her to go on a fast during which she purportedly died of suicide.
70. Marie Ford. A UFO enthusiast who discovered Larson’s body, also had a suicide death.
71. Doug Hancock. A UFO researcher purportedly died of suicide. He managed to obtain a gun and shot himself.
72. Feron Hicks. A UFO researcher purportedly died of suicide.
73. Wilbert B. Smith. Canadian researcher, UFO researcher purportedly died of cancer.
74. Dr. Olavo Fontes. Brazilian researcher. UFO researcher purportedly died of cancer.
75. Jim Lorenzen. UFO researcher purportedly died of cancer.
76. Coral Lorenzen. UFO researcher purportedly died of cancer.
77. Ivan T. Sanderson. A biologist died from rare brain cancer. He was head of a major UFO- paranormal group.
78. Milton William Cooper. Radio talk show host and author of the classic book: “Behold a Pale Horse” was shot dead during a gun battle with Sheriff deputies outside his home in Eager, Arizona. He believed that the government was not only concealing the existence of UFOs, but that they were working with the Illuminati to create a New World Order.
79. Stanley Kubrick. Movie producer of “Eyes Wide Shut” was killed by advanced technology. He also produced an earlier movie “2001 a Space Odyssey”.
80. Dean Stonier. Organizer and promoter of the Global Sciences Congress. He hosted many top researchers including Phil Schneider and Al Bielek, the sole survivor of the Philadelphia Experiment. Dean died of a heart attack in August 2001, just a few months after attending Denver Global Sciences Congress.
81. Jim Keith. Died in 1999. Author of many books including Mind Control, World Control. Jim died in hospital during surgery to repair a broken leg. A blood clot during the surgery traveled to his heart causing a pulmonary edema.
82. Benito Que. World’s leading microbiologist dies of a sudden and suspicious death. On Nov. 12, 2001, it was said he was beaten in a Miami parking lot and died later.
83. Don C. Wiley. World’s leading microbiologist dies of a sudden and suspicious death. Nov. 16, 2001 he was missing and was found Dec. 20. Investigators said he got dizzy on a Memphis bridge and fell to his death in a river.
84. Vladimir Pasechnik. World’s leading microbiologist dies of a sudden and suspicious death. On Nov. 21, 2001, a former high-level Russian microbiologist who defected in 1989 to the U.K. apparently died from a stroke.
85. Robert M. Schwartz. World’s leading microbiologist dies of a sudden and suspicious death. On Dec. 10, 2001,was stabbed to death in Leesberg, Va. Three Satanists have been arrested.
86. Nguyen Van Set. World’s leading microbiologist dies of a sudden and suspicious death. On Dec. 14, 2001, died in an airlock filled with nitrogen in his lab in Geelong, Australia.
87. Victor Korshunov. World’s leading microbiologist dies of a sudden and suspicious death. On Feb. 9, 2002, had his head bashed in near his home in Moscow.
88. Ian Langford. World’s leading microbiologist dies of a sudden and suspicious death. On Feb. 14, 2002, was found partially naked and wedged under a chair in Norwich, England.
89. Tanya Holzmayer. World’s leading microbiologist dies of a sudden and suspicious death. On Feb. 28, 2002, San Francisco resident was killed by a microbiologist colleague,
90. Guyang Huang. World’s leading microbiologist dies of a sudden and suspicious death. On Feb. 28, 2002, shot Tanya Holzmayer as she took delivery of a pizza and then apparently shot himself.
91. David Wynn-Williams. World’s leading microbiologist dies of a sudden and suspicious death. On March 24, 2002, died in a road accident near his home in Cambridge, England.
92. Steven Mostow. World’s leading microbiologist dies of a sudden and suspicious death. On March 25, 2002, killed in a plane he was flying near Denver. He worked for the Colorado Health Sciences Centre,
93. Ron Bonds. He published books on unsolved mysteries and unexplained phenomena, from the Kennedy assassination to the ominous black helicopters of the New World Order. In the subculture of the paranormal, his reputation was such that writers for “The X-Files” used to call him for ideas. In April 2001, fifteen hours after eating a meal with warm beef from a Mexican restaurant in Atlanta, he had agonizing evening of vomiting and diarrhea.
94. Philip K. Dick. Science fiction author of Bladerunner and Minority Report for several years died of a stroke under somewhat mysterious circumstances on March 2 1982. He was writing a non-fiction book about his experiences with alien contact. It was never published, and the manuscript has disappeared.
95. Max Spiers. October 2016, he was found dead on a sofa in Poland, where he had gone to give a talk about conspiracy theories and UFOs. He had texted his mother, ‘If anything happens to me, investigate’ just days before his mysterious death.
96. Gaurav Tiwari. Founder of the Indian Paranormal Society, died July 2016, under Paranormal circumstances. Only 32 Years old, recently wed and perfectly healthy. His death was ruled as ‘a suicide’.
97. Lester Hendershot. Invented a magnetronic generator to energize an impossible flight if fueled by gas that took Charles Lindbergh in the Spirit of Saint Louis from New York to Paris. He fled to Mexico to continue work but was found dead at the age of 61 and it was attributed to suicide.
98. Dr. T. Henry Moray. Developed the Moray valve, a device for extracting radiant energy from the zero-point field and demonstrated this device hundreds of times and had hundreds of signed affidavits supporting his science. Yet in the end these two scientists were ignored and bullied. Dr. Moray’s device was hammered down and broken into pieces by a competitor. Before he could piece it together he passed away from natural causes.
99. Stanley Meyer. Developed and built an engine that runs only on water. After he applied for a patent, he got a call from two guys from the Pentagon. Stanley asked if he could release it for commercial use so that civilians could benefit from it. In 1996, Meyer was sued by his investors who claimed the device was not revolutionary despite his unique voltage intensifier circuit filed in the U.S. patent office. Meyer was brought to trial. Key evidence was not recorded and the microphone of the oral testimony was not made due to a malfunction. Later Meyer made an appeal and was found guilty of fraud and ordered to repay his investors. On March 20, 1998, Stanley joined his brother for dinner and two NATO officials for dinner. Stanley took a sip of cranberry juice, grabbed his neck, ran out of the restaurant and fell to the ground saying “they poisoned me.”
Though he had documentation of his device, the full secrets died with him.
Dr. Greer and the Orion project in 2008, attempted to buy Stanley Meyer’s science estate in a silent auction. However, they were outbid by an anonymous source.
100. CIA Director William Colby. Died on April 27, 1996, of drowning in the Potomac River. His body was found 9 days later. The official report claims suicide.
101. Robert Scott Lazar. Physicist who back-engineered Alien Spacecraft from another world for the United States Military at a secret base called S-4. In 1989 was a UFO ET whistleblower who stated he saw the operation of UFO and several aliens that came from another planet. CIA and FBI played mind games with him by moving objects around in his home and car. He said that the discovery of alien life could be the most important event in history.
102. Mark McCandlish. For exposing an illustration of the fundamental structure and components of the ARV, he had threats on the phone, the IRS came and took all his money, his cars, and he felt threatened for his life wondering why he hasn’t been killed.   At age 68, he was killed on April 13, 2021, with a shotgun blast to the head.  He died in his home in Redding, CA.  He was going to testify at a Senate UFO/UAP meeting in June.   His testimony would have destroyed any misleading UFO narratives and reveal the Tic Tac was actually a USAF SSP drone …
103. Stefan Merinov. A Bulgarian physicist, founder and director of the Institute of Fundamental Physics in Graz Austria was the de facto leader of the European Free Energy Movement. He fell out of a high window in 1997.
104. Eugene Mallove. An American scientist, eminent physicist, founder of the New Energy Foundation, and expert in cold fusion who apparently had working tabletop devices was beaten to death in 2004 at the height of his career and the day before a public announcement of his findings.
105. Arie deGeus. An independent inventor, scientist, and theoretician who’s not only rewritten the book on nuclear & particle physics, but has also used his theory’s predictive powers to build a startling array of breakthrough energy technologies, including an IEC fusion generator and zero-point energy electrical generator. He invented a patented revolutionary clean energy technology associated with the zero-point field. He was found nearly dead in his car at an airport in 2007 and died a short time later. He missed his flight to Europe where he was about to obtain substantial funding for his work.
106. Mark Tomlan. A brilliant physicist and inventor of the patented Star Drive a system remarkedly similar to the ARV’s in its use of zero-point energy and related space flight applications. He and Mark McCandlish corresponded numerous times before his unexpected death in his home in 2009, which occurred two weeks after the successful trial of a working prototype for a key component of his Star Drive system.
107. Claudie Haignere. In December 2008, the first French woman to go to space and a scientist who was supposedly at the forefront of alien-human DNA research, was rushed to the hospital after an apparent suicide attempt. She was rumored to have said, “Earth must be warned…” before slipping into a coma induced by an overdose of sleeping pills.                                          108. Truman Bethurum: He claimed to have ridden to other worlds in flying saucers. He was a quiet man who seemed incapable of making up the fantastic adventures he had. He wrote two books about them before dying quietly in bed on May 21, 1969.                                                                109. Dr. George Hunt Williamson: Williamson disappeared while on an anthropological expedition to Peru in 1965. He was noted for his explorations of ancient Indian sites in the Andes, which he suspected were saucer bases, landing fields, and cave headquarters. He believed the saucer men were still there. Later, he experimented with shortwave radio contact, claiming in 1952, that he had established communications with UFOs.  Saucers were observed hovering over his radio shack during these broadcasts. Williamson wrote several books about UFOs, the most noteworthy was The Road in the Sky.

In conclusion

The easiest way to gain control of all covert UFO ET projects is for Americans, together with Government military forces ordered by the U.S. President, to access and control all top-secret projects. All developed technologies, scientific and engineering documents were financed with billions of tax dollars and belong to the American people. There cannot and should not be any select group of powerful people circumventing our system of Government. To allow such a situation is to give up control by a free people to determine the best outcomes for a peaceful and prosperous future.

Mike Voyce Review of AMEN

Praise for Ginex’s
AMEN – The Beginning of the Creation of God

    Review by Mike Voyce, Published February 2013

No doubt it is extremely flattering that the author has quoted me at the beginning of his book. In fact, I read the whole series and reviewed the first, a review Mr. Ginex kindly reproduced. As chance would have it, the great Sigmund Freud was much taken up with the same story, following very similar lines of investigation and reasoning to that in Amen.  I’m bound to say, Mr. Ginex work is a great deal more readable; but it is not flattery or the footsteps of the great which lead me to comment again.

Now we live in a new astronomical age; no, the Earth did not disappear in a puff of smoke on December 21st 2012.  Reality does not move in such predictable ways, but a revolution is occurring in our understanding for all that.  Nick Ginex would, himself, deny being an incendiary; his work is far too scholarly and well founded, and yet he is part of that revolution, very quietly and carefully, is set light to a bonfire of all our errors of religious tradition and culture, errors that have grown and persisted over many centuries.  He does it with such charm and modesty, giving time for the reader to absorb the evidence, so that it is impossible to avoid the enlightenment his books bring.

I have watched Mr. Ginex defuse the objections of the skeptic and the bigot without asperity or condensation, and it is refreshing, after the strident times we’re lived through, to see someone quietly present the truth we should all know.

In Amen you will find a number of revelations; in fact, you’re in for a treat.

We live at a time when authority figures seem to have lost sight of the meaning of “truth,” ‘spinning cheating and disassembling to promote their own views and goals they have lost touch touch even with themselves. Being given the meaning of Amen at beginning of the book, I am taken back to Ma’at, the ancient Egyptian essence of Truth. It is in the spirit of Ma’at you can take the word Amen, and the whole of this book. Indeed, Amen explains how Amen became the Lord of Truth.

Mr. Ginex deals masterfully with a great sweep of Egyptian history, closing the gap between our understanding and Egyptian understanding in most remarkable ways; for instance, his explanation of ka or soul outstrips what many modern theologians can offer.

Not content with this Amen takes on the great sweeps of Catholicism and Islam in a spare and direct way which allows readers to encompass the whole.  Yes, it all pivots around the figure of Moses, as Freud’s work did, but without disrespect to the master of psychoanalysis, Mr. Ginex is simply so much deeper, broader, richer and better.

It is the last section of Amen which most moves me, particularly the Hymn of Jesus. The treatment of Jesus and St. John’s revelations is profoundly insightful, it may well change your mind if not your life.  It is the plea for oneness in the last paragraph of the text which I would most like to echo. There is hope, with Egyptologists like Anthony West, scientists, researchers and teachers like Gregg Braden and Graham Hancock and far too many others to mention, we are at last breaking away from the small and the fearful.  Now there is Nick Ginex, AMEN!

> Mike Voyce < Author, Blogtalkradio host, retired solicitor, and teacher of law and philosophy

Review printed in OpEdNews 2/23/2013